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  1. Just thinking about the ending bring tears to my eyes. I'm heartbroken... I may need many lifetimes to recover from the pain. I don't think I'll ever watch the second half of episode 16 again. One time is more than enough. I can't make my heart suffer again and again. But I wonder how Korean viewers feel about the ending. Will the majority like it or not? After all, they probably can understand and relate to it better as it is part of their lives and beliefs. I'm not going to lie, I am torn apart. I am half satisfied and half disappointed. I'm happy for WangSan, sad for ShinTak. It hurts me badly she is not Shin Tak anymore, she is someone else with the memories of the real Shin Tak. Just like how Sunny wasn't Sun Hee. Two different people, two different personalities. Even though I don't like it or agree with it, I do appreciate the meaning behind ShinTak love story. An everlasting love, so powerful that it overcome it all, even multiply deaths. I have to add that I'm in minority and I didn't see her death as necessary. Yes, she is 29. but she escaped from it when she was 9 and 19. Then why not escape it again? She sacrificed herself for the kids. A good cause but her heroic act is annoying but I guess that's part of who she is. I wonder if we will get to see Secretary Kim dance as he promised. LOL! I will really miss the wonderful cast, the beautiful drama and the addicting times here. It's actually the first Korean drama after Healer that made me de-lurk, so it shows how much I love this drama. @naritul and @selenette Thanks for mentioning me!
  2. You're not wrong! I didn't like the ending at all... the last episode was not good! It was sad, even the last scene is sad. She is human, he is goblin... he will always have to watch her die. I love the drama and everybody knows it but the last episode was bad as hell. To me, this is the best drama of Kim Eun Sook and her worst ending!
  3. Thank you messages from our 5 leads Bigger version from topstarnews
  4. After watching that painful preview, this is my reaction. I regret mistakenly playing the preview. I will not be able to get my good night sleep now! Why do they keep doing that to my fragile heart? You brought him to life just to let him see her die! How cruel and evil is that? And please, don't do reincarnation! I've seen it many times before and I never liked it. Give all 4 of them a miracle. By the way, I really love it when people can still stay positive. Sadly, all my positive thoughts were smashed by that truck of doom.
  5. Our characters been through so much hell. They were separated for 9 years. Kim Shin just returned from the dead, for what purpose? To see the love of his life die? No, I can't accept it and I never will. Even the memory issue that scared me most will probably get solved in the next episode and Eun Tak will regain her memories. This must be another hardship in the way, another test to overcome! Positive thoughts are the only thing that keep me sane right now. Just look at these smiles and how much they express happiness! Our writer won't give it to us and then take it away, right?
  6. I can't keep up with all of you! This forum is on fire!!! And OMG, are they're going to make babies? Please, yes! This episode is amazing, loved every second of it!
  7. My reaction when I realize my favorite drama is about to end but I'm not willing to let go just yet. LOL! I had such a great time watching this drama with everyone here! Soompi is still my favorite place Actually, this was my post I made here on Soompi and I used gifs for it. But it's still nice to see my own post roaming around the internet. That's so cool!
  8. Gong Yoo is really too charming in his acting. The way he tilts his head and his facial expressions, I can repeat those non-stop! I love his reactions when she closes her eyes while expecting a kiss. I actually freed any schedule I might have for today and tomorrow so nothing will stand in the way between me and my favorite Goblin. I want to dedicate these two days just for Goblin finale.
  9. Three scenes that got the highest ratings so far. We have seen it in the special episode but this list includes episode 13. 3rd place: Kim Shin asked Sunny about Wang Yeo past (episode 12) - 16.4% 2nd place: The hug after the save (episode 11) - 17.2% 1st place: Kim Shin turned to ashes after the sword was pulled out (episode 13) - 17.6% Source: starin.edaily I hope the ratings will be even higher in the upcoming episodes!
  10. I love the moments when the camera shows us their hands. It's meaningful and it gives so many feels.
  11. I got a flu yesterday and this long wait is not helping at all. Even when I'm sick, I keep thinking about Goblin. And today is my birthday.... please give me the best birthday present ever. Happy ending for all couples. Amazing drawing for epic moment cr: dcinside Edit: Why they keep doing that? They make us fall in love with a song and then they release a version sang by different artist. I still hope they'll release the original versions of Beautiful and Heaven. And what about the song from the first episode when Kim Shin was walking towards the king? I've waited for the song ever since I heard it.
  12. Beautiful edits of our STP cr: weibo, verchae One of the reasons I love this drama is because there's no love triangle. I really want a happy ending for this couple too.
  13. I see in the spoilers pictures that they are filming at places they've been before. Maybe they ought to relive everything in order to remember their past. My heart just wouldn't accept anything else. I pray it's not one of those cases when memories are forgotten for good and the main characters start from a new page. I wouldn't dare be greedy and ask for marriage and kids, I will be satisfied enough if they give us lots and lots of lovey dovey and a VERY happy ending for both couples. Please, make it the best fantasy drama I've seen. Kim Shin sees his family from afar for the last time. His goodbye words are very sad. At least this time he had peace of mind and he left them knowing they are safe.
  14. This is basically me right now... This is so heartbreaking and depressing. All the memories... no!!! She have to regain them, she must!!! And what about him? When he will be back... in what form? Will he have his memories? So many questions, it's driving me crazy! And to think just few hours ago I was hopeful after I saw all the spoilers pictures.
  15. Breathtaking scenes. The way he's looking at her and smiling, tells us how much he admires her. This is how he would like to remember his first and last love.