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  1. Choi Soo Jong posted a picture on his official Instagram of him, Uee, and Lee Jang Woo.
  2. Well considering the writer of this drama, Kim Sa Kyung did that exact thing in her previous drama in Blow Breeze, I wouldn’t be surprised. Literally the last 30 minutes in the final episode everything was solved, at least for Blow Breeze. I remember after finishing Blow Breeze, I told myself that I shouldn’t watch another drama written by her, but here I am lol. I guess I should’ve expected this to happen, but I honestly love a lot of the actors here that’s why I’m watching this. Also, the drama was extended by 6 episodes (106 episodes) so there’s more than 3 weeks left. It’s about 4 weeks. It’s ending on March 17.
  3. The full OST album (24 tracks—OST songs & original score music) has finally been put on Spotify:
  4. I'm not sure how to writer will resolve this but at least the drama was extended by 6 episodes a few weeks ago. It gives more time for the writer hopefully.
  5. If you have a membership on Kocowa, you can watch it there. They released the subs just now.
  6. 2019.02.19 Wrap-up Party Pictures Rest of pictures under the spoiler cut: Farewell Message from Park Soo Ah (Jung Min): Farewell Message from So Yi Hyun (SH):
  7. English subs for all the OST songs—except for OST Part 5 since that song has no lyrics. (It's in a Youtube playlist.)
  8. The full OST album (40 tracks) is out now—including the songs and original score music. You can find it on Spotify and iTunes.
  9. Ayame

    [OFFICIAL] ★ Astro 아스트로 Thread ★

    English subs of MJ's latest OST:
  10. I'm not sure if this was posted already (haven't had time to go back through the previous pages), but the full OST album was released yesterday. It's 24 tracks (11 OST songs + 13 original score music). It's not out on Spotify or iTunes yet (it will be in a few days), but you can listen to a preview of the original score music on Soribada: http://www.soribada.com/music/album/KO0010353