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  1. With the magic IV drip who needs to be attached to all sorts of monitors? Who cares if the DCM is caused by a virus? A seriously sick heart patient, whose condition is rapidly deteriorating can go around wherever she wants in the hospital, as long as she's lugging that drip. There's a good doctor who's gonna run around looking for her, be it inside the hospital or outside. Agree with many of you, Nan Seol carries her clothes real well. I too loved those gray shoes with gold toe insets. I saw some of her pictures when she was younger (she's 47 now) and she's maintained her figure. Nice. The viewers are left to process the what ifs, the could have beens, and other scenarios because the production team spent too much time on issues that could have been resolved quickly and circuitous and repetitive story telling. Golden Pouch was said to be a light, family, romance show. Alas it turned out to be a sad and heavy family drama. Original synopsis: A delightful family drama with food background and a heartwarming romance between Sul Hwa, the 3rd daughter who has some questions regarding her status in the family, and a brilliant surgeon Suk Hoon who turns into a cook after he experienced some misfortunes. Oh well. Lessons: Don't trust the synopsis; wait for more episodes to air before I watch; check out the drama forum at soompi. The take-away: Met new fellow international drama viewers to discuss/share thoughts and ideas about the drama and express views and comments intelligently. Thank you all and glad to meet you. See in in other dramas. New names to add to my list of wooden actors/actresses, hahaha.
  2. Note to self: You are not watching a medical drama so you have to excuse the big inconsistencies. Without other doctors and nurses coming to help, the heart monitoring machine suddenly makes an appearance while the doctor is performing CPR to show a flatline. Whatever! Hope viper goes to prison, first for insider trading and then for her other crimes. Guess those will just be mentioned, if ever. Then the momma viper will spend jail time for the hit-and-run + other crimes. It's a pity that the writers ran out of time to think of other options. So NS met the truck of doom, gives heart to abandoned daughter to atone for all her sins. Left son, daughter, husband and others affected by her misdeeds to ponder the future. It seems faker will remain in the fold, prolly to take care of senile, clingy grandma. What about Dr. Han and Seol Hwa? Guess they will have a happy ending after going through all those heartaches. It's convenient that NS is gone and grandma lost part of her memory. MK and DN will succeed in growing the dumpling business so Papa Geum can retire. He and Choo Ja can afford to go on trips. Ji Sang goes to the U.S. and will be visited by his real hyung and noona. JR will be happy. He's got his heir, who'll be doing plenty of good work for PJ Group. Maybe SH will head the production department; Shin Woo will work in the restaurant department but not in an executive capacity; Sae Na in the clothing department while Seok Hoon will be Chief Director of PJ Group and President of the medical foundation.
  3. @cheekychipmunk_stv LOL - it's a chest X-ray so the lungs showed up; also showed the enlarged heart at least. It should have been an MRI. Just imagine, a heart patient is not connected to a heart monitoring machine, who they are stressing, is a ticking time bomb. No heart monitoring machine but hey, she's got an IV drip! Even the humidifier is not working. It's not a modern hospital setting. Even the bed looks old, considering that it seems like a private room. The production team is rushing; running out of options; are plain lazy because it's almost the end and they're very tired. They also had to add two more episodes, so they're no longer thinking straight. So they just used what's readily available, including curtains and tablecloths turned into dresses. Remember that hideous and appalling back to front shirt of the viper that she wore correctly in another episode? Yeah, the actress playing viper only has 1 look to display a whole gamut of emotions. Tsk-tsk-tsk. I don't like to see her floured face so I usually cover part of my monitor when she's on. Otherwise, I scroll down so only the subs show.
  4. I was able to watch the subbed episode. My question is since the doctors already know Seol Hwa's condition, why is she not connected to a cardiac monitoring machine? She's only got an IV drip. They know she gets frequent chest pains, and with her condition more serious than most, the more she should be monitored closely. They mentioned that it's progressing rapidly and that she's likely to need a heart transplant. So why give her just a f****ng IV drip even if they are waiting for ultrasound and other results???? (Time to call Dr. Michiko Daimon aka Dr. X who never fails in her surgeries. Sorry, it's a favorite medical drama of mine). So it's probable that the attacks were caused by bacteria such as those that cause diphtheria because she's always complaining that she's got a cold that wouldn't go away. Funny how they (Ji Sang, Nan Seol and later JR) were having it out right outside halmeoni's door and she never heard a word. These people do have selective hearing. If viper was there, even if she's inside their room on the second floor, she'd definitely hear it and probably come out and join the fracas. In their conversation, Dr. Han told Seol Hwa that he will forgive (and forget) Nan Seol. Sigh. Is it really enough for him that he finally found his father? He's got a half brother and a grandmother as well. Anyway, halmeoni can go with Shin Woo. Nan Seol was so haughty and defiant when she denied Seol Hwa as her daughter to Papa Geum, so why is she affected when Seol Hwa told her to get out of her life? Jjeongmal! I don't want MNS's heart to be given to Seol Hwa. She should go through her lifetime suffering and atoning for her sins. It's okay if it's going to be another person or faker's heart. But faker must return the incense pouch to its rightful owner before he dies. We do not have to think about matching since Kdramas always provide miracle cures anyway. Oh my, the inconsistencies and lazy/bad writing. I looked at the preview for Ep. 121. While it looked like NS with the white slacks and long coat, the coat is of a different color. Nan Seol was wearing a pale lilac coat when she met with Papa Geum at the hospital grounds and when she went to see SHf. The person hit by the white truck (of doom) was wearing a dark beige coat. It might be due to the lighting, however. Also it was shorter than the coat NS had on. The viper had the same face she's shown throughout the show - BLANK - when the police came for her. Talk about being 1D.
  5. @ira2a and @Ldy Gmerm You both have raised good points about halmeoni. For all their snootiness, they readily accepted that the boy holding the pouch was the son/grandson. Isn't it unbelievable. They haven't seen the boy since he was born. He was already six years old when they decided that its time for the chased out Jin Joo and the son to come back to the Yoon household. Jin Joo's crime was simply being poor and an orphan. They did not question the boy as you guys said - who he was, why was he holding the pouch, what's his name. It was halmeoni who called Shin Woo, who's still in shock as Joon Sang. That's it. The opportunistic NS saw the great opportunity that came her way and capitalized on it and the rest is what we've seen for over 100 episodes. It's true that NS never did own up to any of her misdeeds, except to Papa Geum, whom she thought will side with her. Alas, the one person she thought would continue to support her no longer cares. She takes pain to hide all her misdoings. For all her viciousness and toxic personality, the viper is always proud of her misdeeds and even has the temerity to broadcast them. I agree that at the last episode Shin Woo seems to be clinging to the matriarch who poured all her love on him. To cut him some slack, with the grandma's condition, he cannot refuse to accept the pouch since he said he's going away and the grandma told him the pouch, which belongs to his "mother," will protect him. So I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt; that he will give it to the real Joon Sang. Otherwise I hope he'll just vanish from the face of the earth. At any rate, the way events are unfolding, it really looks like Seok Hoon will remain unrecognized by halmeoni. She's back to the time when faker was still unmarried. It's a good thing that JR and now Ji Sang know that he's the real first born. Ji Sang will be sent to the U.S., faker will leave the household, but not completely as grandma clings to him. NS will be booted out. Will JR give her anything or will she be back to being penniless. The clothing company seems to be a division of PJ Group. Seok Hoon will stay with Papa Geum and marry Seol Hwa. Loan shark mama and viper daughter will go to jail. Otherwise, they should just hold a press conference and have spin doctors create a heart-wrenching publicly acceptable story. 1. Dr. Han Seok Hoon is the real Joon Sang. He got lost during the fire, presume dead and only later surfaced as a renowned surgeon. 2. Kang Shin Woo was adopted by the Yoons, given a new name and raised as a real son. Grandma Eun dotes on him and he's allowed to stay. 3. Due to irreconcilable differences, Yoon Jae Rim and Mo Nan Seol will be divorcing. 4. Yoon Ji Sang, who wants to learn more about production to someday head the PJ Group department, will go to the U.S. or anywhere else to be a full time student to learn about broadcasting and production and take business management courses as well. 5. Because Bae Min Hee used blackmail to get Kang Shin Woo to marry her, and her other crimes, all because she wanted to take over the PJ Group will face several lawsuits and her marriage annulled. She does not stand to gain anything from the Yoons or even from Kang Shin Woo. 6. Sa Gwi Jung will have to pay back the money that JR paid to her creditors. She will be held responsible for framing up Dr. Han for the malpractice, getting her son to alter the medical records that resulted in the death of a patient, repay Dr. Han and spend considerable jail time for the hit-and-run and for masterminding the bankruptcy of Geum Jeong Do's dumpling business. 7. The Yoons are happy to announce the engagement of Dr. Han and Geum Seol Hwa. Dr. Han remains president of the medical foundation while Seol Hwa will be the director of the PR department. Happy ending for the good guys! (I wish...)
  6. @ira2a I agree that it's like a cruel thing to do at the last minute even when faker was showing remorse. On the other hand, the golden pouch is a symbol - of the son, the family relationship/connection, the identity - of the Yoon family member. It could be that faker will return it to the rightful owner when halmeoni gets better. It will be the ultimate acceptance and identification of the rightful heir, from fake Joon Sang to real Joon Sang. In that way, he can be redeemed and JR may have a change of heart and allow him to be a (distant) part of the Yoon family. While we want the perpetrators to be punished justly and severely, it seldom happens in Kdrama, so we can expect some twists and turns. Maybe the punishment will only be meted out on the 3 shrews.
  7. @cheekychipmunk_stv - I agree with you. It was indeed satisfying to see the viper rendered speechless with a few well chosen words delivered in icy tones. She still thinks that she's got the upper hand because of the secrets that she knows. Did she fail to realize that those are no longer secrets because she blurted them out, in a very loud voice even? Granting that JR wants to resolve every family issue quietly, more people are already aware of the facts. They can threaten, but the threatened party may not comply to their demands. I don't know if Dr. Han is aware that Shin Woo already filed for divorce. Seok Hoon should stop playing meek and accommodating as his relationship with the family is still at stake. Only JR in the Yoon family accepts him as the son. Although Nan Seol knows, she won't admit to it being the instigator of the switch and perpetrating the lie for 30 years. Grandma conveniently contacted temporary amnesia or as I said she must be diabetic and her blood sugar level is either high or low. Jin Sang, who grew up with grandma since birth, doesn't seem to count to her, and with the machinations of NS, does not know anything. His father even told him it's okay for him not to work in the company, uh-oh. For an eensy-teeny bit, I want Shin Woo to partner with Seok Hoon to take down the loan shark and viper, if he's still inclined to protect his "mother figure'' of 30 years. They can prepare the evidence, hold a press conference and bang! They can announce a company reorganization and since at the moment she's still drawing salary from the PJ Group (sans shares because she sold them), she's sure to attend and probably plan to have a bomb of her own. JR can hire an outside events management group to handle the presscon, because the remaining PDs are all busy (without Seol Hwa and Ji Sang), with them reporting only to JR and Seok Hoon. I think that is the most effective way to bring her down and silence her forever - by being publicly humiliated - something that her PRIDE cannot take. They should show close ups of her face on TV, newspaper, tabloids and online news portals so Knets can lambast her. Will she ran back to her loan shark mom? She said that if the hit-and-run gets out, she's not going to speak or show herself to her mother. Oh, pooh!
  8. Viper is malware, a malicious virus, like the wannacry ransomware. She held people hostage. Pay up or else. Just because her life is spiraling downwards at Mach 3 spped, she cannot stand Seol Hwa or anyone else smiling? Well, girl, who made your life this twisted in the first place? It's not somebody else's fault but yours and your mother's. Hahaha, she tried so hard to accumulate more shares, forced her mother to borrow monthly even if there's high interest and even wanted all of faker's shares thinking that she won't be kicked out because of the amount of shares she holds. (When was this ever true, anyway? Even company founders can be booted out by directors, that's one of the risks when your company's grown so big). Now she sold those precious shares to pay off Mr. Kim. What irony! Please writers, have her be a victim of the truck of doom that will leave her incapacitated. It's all right for her to be able to use some of her limbs but do make her face as ugly as her mind and heart, and unable to talk, see and hear. This will also save our eyes from seeing the horrendous curtains and tablecloths turned into dresses. Render her mother homeless as well after serving time in prison and forever on the run from other loan sharks. Nan Seol should go cray cray after learning that her (only) beloved son, Ji Sang, whose world she tried so hard to sanitize, now knows all the dirty things she did. Leave her in a mental institution, isolated from others because of her violent behavior. Then she hangs herself or perish in a fire. Grandma Eun? (1) Give her a six-year old child who looks like Shin Woo and let her take care of him until her dying days. (2) Something jolts her memory and she forgets everything about faker and looks for Dr. Han whom she calls Joon Sang, since being logical is not part of this drama. (3) Give up the charade and own up to the fact that she just wants to know the truth behind the things she overheard from the horses' mouths. (4) Have a time jump and Seol Hwa delivers a BBB (bouncing baby boy) to the delight of the matriarch as she's gonna have another child to dote on.
  9. It irritates me that halmeoni's world only revolves around fake Joon Sang. Some of our friends here have noted that she does not look fo Ji Sang, who is also very fond of her, that sweet, bean pole boy. Giving her temporary amnesia cuts through the flow of the reveals. Sigh But wait. They should have her checked for diabetes, as too low or too high blood sugar can cause temporary memory loss. It could be caused by stress and anxiety as Dr. Han explained. It could be due to boredom because she just sits inside her room during her waking hours everyday doing nothing as she's stopped embroidering and making incense pouches. Halmeoni should go out more and socialize. There are still so many issues to iron out without giving additional focus to halmeoni continuously looking for her fave fake grandson. Maybe she and Shin Woo should live together. It can also be interpreted as killing Shin Woo with kindness as punishment for his nastiness. Ooops, loan shark mama is going down soon. So it leaves only eternal liar and daughter of the devil Nan Seol and Viper who looks haughty and mighty proud as she makes her claim, even calling JR abeonim. HAH! You're already divorced, girl. Wake up and smell your own filth.
  10. Oh my, the members of our community are out for blood. For me, I do not want the evils ones to die. That is cheating and not just punishment for all the sufferings they inflicted on the innocent people. I want all of them to suffer for all their devious deeds. Vile Nan Seol was harboring the idea that her oppa Papa Geum will still be the last positive anchor in her wretched existence. But she got thrown away, because her excuses do not hold water. Choo Ja said it - her daughter would have been dead before she comes up with the money. Timeline: she went to visit Jin Joo after abandoning her baby at the orphanage. It was only during that time that she learned that JJ and Joon Sang will again be living with JR and halmeoni. So how will she raise the money? Will she borrow from JJ? Then the fire that same evening. Loss of Joon Sang, death of JJ. Was it the following day that halmeoni came to fetch JJ's body and Joon Sang? So halmeoni mistook Shin Woo for Joon Sang because of the incense pouch. Then she saw NS and thanked her for rescuing her grandson. That was the only time that the idea gelled. How long did it take for the Yoons to ask her to take care of Shin Woo? How long before JR and NS got married? So the immediate need to raise money to finance her daughter's expensive heart operation was forgotten. It was only when she was established and started volunteering at the orphanage did she look for her daughter in earnest. That spanned several years, so Choo Ja's comment was spot on. Halmeoni's memory loss is said to be temporary and there are medicines to help her. It may look like early onset Alzheimer's but it may not be. Maybe JJ will make an appearance in her dream and jolt her brain. Maybe while visiting her and JR and Dr. Han thought she's still asleep, she'll overhear father and son talking and JR calling Dr. Han Joon Sang-ah or adeul. I wish for Shin Woo to suffer humiliation as well, the way he did to Seok Hoon during the board meeting. As mentioned by @watchumlots JR is busy trying to iron out the huge mess his family is in. While he does not want to divorce NS quietly, he opted to do so in deference to his elderly mother whom he loves dearly. Let us say he allows Kang Shin Woo to stay for the time being for halmeoni's sake (until she regains her memory), what happens afterwards? JR and his real son can be gracious but there should be a limit to what they can allow. Maybe they can get KSW to stay for a few days and slowly get halmeoni to accept that he's going away to take care of business outside Korea. But the main thing is that the writers of this drama, purported to fall into the family, romance genre, have all developed temporary amnesia as well, which is the root cause of the anger, frustration and bewilderment of international viewers.
  11. Watched the sub. Really, mother and daughter are truly from the same mold. Rude and uneducated. Granted Mrs. Sa feel maligned (whatever!) but she's discussing personal business, why go to the company, and unannounced at that. $$$$ signs are all Viper 1 and Viper 2 see. Mrs. Sa is crowing early, thinking that she'll be getting a large alimony. What I don't like is that JR wants to cover some dirty laundry with money - first, paying off the debt prior to the wedding, now, asking how much Mrs. Sa wants. Wouldn't it be better to say that he'll meet with his lawyer and come up with the right compensation? Because asking a money hungry person how much she wants opens the door for her to take a huge rake and finally clean you up. Then when the money's gone, for sure she'll be back for more. Now let's see them thumb their noses again at another person, because I am sure the PJ heir will unleash his wrath on the both of them, with the knowledge of what Mrs. Sa did to Dr. Han. So sad for Papa Geum but at least the rose-colored glasses are finally off. He can visit Jin Joo at the temple. At least now Choo Ja knows the story and she understands the situation. Original Joon Sang will be happy as he's going to have two families soon. I think Joon Sang will be allowed to retain the name for halmeoni's sake. Dr. Han will retain his name as well because of the situation and his profession. Will they check if Ji Sang is truly the son of JR and NS? It's still complicated, because JR will definitely claim Dr. Han as his first born son and legitimate heir. But what about the names? Yoon Jae Rim has clout because he's a chaebol. He owns a large group of companies that is involved in media/broadcasting, food, medical foundation and several others (not mentioned in the drama). Therefore, like other companies, he's got a PR department that can take care of corporate publicity. The department can come up with an official announcement, gloss over the existence of faker and other minor issues and ensure that Han Seok Hoon aka Daniel Han, surgeon, foundation president, etc. is the long lost legitimate son. That's one of the things he should do. It's fine to divorce NS quietly. He should start the ball rolling on that already and make preparations for Ji Sang to go study abroad. Why will JR be afraid of Mrs. Sa and her equally $$$$-grabbing, blackmailing, thieving daughter? So Seol Hwa has dilated cardiomyopathy, a heart enlargement that stretches the muscles of the left and right ventricles, making the heart muscles thinner and weaker. The condition makes the heart unable to pump blood forcefully. It can be an inherited condition. There's no cure but there are medicines to regulate blood pressure and irregular heart rhythms. She can wear a pacemaker or an ICD (implantable cardioverter defribillator), which is similar to a pacemaker to control arrhythmias. (Source: https://www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/conditions/cardiomyopathy/dilated-cardiomyopathy) It can lead to a sudden heart attack though if left untreated.
  12. I read in another forum that Seol Hwa's scar tissues from her heart operation when she was younger could be the cause of her chest pains. The poster said that the heart has grown bigger so it is possible that the scar tissues are constricting the heart, preventing it from beating/pumping normally. She will still need an operation to repair the scar tissues to allow the heart to move freely. I miss Mr. Kim as well. But how will his other incriminating evidence surface? Maybe he'll be able to hear or see the news about the new batch of loans and Mrs. Sa's arrest or rather her latest altercation with the police. She can no longer name-drop as her daughter will be ejected from the Yoon household.
  13. Totally agree with you @Ldy Gmerm. Things get messy when they come from viper's mouth because she's one messed up excuse for a human being. In one of their exchanges, she told faker that he "ruined her life." In the first place, he did not want to do anything with her until she blackmailed him and forced him to marry her. Now she's blaming him for ruining her already ruined life since the beginning through no fault of anyone but her own twisted mind and the things she learned from her money-idolizing mother. Then faker told her to get out of the mess; he'll give her alimony and she can live a good life after. But she said no, she wants more but the faker said if she continues he will end everything and that he cannot give her anything - I hope it means that he'll divorce her and that she'll not get even one rusty cent. He said he's going to end everything, looking at her as if he's washing her off his life, while saying you can make your own decisions. Nonchalantly she told faker to give all his company shares to her. What? Are those freebies? She thinks those shares are just candies. She said she cannot go back to her old life because it was nothing. JR must have spend the rest of the day/night? with his real son. JR took note of the fact that she knew everything. He's got a long memory, so that will be used against her later. JR even mentioned that NS was the one who told them that he was Joon Sang when halmeoni came to pick him up after the fire. He said that he was the one who rescued him from the fire. Asked her why a page from the fire report was missing and what was she trying to hide? I think he wants to wring the truth from her when faker intervened and said everything was his idea. He's such a genius 6-year old boy then to come up with such a preposterous idea. He's still puzzled by the fact and Seok Hoon did not say that it was not him but NS who started everything in the first place. Again, @watchumlots what can you say about our fashionista's navy blue dress with the red patch over one breast and wide red pipings that were added almost as an after thought to break the monotony of the dress? I am not a fan of the white blouse the super duper liar was wearing either. The sleeves do not fall nicely and the embellishment on the front part do not do anything at all.
  14. @jayakris and @Ldy Gmerm - kamsahamnida for the translations and recaps. Such a revealing episode. I hope the Yoons will deal with NS and MH at the same time, in the same breath. Viper is all about I, me and myself. She's certifiably mentally unsound. This brainsick person, like many of you said, is a ticking time bomb. She's gonna go berserk now, because in her mind Seol Hwa is the root cause of all her sufferings (that she actually brought onto herself). She decided to blackmail the faker into marrying her because she wanted to get out of their very small apartment due to her mother's bankruptcy. She cannot stand working for a living and be a salaried person. Of course, it is also about crowing that she got the better of SHf because she finally married into the Yoons' money. To her way of thinking, she bested Seol Hwa who lost her chance to marry the Fake Yoon and later Dr. Han who turns out to be the Real Yoon. Now that both the men are gone, she'll be back to tormenting SHf. Can't wait for her to be tormented by her mother over the loans that carry high interest and the lenders going after her wherever she went once again. She and her mother even used the Yoons' name to borrow money. Now she won't have the Yoons silently paying off their debts. In prison she should be assigned to toilet duties. She's filthier than poop. On the other hand, her being equally a motor mouth like her mother proved useful as more secrets came out. It sped up the process but people concerned should know that she once attached herself to Dr. Han and callously left him because she thought he will be of no use to him without the use of his hand and loss of memory. Thank you @watchumlots for pointing out the shower curtain dress. I laughed so loud I ended up with a fit of coughing.
  15. Indeed, like mother like daughter. Both are greedy for money and social status. Both are motormouths as well. When they're foiled, questioned or agitated, both of them blink their eyes rapidly, and do not care what comes out of their foul mouths. MH is truly an uncouth person despite her "expensive education" that her mother likes to brag about. She's such a low life. The way she talked to JR, wow, it would seem like she's the mistress of the manor. Well, her days in the big house are numbered. NS must be looking for the nearest sinkhole right now. She does not stand a chance against JR's ire. She can continue to lie to her teeth but I don't think she has any lifeline left. The last frayed thread she desperately clings to just snapped. There's more to be revealed. How the switch happened and NS' hand in everything. What happened to JJ, her relationship with NS and Papa Geum, the planned takeover of MH of the PJ Group, the new high-interest loans to buy stocks illegally, the hit and run. Just like @Ldy Gmerm said, MH has not seen Seok Hoon when he's livid. Couple that with the ire of JR. The evil quartet won't know what hit them when JR and Joon Sang are finished with them, possibly aided by Papa Geum and Choo Ja.I want those perpetrators serve time...a long time...in prison.