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  1. @40somethingahjumma, your posts are some of my absolute favorites. I wanted to comment in general on your thoughts about I haven’t watched the episodes you have posted your thoughts about, but I loved your analysis of how you said TBJ was about the simple life. In so many dramas, those who don’t want power wish they could step away from that position. But there’s this responsibility given to them simply because of whose family they are born into. There’s this fate that sometimes is tied to who they are—destined to do great things whether they want to or not. I want to comment some more, but I’ll hold off. Gotta go decorate the tree. LOL @chinoischick,you post far and in between, but they are some of my favorites, because I feel they align with how I feel about Wei Young. I wished so bad her character showed more great moments of using her intelligence and wits to get her out of trouble, and make her way to become this great empress. Alas, we’re treated to such a Mary Sue character. While I still love the drama, I wished they used elements of her characters from the book, if their intention was to still keep her “pure” and “noble”. For me, I guess I expected something grand along the lines of “Meichangsu” from Nirvana in Fire. At least I felt it was being hailed that way. But I am glad we both seem to get frustrated and wished it could be better. I am actually going to look into the drama you recommended for another person. Thank you so muchhh! I also forgot to post some awesome artwork from https://sut3kii.wordpress.com/2016/11/05/the-princess-wei-yang-manhua-chibis/ The blog has such cute chibi art like:
  2. @chinoischick1, welcome to the forum! You know, I think we share similar thoughts of how we both want Wei Young to be a smart woman bent on revenge or justice! And that’s why though loving the show, I have reservations that we will get this here. We’re more than halfway into the drama, and there hasn’t been this major character growth for our heroine… As for the novel, it’s best if you treat these two storylines differently. Some have said it’s almost like the drama is like a fanfiction of the novel, with only the names being retained.
  3. @valerie86thank you for always bringing in such great resources. Thank you for the BTS, @linja I adored the it, and I am always so thankful because I don't think I'd be able to find them on my own! No worries about not being able to respond, @40somethingahjumma. As long as you share your insightful posts, I am a happy camper. I loved reading your analysis of how TBJ has to "grow up" and this is his character arc. It's so tragic because they're meant to do greater things...but your heart can't help but still break! WAIT WAIT! I just read your most recent post! Ohhhh, @jadecloud, your love for LOCH 2008 and the rest of the condor trilogy makes us friends! ROFL! I dunno about the remakes though...Let's talk about some of the points in your posts . I am smitten by PW too. Despite like you said, how it isn’t refreshing or new in terms of storyline. What really is nowadays, but I wish they took more creative liberty to the drama! I am so excited when you mentioned that she will be the one who helps TBJ to the throne—the kingmaker. LOL. I am waiting to see that, but it’s disappointing that there hasn’t been foreshadowing of this to show us how Wei Young/Xin Er has been planning all her steps leading to the big moment. At least it’s how I interpret it. But hey, the drama is still addicting indeed! I have hope in what you say that the drama will conclude sweet and sexy as the novel. You’ll have to tell me how the novel ends! I will scream, die, and cry with you along if we are given that ending. But deep down in my heart, I feel they wouldn’t film it the way they did if that wasn’t the case. I’ll go look at screencaps to try to feel better…
  4. @whome and @linja, you know, going back, I think I do see where your interpretation came from with how TBJ fell for Wei Young. It's why I meant though, still, that because the shot lingered so long, it was almost like love right there, but I guess using the right term would be the start of a crush? By the way, does anyone have the other songs from the drama? I would love to find the OST, but so far, I think the only songs that one can find are the opening and ending theme.
  5. @linja, girl! I think we are gunna be friends the moment you said you too love the 2008 Legend of the Condor Heroes! I loved that one. I actually can't decide between the 2008 and the 1983 one at times. That is a series I still go back and watch every now and then. Anyway, I thought it was hilarioussssss that you mentioned how you too thought you had a little martial arts, and honestly, I thought so too. She seemed so spunky, I really thought she was! I have to say, our OTP could still have some moments of the hero rescuing the gal, but more so, being impressed by her kindness or some sort of intelligence. I think that would be so swoon worthy. I love for example how Tuoba Jun looked soo floored when Wei Young endured the pain of being pricked but was determined to stay alive. I would have wanted something more like that than see him really almost be so in love with her from like the butterfly scene...HEHE. I am gunna be mad with you about the Chang Le kiss unless it's some dream or something. We'll get our pitchforks ready right?
  6. @bebebisous33,I believe we don’t find out about TY’s claustrophobia until late episodes in the 20s I believe. Which I think they should have done a better job foreshadowing and hinting at it earlier! @40somethingahjumma, LOL I love your username. It’s so cute! I went back and read your posts about series in the 80’s! Though I was late to the show, having not been born when those series came out, I had the chance to go back and watch The Condor Trilogy Series and loved it. So glad someone appreciates it, because I don’t think many people will even go back to watch those “golden series” today. I do wanna comment on the post you made, and enjoyed reading it immensely! I have to agree—there is so much to love about this drama, and it’s not surprising why these are so addicting. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint. I am afraid that I am holding it to such a high standard such as that of “Bu Bu Jing Xin” and “Nirvana in Fire”. You nailed it when you said this is kinda like a Cinderella story. But then it’s where I hope and still continue to hope that they’ll deviate from it, granted this is also so loosely based off the novel. I was nodding like crazy when you said it’s a shame they have to turn Chang Ru into the scheming mastermind manipulating all the pieces. That is why I strongly felt that Wei Young needed to be just as brilliant to take down her opponents from all side. I was okay with them going head to head, but it made me wonder what the purpose of Chang Le was then. It might have been creative writing if the scriptwriters made Chang Ru the daughter of Rou, who is kind on the outside and deadly inside. Then we might get to see two smart women battling it out on the political stage. I absolutely adore the romance in the drama, and I think it’s perhaps the most addicting aspect of the drama for many. The chemistry of our leads are so palpable, and when they’re together, you can’t help but really believe in a beautiful love story, reel and real! HAHAHA. I don’t think Wei Young is turning into a helpless heroine either. I think there are moments like you said where she rescues Tuoba Jun, but on a whole, I would love to see her using her intelligence more to really break down her enemies. You mentioned the scene where she comes up with the relief plan to help Tuoba Jun, meets with the king to lay out the plan, and I loved that. But that was one of the rare instances she was able to showcase how amazing she is. I also loved that she does save TBJ, and maybe there will be more later of her helping him rule? But for now, it frustrates me he how often he shows up to save the day, and while I love it, it should be done in small doses. What I really hope to see, because after all, it’s Wei Young/ Xin Er’s story, is her ability to be a leader/empress—as this seems to be the theme the show is running on. Wei Young demonstrates wonderful things in a person we love as a protagonist. She’s a wonderful daughter/granddaughter, an incredible and loyal friend, and a fierce believer in doing what’s right. She’s resilient, kind, compassionate, and has been smart enough to survive despite the cards that have been stacked against her. And this really is all out of love. For her friends, loss loved ones, and current loved ones. When she gives, she gives with all her heart. And I don’t necessary need a “badass sword-wielding” heroine who is “evil”, I would love to see more of Wei Young outsmarting those around her, and being able to take down her enemies but still remain true to her heart. Wei Young did mention how her grandma said with revenge, you lose a bit of yourself, and I think she sees that. I hope if she does, and may need to, she’ll find her way back too. What I love so far about Tuoba Jun, aside from everything…HA, is that he grew into his role as a prince. He started off carefree, and one can understand why with the weight he bears and the expectations placed on him. But it was lovely to see, at least from what I noticed in the trailer, how he realizes he has to step up and into his role if he wants to protect the people of the country, and especially those he love—so that he no longer is helpless in certain situations. It goes back to what Tuoba Yun’s intentions are when he says something along the lines of being in a place of power so that people can’t look down on you or control you. It’s only by becoming king (sadly, with all the weight of the world one bears) would Tuoba Jun be able to protect what he holds dear. And I am excited to see how Xin Er will (at least I really hope so) will help him rule his kingdom. WOW, thanks for reading my essay. Love the discussion we have going on, and can’t wait to see your future posts, @40somethingahjumma!
  7. welcome to the forum too, @linja! So nice to see your lengthy posts, as they are always so fun to read. I love reading long posts of drama analysis, so I can't wait to read your thoughts on the drama some more, I think the drama is also great in the way it's paced, but also it frustrates me that it took such a SLOWWWW burn for our OTP to even have any moments together. One thing I noticed you mention, and also want to believe in the drama, is Weiyoung/Xin Er's character being intelligent and tough. She definitely is a very resilient heroine for having survived and endured in order to avenge her family. However, I am frustrated that she does need a lot of saving so far from what I have seen. Like granted, I always LOVE IT when Tuoba Jun saves her, but I wish (and am still holding onto the hope) they would allow her character to demonstrate her cleverness that gets her out of trouble. In the opening scene, Tuoba Jun kinda saves her by balancing her so she can retrieve the lanterns (totally threw me off because I thought she had martial arts, only she didn't throughout now). Then he saves her again in the fire at the hotel, saves her again when she gets thrown down the mountain, saves her again when CL and her mom were getting the servants to make it appear that she was gunna hang herself...And this isn't the end. I hope they're doing it for a reason to build her character for later. This is where I feel the story could have been depicted better and allow her character to outwit and save herself to show that she is intelligent and cunning enough to survive. Always lovely to pop in and see you gals here. Shall be back to spazz another time.
  8. This channel has the videos posted on youtube of what has been released. I hope I am not breaking any rules by posting...But here's the link, Princess Weiyoung- Playlist of Episodes (raw) (hopefully you'll be able to watch @valerie86)
  9. @dramalover99, actually, the drama isn't ending next week. According to how I mapped it, December 09, 2016 roughly will be when the series finishes airing. It is 54 episodes and we're just now getting episodes 31 and 32. So you still have time...to grieve with all of us. *hugs*
  10. @laviona, you're the best. I have some questions maybe you can help me answer though. I don't remember us meeting at all. Did I miss this episode somewhere, and wait! AHH! How did Weiyoung become the . Spoilers please! And thank you so much for posting all these. This is incredible. I think I am going to have to be a good kid and try to wait until the end of the week to see our couple brave the storm and have their moments, and not just drown in the heartbreak!
  11. Hello everyone! I hope I am not too late to join in on the fun discussion. It feels like ages since I have been actively following a drama live enough to join in. I first off, want to thank @jadecloud and @laviona for the translation and for spoilers. I am assuming we're going to get the ending of the drama on Dec. 09, 2016. AHHHHH. LADIES, (And gents if there are any in here. :D) I am going to die waiting too. It's interesting that I read the drama is so loosely based off the novel, that it should be treated as two separate stories. This is almost like a fanfic of the actual novel--which I am not complaining. I can't wait to see the "cunning" side of Wei Young come out, as it shows what she must do to survive, like she has constantly been. I want her to not be so soft-hearted, but still just and good. So complicated huh! There was one weird inconsistency throughout that I felt misled by the drama. In the opening scene where Xin Er/Wei Young dressed up as a man and went to get the sky lanterns, when they flew off, she flew off to retrieve them, so I thought she has martial arts. And later on, she never did. I don't know if that was intentional, but it sure left me confused. Anyway, so based off the trailer and music video, whyyyyyyyyyyyy do all historicals have to end so tragically. It seems like TBJ's character passes away and leaves behind Xin Er (probably using her real name at this point) and their son? My heart is not ever gunna be ready for the heartbreak. These two have such lovely amazing chemistry. I just hope the drama won't disappoint. I had high expectations for "Female Prime Minister", and the story dragged and ended also tragically, that I was disappointed. I don't mind tragic endings (okay, I do!), and will learn to accept them if they're done tastefully, like how "Bu Bu Jing Xin" was. I can't wait to be back and chat. See you soon!