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  1. nrlfan4ever

    [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    Sigh! Love transcends time. Their love for each other was soooo binding, but their love story is tragic. Although Hae Ra left Soo Ho, Baek Hee prayed that they'll meet again. This time, SH will be mortal and Hae Ra will also be a mortal. That was implied. In the ending shot, Soo Ho has aged a bit but it would not be possible for him to go back to Korea because people will recognize him and wonder why he hasn't aged. It we go by what Hae Ra wished before, they are to go back to the castle on their 50th anniversary. If they are in their 30s when they got married, they will be in their 80s when they went back to Slovenia. The make up for the aging beauties were terrible. They were doing live shooting and could have been in a rush due to the weather. No time for prosthetics perhaps? Sharon looked the same despite the gray hair. She only showed traces of aging while she was burning. There were no wrinkles on Hae Ra's face and hands, too. They may have thought that since it's going to be short scenes, they can do without aging the actresses. Overall, I still liked it. Not all fairy tales have to end with happy-ever-after. Yes, there are many unanswered questions, but it's a fantasy drama. We should question why only Sharon's body burned and not her clothes, or her chair or the entire shop. I thought she was going to live as an old woman without supernatural powers for another 500 years. Thanks, everyone. See you again in another drama. I'm looking forward to Mystery Queen 2.
  2. nrlfan4ever

    [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    She only got gray hair and one wrinkled hand? I wanted her whole body to get wrinkles and warts and her face showing the tattoo she had on her shoulder. Gray hair can be covered by a wig or she can have it dyed (or maybe the dye will not have an effect on her hair). Thank you, @gladys57, @YourHighness ., and @Kasmic for the recaps and explanations. No preview? Are we going to have a wonderful surprise tomorrow?
  3. nrlfan4ever

    [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    @gladys57 Yes, it would definitely be great if the Song triplets could make a cameo appearance as the sons of SH and HR. Alas the boys are living in France right now. Well, there's Seungjae, Si An and Seo Eon or Seo Jun. I love William but he's too young and Bentley's a new born. CM is definitely getting his just punishment as well. His association with Sharon as well as his role in the deaths of SH and HR's fathers will be fully revealed and publicized and he'll lose his accumulated wealth, and maybe Gon will disown him. I am rewatching ep.18 and it seems like BK knows why SH gained extra strength and power. The mystical powers of the ring transferred to SH. He and Hae Ra are so interconnected now that they are even connected telepathically. I noticed that when Sharon attempted to smother SH with a pillow, tongues of fire emanated from SH's body to throw Sharon off him. She wore that ring back then after moonlight shone on it. So in effect it was already charged with HR's wishes for SH. Plus it was a witness to Seo Rin's final crime in Joseon. Could it be that once Sharon touches SH in the final episodes, she'll be burned like she burned them back in Joseon? It could be how she'll end up with burn scars that will take away her beauty and her voice and all her other powers except she'll still be unable to die. I just hope that when it happens, Baek Hee is no longer there. Either she went abroad or gotten her forgiveness and immediately laid to rest so she can no longer molly coddle the lunatic. This scenario would one big punishment for her: she witnesses the demise of CM whom she thought could be by her side for how ever long it takes, then Baek Hee departs, somehow SG gets to know some of Sharon's crimes and decides that it's not worth it to be associated with her. She blames SH and HR for everything. That's when she'll attempt to harm them again, and touching SH will burn her but not kill her, rendering her alone, disfigured and lonely and without a voice or power. Her thought process would be simpler as well but her inner mind will replay everything that she has done but she's not going to repent.
  4. nrlfan4ever

    [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    Sharon is losing much of her power. She came back (from the dead?) real quick but to her it seems that it was ages ago. She lost her creativity and her ingenuity (according to her) so she cannot design clothes anymore. I think it is just the calm before the storm, so she thinks that's she's safe because she made the wedding clothes. But the intended wearers of the clothes did not use them. Baek Hee said that she's only good at two things - making clothes and making herself pretty. She's been doing misdeeds now but did not get punished, especially after stabbing Soo Ho and trying to smother him with a pillow. I'm thinking that this time, the powers that be are gearing for the big one. She no longer can design clothes, so what's left is making herself pretty. What if the knife will disfigure her so badly, a disfigurement that she cannot hide however she tried. BH helped her hide that tattoo when it appeared on her face. As @lclarakl mentioned, the power of the silver ring that received the light from the full moon transferred to SH when Sharon stabbed him. BH was scorched by it while it was embedded in SH's body but she was able to pick it up after it popped out of SH's heart. It has all the wishes that HR placed on that ring that protected SH. It could be that all the powers SH gained after the stabbing incident is because he will need superhuman strength to protect HR from the evilness of Sharon. SH has the knife. It could be him or HR who would wield it to leave Sharon scarred for life. Remember that it burned her when she tried on the ring before. It will burn her if it touches her skin. It might even extract all the other powers Sharon possessed so she cannot harm anyone else. She will not die because that is her ultimate punishment. She'll lose her voice, like HR in her past life and have burn scars on her face, not just one. SG won't be around anymore. BH will receive her pardon and leave this earth. SH and HR will have a good life with the predicted three sons who will inherit their parents' good genes. Soo Ho made that ring, which he gave to HR. HR prayed and made her wishes for SH with that ring. So the connection was already there. I do not believe that he is an immortal - it's been repeated that he wanted to grow old with HR. They may even relocate to Slovenia and visit Korea once in a while. SH's assistant/secretary is a very capable one. He managed SH's business while he was still in Slovenia, so he can do the same while SH and family live in the castle on the hill. HR could even open a branch or even her own travel office in Slovenia. So let's be prepared for the final confrontation. Good always triumphs over evil, so it would be a good last 2 episodes, and hopefully we'll have a very happy and romantic ending. Wishing it would be HR giving birth to triplets!
  5. nrlfan4ever

    [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    Could it be that some of Sharon's powers got transferred to SH when she tried to kill him? I remember HR getting stronger after she fought with Sharon, while the lunatic grew weaker. SH's powers could be a combination of so many things, from BH prayers and incantations, to HR's true love, to protection from the gods and also Jae Bom's prayers for HR and SH.
  6. nrlfan4ever

    [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    It would be a big punishment for Sharon to be disfigured (tats all over her body), hands bony and stiff, voice lost in a fire that burned the tailor shop and all her possessions - money, land titles, jewelry, etc. and BH, having truly atoned for her sins, was allowed to die. She'll lose her powers as well because she did not put them to good use. She'll witness the demise of the monster she created, who she thought would be her sanctuary. Later, she'll see the grand wedding of SH and HR and cannot even ask them for forgiveness. She'll be in pain from the tats but will not die.
  7. Granted that the thug created HS group from humble beginnings. But we are not privy to how he did it. If he acts like a thug today, what was he like while making his company larger? It's still a young company at 40. DK's friend's company is larger than HS Group but it is not brandishing their wealth like that. It seems YG's family is older money, so thug Noh is hands-off, but that's only because he learned about it later, so their research was not thorough. DK had been brainwashed by his grandpa and his mom since he was a child. So he still finds it hard to believe the extent they'll go to for HS Group. But with all the evidence and the truths he's finding out, he still can't believe they can resort to shady actions is too much. What a fool! Grandpa and MH think they have class but in fact they are crass. Someone should use broadcast media and social media to reveal their wrong doings. These are the things that the Noh family want to avoid - the press - and how their lives and their underhand tactics could be made public. I still would be happy if JA and DK don't end up together. It would be better if JA and her family, Papa Choi and his kids, with Hyuk, with the backing of YG's Group would band together to topple the HS Group and have separate companies of their own. It would be good for the Noh family to end up as paupers. YG's Group can form several subsidiaries: DK and the other girl at the share house - recycling and eco-friendly products Jian and Hyuk - woodworking Ji Soo, Hee and Nam Goo - bakery/cafe Ji Hoo and youngest Choi daughter - fashion Papa Choi, Papa Seo, Mama Seo, JT and SA - import/export (they can sell the other groups' products to markets overseas)
  8. nrlfan4ever

    [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    The changes are subtle but Baek Hee is already showing signs of aging. That is why she told Sharon that she is going to die soon. The inscription on her arm vanished already because she was truthfully repentant. But I think she still has one on her shoulder. BH has a soft spot for Sharon because they have been together for more that 2 centuries. I buy that she's repentant because she switched her and Boon Yi when they were babies. However, her ward still hasn't learned anything through the years and is not likely to learn anything in this lifetime. She's evil to the core. I would love to see the inscriptions on both her cheeks after she stabbed SH so they would be difficult to conceal. Having it on the forehead could be covered by hair or hat. Hopefully, HR will call BH, while BH's instinct is to go to the shop, so she can find SH. Where would Sharon run? If she goes to BH, what will BH do to her. Sharon is weaker now, ever since she physically tangled with HR. HR got stronger that's why Sharon felt the strength of SR's slap. She also cannot stand the strength of BH, although before she became weakened, she said that BH's strength has diminished. BH's house is always foggy and dim, but I only call it the den of gloom. It's the same with the tailor shop, but for me it's the den of doom. Will Gon be able to pick up the truth behind YM's pronouncement that his dad killed the fathers of HR and SH?
  9. nrlfan4ever

    [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    It seems like Chul Min is already suffering again, although it's still mild. When he was talking to He Ra it seems like he's feeling chilly that's why he's cupping the teacup and wearing a jacket and scarf. I think Gon was taken aback when He Ra told him that's he's getting more and more like his father. Will he suffer as well if he does not stop opposing Soo Ho? Tommy's a pawn used by Gon and evil witch. What will happen to him? I agree with the person who surmised that YM's parents are involved in the crime against the fathers of SH and HR. Maybe CM sent them to live overseas or somewhere else while YM was allowed to stay and be betrothed to Gon (but I think it's more that she's insurance should YM's parents renege on their promise not to reveal anything that will connect CM to the crime). Gon doesn't even look attracted to YM, much less engaged to her. Ep. 15 showed subtle developments - SH is getting closer to discovering what happened to his dad and HR's dad. The two of them are discovering many things, like the picture of HR's parents on their anniversary - Oct. 20, 2002. Was it the day when the lab was burned? SH, with the help of his staff, discovered who sent him the text, and the meeting of the gambler doctor and CM. HR remembering that her dad told him about that same doctor who wanted to borrow money from him. They have enough evidence to have the case reopened or re-investigated. SH has mastered the art of suppressing his anger yet, even if he's not angered by someone, like the son of YD, there's instant retribution. Will it affect YM? He sure looked angry at Gon during the town meeting. With the discovery of JB's grave which was almost intact, together with the painting, story and earnest prayer BH will be able to tell SH about his past life and his eternal love for Boon Yi, the switch of BY with Seo Rin, and the cruelty of Sharon to him and BY.