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  1. Lol on the wedding dress that left only her face and hands visible. The stylist must have thought that SHf grew up in a nunnery, hehehe. Not all wedding dresses need a tiara to complete the ensemble. Hit and miss, I say. But then again, did anyone notice the hideous black coat that viper was wearing. At first sight I thought she was wearing a raincoat. Bwahahaha. It was even buttoned up to her neck. NS wears clothes elegantly. In RL the viper had her face done, so now she's like her loan shark mom whose only moving parts are her eyelids and her lips. That is why they deliver their lines like that.
  2. Happy birthday to you, @sava2sava. Thanks for the cupcakes. I think the events are happening too fast for faker so he's finding it difficult to catch up. He cannot even breathe because there's the presence of KPD, the pressure from JR, the nonstop nagging and egging of viper, and the threat of and from Dr. Han. Seok Hoon is seriously observing all his facial expressions which are quite telling. Good thing NS is not breathing down his neck at this time. SHm already asked why suddenly he's trying to help when it was obvious that he did not like our doctor. In the end faker will be no match for uri doctor. His continued silence also buries him deeper into the quagmire. In the early days, he was shown to be a slightly considerate and conscientious person and seems not to want to get anything anymore from the Yoons. That was because he was never threatened. He knows that NS can spout vile words to him until she's blue in the face but since she's protecting her own status, she will not and cannot say or do anything that will trigger deeper questions from JR and Grandma Eun and expose her. But because now, due to his involvement with the contagious viper, and the knowledge that he can be exposed anytime, as well as the threat of going back to nothing, has made him irrational. He's putting on an irascible and brave face but he's actually grasping at straws. He does not have a safe anchor. He's alone. He cannot talk to Ji Sang or any of the Yoons. He cannot talk to NS. He cannot confide in SHf because she's already on the other side. He does not seem to have any other friend. He failed to form a close bond with JR. In contrast, despite the earlier problems, Seok Hoon now has a real and deep father-son relationship with Papa Geum. Of course we cannot forget that his complacency before, his failure to change his destiny when he came of age and has the ability to get out of the clutches of NS, are the things that got him deeper and deeper into this morass. Also he was wont to part with the comfortable existence he truly enjoyed by living off the Yoons' generosity. That is inherent in his character. Even when he's grown up and able to fend for himself, he wanted the good life, without thinking about the future too much. It was beyond him to think that there's the slim possibility that the real JS is still alive, that he'll be looking for his real parents, and that one day he'll be led to the Yoons' doorsteps - the very things that are happening now. He hasn't prepared for that eventuality. The situation will be even more chaotic when NS finds out that viper and faker already know that Dr. Han is the real Joon Sang. Does she not know that Kang Pil Doo is faker's real dad? I cannot recall if the name has been mentioned during any of the Yoons' conversation about Dr. Han. If this is the case, then she just took the opportunity that presented itself to her when the Yoons were looking for Jin Joo's son. How she came to know that the incense pouch is the thing that will identify the boy as JJ's son is beyond me. It's a stronger proof than a paternity test, I tell you! @shebagirl Maybe Seok Hoon doesn't think that he should be the one to tell Seol Hwa the truth about her mother. He might be thinking that it should be Papa Geum who should decide. Remember he wanted to tell her that, and even made an appointment with the head-in-the-clouds SHf before, but the stupid girl called faker to set up an impromptu date. So I think that it's right for him to tell NS to just continue looking at SHf from afar because she decided to remain unknown to her. The props and costume department in this drama has always been hitting and missing. She may not even be trying her own wedding dress but the wedding dresses for the Spring Special they are producing.
  3. Faker's continuous agitation and involvement with the KPD-Dr. Han issue is giving Seok Hoon more ammo in his quest for the truth. Uri doctor only wants to know who his real parents are and who he is. Nothing more beyond that, but because the evil ones think otherwise, they continue to sabotage his quest, thus creating lies and deceit that confounded the issue, embroiling all of them into an otherwise simple case that has not turned into something very complicated. Pride, greed, vindictiveness, loss of conscience, and misunderstanding all led to the current situation. The guy playing KPD seems to be a veteran in sageuks, that is why he is so used to wailing without tears...LOL. From the subbed episode:
  4. There's one thing I wanted to point out. The location of the current dumpling shop is in the building owned by Grandma Eun, and loaned to Papa and Mama Geum. When Papa Geum was talking to DN and MK about starting a dumpling shop of their own, I though they'd be looking for a place to rent, so in effect they'd be opening a branch. That was what MK was saying before; that he'll open a branch now then several later and even a dumpling factory. That is why Papa Geum and Seok Hoon returned the down payment for their book to him. But now it seems that the current shop is the one that the two will run? So where will Papa & Mama Geum relocate their own shop? What is there to change in the interior when it's already set up? Or is actually another place?
  5. It's seems like Dr. Han is baiting faker to reveal the truth. On the other hand the faker took it as Dr. Han not knowing anything about the paternity issue yet. Viper cannot say that she hasn't gained anything from her marriage to faker. The Yoons paid all of her loan shark mother's debt - which seems to be substantial. That could be considered as settlement money to end the marriage to faker. It's lamentable that writers still insist on adding a love line between SN and Ji Sang. Please, it's just a waste of footage and airtime that could be devoted to the movement of the central plot. LOL at KPD inside the ICU with cap on his head. He's only hooked up to a breathing apparatus and IV drip. No monitors for his blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing, oxygen levels. No tube to remove swallowed air. The part I love about this episode is the conversation between Seok Hoon and Papa Geum. It was heartfelt and inspiring, with Papa Geum buoying Seok Hoon's sagging spirit. I guess this will weigh heavily when Seok Hoon has to choose between having a warm and loving family with the Geums or being connected with the snooty, appearance-loving and judgmental Yoons (except Ji Sang). MH is trying to suck up to Grandma Eun.
  6. Seok Hoon is a surgeon. Maybe a general surgeon rather than a cardiothoracic surgeon. Whatever...the writer really did not do that much research. He was not a doctor at Daehan Hospital. He stopped being one after the malpractice issue. He's just coordinating with them regarding the conduct of the medical foundation. Shocked that he was called to do the surgery and like @watchumlots mentioned, liver transplant surgery is a very delicate procedure. Double shocked by the size of the liver as well. When I saw it, I said to myself, oooh, it that pig or cow liver? Some sleuthing needs to be done here. Dr. Han can run tests on faker, Ji Sang and KPD. He doesn't have to guess. He needs hard facts. He cannot get the name of the person who ordered the second paternity test, the result of which was given to him by the viper right in front of his eyes. He has to do things only he can do as a doctor. Hope this issue will soon be closed so we can move on because there are still too many problems to solve. There aren't that many episodes left. Give the secondary players the chance to contribute to the resolution of other issues - being at the right place at the right time to witness/overhear (and hopefully not forget to record the convo or make a video with their smartphone), motor mouth mama unwittingly revealing facts within DN and MK's earshot, Papa Geum hearing KPD talking about faker being his real son and taking the real Joon Sang's persona, role of viper in recent events. JR needing some blood transfusion and with a rare blood type compatible only with Seok Hoon, etc.
  7. Ouch, viper's patterned red and white house dress is so noisy, it's hurting my eyes. My goodness. With her pasty pallor, the high and closed neck with the ruffles and long sleeves...awwww. It's like they grabbed a cheap curtain material and turned it into a dress of sorts. Ooops, Seol Hwa is wearing something like that as well, but it's in light ocher and silver, so it's not too bold and an eyesore.
  8. Lol on the discussions over the wardrobe. In the beginning, viper was wearing nicer clothes in brighter colors, but when she married the faker, her clothes became frumpy and recently the colors are darker. Is it because her character is getting darker as well? SHf used to wear WTH clothes. She was into black, white, gray and beige that made her look washed out. Nan Seol used to wear those winter colors as well. Now, when she's no longer going to her Westwood office, her clothes have become brighter. Even JR's pullovers and some of his shirts have colored patterns in brighter hues. The other changes in the wardrobe could be due to the length of the drama - their clothes covered fall, winter, spring and summer seasons, so there were style changes. Well, maybe it's because as I thought, the Westwood sponsorship has expired that is why Nan Seol no longer goes to her office and there are no scenes where they show the showroom and shop. On to other topics. In the preview, Dr. Han was shown wearing OR robe, surgical mask and cap. He's maybe in the operating room as an observer, since he used to be a surgeon there at Daehan Hospital and he has the qualifications to observe. Or it could be at the ICU where he needs to wear sanitized clothes, although it should be white, or whatever...anyways. But then there's also a scene where Seol Hwa visited KPD and praying the he'll wake up so he could explain what happened to Seok Hoon. Since none of Dr. Han's antigens matched KPD, it is really possible that they removed some cancer cells to prolong his life and do another round of chemo after the surgery. He cannot donate part of his liver, so they have to wait for a donor. Who knows, maybe KSW will have a change of heart and be an anonymous donor, since he knows that he'll match KPD's antigens. Where he'll do it, I don't know. Writers will perform another miracle. Mrs. Sa is itching to do something to "help" her equally slimy daughter. She's always listening to the conversations of DN and MH. Hope her motor mouth will let spill some secrets that will truly "help" viper, hahaha. Wait 'til she fully releases her wrath on you, Mrs. Sa for completely ruining all her plans.
  9. @ira2a That's plausible, but there's still the matter of Seol Hwa being the biological daughter of Nan Seol, the infant daughter that she abandoned. Let us say that the Yoons forgive her for bringing the faker in, but why force him to live as Joon Sang? How will they deal with the existence of Seol Hwa? NS might elect to disappear after asking Papa Geum not to let her know that she's Seol Hwa's biological mom. I think the decision will rest with Dr. Han. After the shock of knowing that he actually did not find his biological father, and hopefully knowing the fake Joon Sang is actually Shin Woo, then later knowing how the Yoons treated his mother Jin Joo and that she died in the fire to save faker, he'll be doing some serious thoughts about his options. He might accept the truth later that he's a Yoon but due to the circumstances, will not elect to be with them even if the Yoons either disown faker and Nan Seol. NS, being the origin of the entire fiasco, is bound to be banished. Maybe, because of the length of time that the Yoons had faker, they'll just opt to send him overseas and set him up there to make another start, without the cunning viper. MH and DN will have a better life managing their own branch of Papa Geum's dumpling store. Sae Na might succeed, at last, at being a reporter. Maybe Dr. Han, Seol Hwa and Ji Sang will head the medical foundation and the PR department. Dr. Han might accept the position on the condition that he remains a Han; that being a Yoon will never be disclosed in public; that he'll make it based on his own merits and not because he's the legitimate heir. Papa Geum is bound to know that the children of his dongsaengs from the orphanage eventually gravitated to him. Will he be able to forgive Nan Seol for: abandoning Seol Hwa, denying her just so she can continue living a charmed life; browbeating faker to continue living as Joon Sang, denying that she knows what happened to Jin Joo and that she died in the fire saving the faker? We all know that he can be magnanimous and that he can talk Choo Ja to go with whatever his decision will be. In then end, the three vipers - Nan Seol, Mrs. Sa and MH will each end up with nothing. But then again, we're at the mercy of the writers. We don't know how their minds work and if they can still think logically.
  10. Shin Woo said he does not want to lose his family and his happiness. If what he is feeling right now is his version of happiness, I wonder how he'll look when he is happier. He never gets to smile or bond with his family. You can see the contrast. JR always complain that he does not understand faker even if he's his son. He tells him what to do, he reprimands him because he does not act like a Yoon. NS was abusive but he received what can be called "clinical" love from JR because he and JR never really bonded as father-son, which is almost the same between JR and Ji Sang. However, he received plenty of unsolicited love from Grandma Geum, which should have taught him manners and compassion. Seok Hoon on the other hand discusses personal and family matters with Papa Geum man-to-man and father-to-son. Papa Geum is always encouraging, supportive and gives wise advice. He also lets SHm decide and they do come to agreements and even act in unison if they want to spare family members from unnecessary stress. So we can see that having money and living a luxurious life does not equate to having a happy and harmonious family life. Seok Hoon knows that Papa Geum and he are strangers, yet they immediately formed a bond. We can only assume that Seok Hoon was also used to a comfortable life while growing up, despite being an adoptee. Yes, he did not suffer abusive treatment from a parent, but he went through almost the same thing while growing up in a foreign country. Choo Ja, despite her brashness at times, is also a kind and warm-hearted person. Papa and Mama Geum's traits were passed on to their children, even to bratty Sae Na. While the environment has an effect on a person's outward character, the inherent genetic traits from parents reside deep in the emotional make-up of children. That is why Seok Hoon remains a kind person, since Jin Joo and JR are good persons. You can see the characteristics of KPD in faker, no matter how hard faker denies it.
  11. Yes, Dr. Han shouted at Shi Woo but he became a statue. In the end it was still Dr. Han who called for an ambulance. I read somewhere that Koreans usually do not want to get involved unless someone specifically addresses a person in the crowd to call the police, an ambulance or firemen. But they are quick to get out their smart phones to take photos and videos and upload them. LOL. You're welcome. I think that it was a wrong move from JR. If he noticed that we was slacking away every time something went wrong, he should have removed him from that position. A demotion is called for or at least a warning. That's what happens in RL. Putting more pressure on a person who's already displayed that he lacks managerial skills and do not know how to handle set backs as well as bringing his personal issues into the office does not deserve a new and higher position and additional work load. Faker did not have corporate skills and experience and JR added more burden to an already-burdened person. Faker did not have the analytical, objective and determined mind of Dr. Han. He also did not have Dr. Han's ability to concentrate and focus on work-related issues despite having personal problems, so he was able to ease into his position without problems. Viper does not have any redeeming qualities. Hope she rots in a filthy place. She's trash. She's worst than her slimy mom, but they are the same in having stiff faces and in the delivery of their lines - staccato - as only her lips move. What kind of a surgeon is Dr. Han? Is he a general surgeon? Did faker donate blood?
  12. @shebagirl I saw the raw and the preview. Like you I'm wondering who the liver donor was. Or maybe they did not operate on the liver but did a general operation to somehow extend his life by removing some of the cancer cells. I also think that KPD is so remorseful that he is willing to allow his son to live his life as Yoon Joon Sang. Dr. Han was very calm at first when he questioned KPD but released some of his pent-up emotions as well. But I guess he'll keep mum about his real son. After Dr. Han calms down, I do hope that he'll be able to put the pieces together - that KPD was not delusional due to the chemotherapy but was telling the truth.He's not Seok Hoon's father and he's not Shi Woo and that the real Shi Woo is right there, living as Joon Sang. Hope his clouded mind will be clearer and he'll realize that his memories of his mom, her mandu and her singing that particular song are true and real. Also hope that he'll recall that he was ''friend" with a neighbor's son, who was always left at their place by his drunkard father and that must be Shi Woo aka Joon Sang. Jjebal writer, let's have some closure on some of the issues. Because even if Seok Hoon realizes that he's actually Yoon Joon Sang, there will still be a long way to go. He cannot just confront the Yoons and present himself. For one thing the Yoons are not looking for their firstborn since they've believe that they've found him already when he was six. So they've had him (faker) for more than 20 years. He might even go through a resentment phase, questioning why the Yoons accepted the boy without checking his paternity. Will he then decide to leave the company? He knows that Nan Seol is Seol Hwa's biological mother and she's married to JR, who is technically his father. He still has to recall that his mother was named Jin Joo. Maybe he'll learn that when he discusses things with Papa Geum. Then Papa Geum will have to discover the truth about Jin Joo, her life, her death and her association with the Yoons and Mo Nan Seol. There will be many phases before Han Seok Hoon will be acknowledged as Yoon Joon Sang. That is if he wants that to even happen after he gets to know the full story. There's the story of Seol Hwa as well as her heart disease and the issue of her birth...paging Papa Geum. Loan shark mom and her hit-and-run case that caused Dr. Han to lose part of his memory, loss of use of his right hand for surgery and his medical profession as well as his entire savings. Viper does not know yet that her slimy mom was the one that caused the accident. Will Mr. Kim be a material witness to crimes of the mother-daughter tandem? The reveal of the malpractice case thrown at Dr. Han because of loan shark mom and MK to the Yoons. The reveal of how viper used coercion and black mail to be part of the Yoon family or rather the moolah of the Yoons. The major issue is the 20+ year-old tangled web orchestrated by Nan Seol so she can have a good and comfortable (read rich life) and Shi Woo's (I'll call the faker by this name now) submissive role as a child and willing participation as an adult. Of course the punishment for each of the minions of evil. Writers will definitely be dragging the story to the end.
  13. @sk0317 but where is Dr. Han's company-provided car? It's just like Ji Sang, it appears and disappears. It is common in kdrama to show people running from wherever they are to their home or to the hospital when there is an emergency but will take a bus or taxi during normal times. I believe Dr. Han said that he was given a name by the priest who found him after the fire. He's from the church were SHm and viper were supposed to be married. He did say he was brought to the U.S. by his adoptive parents, presumably Koreans or American-Koreans. He studied there and he met viper in a hospital there. He came back to Korea to look for his biological parents, contrary to what viper claims - that he came to SK to marry her. That is why he was in Namwon on his arrival in the country while viper was waiting at the airport. It's prevalent in Kdramas - someone studied or live in the U.S. or another English-speaking country for a long time, but cannot speak a full sentence in English. They do not even write in English...viewers just tend to overlook that part, hahaha. There was a scene in the drama She Was Pretty where the male lead character recalled that he was bullied when he was in the U.S. He was not an adoptee but was taken there by his father due to work. They were not destitute either as his father was an engineer or something. He also had to go through some beatings, food snatching and whatever just because he was Asian and was not able to speak English when he first arrived. So we can assume that Dr. Han suffered more because he was an adoptee. We can only assume that they were well-off as they were able to send Seok Hoon to medical school. Faker has a misplaced understanding about the medical foundation. It is not a business organization but a charitable institution. JR knew of the re-appropriation of the budget for the clinic and the land but did not take faker to task about it. Rather he was discussing the SHm's plan to look for funds elsewhere, saying that he won't be able to convince the board to have him as president. I admire Dr. Han's reply then. He said it was not his goal to be president but rather to provide the best care possible to indigents who need medical assistance through the foundation. Should SHm decide to leave the foundation now, I do not think it will go beyond the launch stage. There is a huge difference between a person who got to where he is because of his qualifications and someone who only got the position because he happens to be related to the owner. PJ Group seems to be a multi-industry company. JR could have made faker president or whatever of one of its divisions or subsidiary because faker is simply not ready for a more demanding executive position because he lack the experience and knowledge. JR gave him too much too soon. He was in R&D for the food (pizza) brand. He should have stayed there and promoted to a higher post. JR is partly to blame because he was impatient to have the faker work for the company. He actually does not have any knowledge of his management skills because faker always declined any position he offered before. He did not even know that he was a blogging cook. I guess it's all to repay the injustices they did to Jin Joo. JJ should not only appear in Grandma Eun's dream but also in JR's. It's all about appearances for the Yoons. They need to protect how they appear in public and in their social circle. They must protect their dirty laundry at all costs. That is why it will be a huge whammy for them when all the truths are revealed. How will they handle it. I think the writers will be dealing them a 1-2-3 punch starting from episode 115. They will then rush the punishments that the perpetrators deserve that will leave the viewers shaking their heads. I'm past hoping for something exceptional in the story telling of this drama. This is only the second daily drama that I watched. The first one incidentally also starred our dear doctor. He was still Jin Yi Han then, when he was the lead in "A Good Day for the Wind to Blow." Whoa, that was way back in 2010. Someone said it will be great if faker and wife will have a baby. I don't think that will happen since they haven't slept together since day 1. i do not think that it is a priority with viper as well because she thinks she can sink her teeth into the Yoon fortune using her wits. For her, the less attachments, the better because it will be faster to walk away that way. She believes she can siphon off the Yoon's money and then disappear.
  14. The writer finds it difficult to remember everything that s/he included to make the tangled mess more tangled that is why there are so many loose ends. There could be some errors in the translation and subbing - as pancreatic cancer is different from liver cancer. Or KPD's cancer has affected other internal organs already. Whatever type of cancer it is (we can again blame the sloppy writing), KPD is portrayed to be very ill and deemed not to last for long. It would be great if he can urge Dr. Han and Seol Hwa to get married before he closes his eyes for good, then that would be a problem solved. @sk0317 I too, wonder how KPD can go about without money. He's weakened by chemotherapy yet he can walk long distances! I was wondering whether the Geums' home is within walking distance to the hospital, the PJ Group office building and the home of the Yoons. There was a time when Dr. Han drives a car to work and back. Now he and Seol Hwa walks home?! @lclarakl very well said - all the points you raised are valid. Dr. Han is getting more stupid by the minute, doesn't he? @Ldy Gmerm - we all know that G'ma Eun's perception about a person can be swayed by malicious rumor and some kind words. Even if she did not like loan shark mom, she somehow believed her when Mrs. Sa badmouthed Papa Geum and Mama Geum. She wanted to meet Seol Hwa and seemed to like her then she changed her attitude towards her then liked her again. She feels a special attachment to Dr. Han and it seems she'll change her mind and be cold towards him because he thinks that the good doctor is causing the faker distress, especially after hearing that JR likes how the doctor conducts himself at work. Seok Hoon is professional through and through while the faker does things underhandedly. As I said before, setting aside everything, what makes a cook (faker) question the medical knowledge of a doctor (Seok Hoon) when it comes to running a medical foundation. Sigh drama, you continue to disappoint us. You do not have that many episodes left to reveal all the secrets and bring retribution to the perpetrators.
  15. Can I hire people to beat the living daylights out of the faker. He's really fallen into a quagmire. I said before that viper is infectious. She's like an incurable, highly infectious disease and a leech who's latched on to faker, feeding his mind with vile. Wow, his fear of being found out and leaving the lap of luxury made his spout vitriol - telling his father not to come back even after he's dead. He's allowing people to dictate his actions. First it was Nan Seol. He was pitiful then and deserve sympathy because he was only 6. But when he got older, he could have made decisions for himself instead of allowing Nan Seol's abuse to continue. Despite his protestations, he's clearly listening to the vile that his wife, MH, feeds him and dictates to him. He's such depressing shadow of a man, a puppet. It's a tall order to even call him a limpet because a limpet has a shell. This faker has no backbone. His greed, fed by his evil wife, is what's making him stand up right now. I can't wait to see him crumble, together with his malignant wife. Hope their marriage has been registered. Nothing highly significant happened in today's episode. It's been shown that KPD remembered his real son's eyes. He remembered that Yoon Joon Sang is the name of the neighbor's son. It's good that he's gathering more evidence to prove that faker is his real son, which, for all intents and purposes, our main lead, meaning DR. HAN. should be doing, along with SHf, NS, JR. I believe that the reason he was suddenly so wary of Seok Hoon is because he's realizing that this man who calls him abeoji is not his real son. Through Sae Na, he knows that his past is preventing this good person from getting the foundation's presidency and he does not want to complicate things further for this good person because it will affect his future and he needs to disassociate himself from Dr. Han. Of course, for the sake of extending the story line, Seok Hoon is slow in putting the puzzle pieces together. Maybe another DNA test will do the trick, IF EVER the operation materializes. Hope this time there will be names indicated in the DNA test result. Wonder how the writer was allowed to get away with having no names in those reports, including the sonogram of Doo Na. Names should be indicated, which are SOP requirements. As I said, he/she is very poor at research. Maybe it will be Choo Ja who will start the ball rolling once again. She brought up the paternity test (which they did not go with Seol Hwa, by the way). This time, maybe she'll be more curious as to why KPD and Han Seok Hoon have no resemblance to each other. Sae Na agrees with her on that. Could she be so bold as to have another DNA test done? She still has misgivings about SHf getting to have an in-law who was an ex-convict. Observant chingus have noted that Nan Seol barely goes to Westwood. She's suddenly home bound. Maybe the PPL contract's finished, When will the pen recorder resurface? Will Ji Sang have a bigger role to play in bringing the all or some of the truths to light? He's not present in today's episode. Towards the end of the episode, KPD was shown smiling when he saw faker walking with JR. Does it mean anything? Did he hear his son say for him not to show his face to faker even after death when he dropped by his hospital room?