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  1. Note: I have nothing against the actor. I'm commenting on the character. Dear DK, please get a life and stop bothering the person who doesn't want to be bothered by you. She said so on several occasions. You only hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see. You're acting like a school kid whose idea of showing someone that he likes her is to be a pest. Life's not all about you, you know. Put your life in order first, butakhae! Just like JA said, she is not going to hold your hand every time something (even a small thing) goes awry in your life. Writer-nim, please make DK do something else to occupy his time. Going to see JA anytime he pleases is too repetitive, boring and scary. I'm sure he has plenty of things to do since he's resigned from HS Group. He has to set up his own office, hire a few staff, build a network, find clients, make sales presentations, and so on even if the toxic grandpa hasn't given him permission to disassociate with HaeSung. Is he going to be the exclusive distributor of the face recognition software or any new product from his friend's company? Let him find his golden life and leave JA to find hers. If they become the OTP, so be it, though I prefer that no one ends with someone, except maybe Nam Goo and Hee. I'd rather each one finds their true purpose in life, realize that there is more to life than money and family relationships should be nurtured and treasured. By the way, Seo mama was walking near the Choi household when the car bearing the runaway JS passed by. She's so attached to JS. She did not even ask Papa Seo where JA is. She checked his phone, found the message from JA and did not even bother to call her own daughter. She just wondered why Papa Seo did not save JA's number. Really weird mama.
  2. DK's presence might be useful in helping JA recover her spunk. However, I don't want him to drag JA into his family's war on succession and his present business-marriage relationship. She's not fully recovered from her own personal trauma that he partly caused, so he should stay away from her. DK right now is a pest. He's still suffering from selective hearing. He only does things that will favor him and him alone. He's looking for another solid wall to back him up in the form of JA because he's on the brink of losing the backing of the No-Choi family and Haesung Group. He represents some of the privileged ones who have no idea what life outside their perimeter fence looks like. He knows that he will flounder like a fish out of water if he's left on his own, without the help of his family, so he's looking for someone who knows how the other half lives inside and out to guide him. If this is the case, he's so lame, literally and figuratively. I have not seen the raw, but saw the preview. Does JSR have someone tailing CDK? How did she get to know Ji An? She intentionally sought her out to order personalized furniture, so that means someone has been feeding her information. I hope it's not DK's best friend, Ki Jae. However, he does have the potential to be the source of info about DK's fascination/obsession with JA because he's been keenly observing his friend. He really could be interested in JSR, because, while his family is richer (I think) than the No family, a union between him and So Ra would only bring more fortune to them. However, he does not seem inflicted with the same family rules where marriage is treated as a business contract. I hope JS will begin to understand what JA went through in that household. Her initiation is far better than what JA experienced. JS was given time to be herself before she was given ''training.'' JA was pushed into it pronto. Hopefully the youngest daughter will be trained by Ji Hoo to be a normal person free from the restraints imposed by her chaebol family. What will happen during her graduation recital which coincides with the 40th anniversary of Haesung. It's possible that Ji Hoo will be the only person to cheer her on. There's a possibility that Ji Hoo will invite Ji Soo as well. Tae Soo and Ji An have the same personality, that is why TS thought the worst - that JA will kill herself (and she did try). JA also told him that she wanted to die everyday because she was suffering so much and had to accept all types of crap from people who thought they were within their right to humiliate people below their financial level.
  3. DK showed empathy to JA before, and while he thought he was doing the poor girl a favor, at least he was able to help her, which is fine. From being a coward who left JA in the air, he's turning himself into a nuisance. He's like a pest. I agree with what @cheekychipmunk_stv said - that DK should end things with JSR cleanly. He actually needs to clear his own messy life first, since only his father, mother and So Ra know of his intention not to enter into a loveless marriage. The Lord of the Household, or rather, Lord of Hae Sung Group has not been told yet of his decision, so we do not know what type of punishment he will mete out to DK. Right now he's obsessed with JA and that's unhealthy. I wish JA would not meet with him. I think she can ask Hyuk not to let him into the workshop and Hyuk can arrange for it to be so. DK cannot do anything about it because the shop is not a Hae Sung affiliate. He could also have someone stay with JA at the workshop and accompany her home, if Hyuk is not around (wishful thinking). Otherwise, let us all file a request for restraining order on behalf of Seo Ji An. @ck1Oz has already prepared it, so let's make it official . When @hyall mentioned "stalker" it does prove that DK and Eun Seok/Ji Soo are siblings as they are both guilty of stalking - Ji Soo stalked Hyuk for months, now DK is stalking JA.
  4. Go away DK. Ji An doesn't need you in her life right now. The way I see it, he's looking for another anchor, if and when Hae Sung throws him to the curb. He'll be a fish out of water, so to speak, so he'll be floundering. JA and DK may be a good management team, but his interests are not the same as JA's. I am saying this in relation to the character PSH is playing - DK, who, right now, is a a disrupting presence in JA's life. It is not because I don't like the actor. His frequent visits to JA's workplace does have it's positive effect because JA's spunk is stirred. But I hope it stops there because I want to see her succeed as a furniture designer and maybe a sculptor as well and be recognized and sought after by those people who spurned her before and not because she is working with DK (as he'll still be linked to HS group). DK sure is bullheaded and he does not listen. As I said before he's a dictator and still feels that he's doing JA a great favor. Sheesh! Hyuk is already a successful businessman albeit very low key and with his help, in my opinion, JA will continue to heal and get ready to face the world again. I even nurture the idea that Ji An will have very radical designs, whether in furniture or sculpture, to take a stab at the rich people who think they already have culture and class because they have money and buy garish furnishings. (Hello faux Greek sculptures and fountain in someone's home's foyer).
  5. In my opinion, I do not want DK to work together with Hyuk and Ji An. Ji An has to heal her mind and body through her lifelong interest - sculpture and working with wood. She does not need distractions in the form of a controlling person who doesn't realize that he's not helping the girl. He's always telling her that he only wanted to help her, whether she likes it or not or if he's actually helping her. (We know that he's not, at this point). DK needs to establish himself through his own merits, away from JA and Hyeok. He seems to be a good manager, but the work environment is different when he's on his own without the Hae Sung backing. I'm fine with JA-Hyuk pairing or a JA-DK pairing or no pairing at all, as long as each character gets his/her own ''golden life.''
  6. Could there be a reversal of fortune if the plan to introduce Ji Soo from afar backfires? Meaning up in the podium where not that many people will be able to see the difference between Ji An who became known to the ladies in Mdm. Noh's inner circle where the future in-laws are included. However, they forgot about cameras with telephoto lenses, lol. JA has short, dark hair. JS has long, honey blond hair. With DK announcing that he will not enter into a loveless marriage; SR delaying her flight back to the US to attend the 40th anniversary - what will be the repercussions? We all know that Chairman Noh is playing with all his relatives, pitting them against each other because for him the only important thing is his company. The business marriages are meant to increase the size and capitalization of Hae Sung. He will do anything not to lose that as well as lose face. He is likely to disown DK (and the Chois) if he learns that he will not marry Jang So Ra. HS's own marriage is at stake as well, if she follows her oppa DK's example. This will reflect poorly on Jae Sung and Myung Hui, and LIKELY benefit the other sister, her husband and her son. While they have their own money, they will have to start from scratch, which is something they have not experienced. Hyuk has been thinking of expanding his business. Working with JA renewed that dream. If their partnership works, both stand to gain a lot because they are presenting products that suit their clients. So their financial status will rise while the people who previously were rich will have less. Maybe that's where the second half of the story goes. Maybe My Golden Life is for everyone, because they will be made to realize that money alone cannot buy happiness, family harmony and peace of mind.
  7. A thought came to mind with the arrival of Chairman No. He likes JA and thinks that she belongs to the No family. JA was not publicly introduced as the lost daughter except to the ladies' circle. What if his damage control measure is to spin the story that DK fell for JA while they worked together at Haesung Apparel? There is always a way to silence (pressure) the family of DK's betrothed to back off the "business marriage" with more financial gains. That's my initial thought, and here I am contradicting myself. That is only possible if the events leading to JA running away from everything did not happen. It would have been easier since JA felt something for DK earlier. Now it is next to impossible to get her cooperation. She was supposed to be introduced during the 40th anniversary celebration. Well, they can introduce JS, if she's willing as well. And of course, it's a big IF, since JA abhors the sight of DK. She's still very fragile emotionally. That is why SWH is keeping a close watch on her with the help of the studio boss and not pressuring her to do anything she does not want to do, but underhandedly encouraging her to do things she'll be proud of doing, like the utility cabinet. Love that about him and the people cooperating with him. The intended fiancee is arriving next week and we'll see her in about 5 episodes. The story will flow smoothly if she's kind and docile. But knowing the actress and her ability to play very credible antagonistic characters, things around the Chois would be merrier (or messier). She might be willing to marry DK as a business partner and dictates that they should not meddle in each other's personal lives, unless it's discovered that she's got a man she truly loves waiting in the wings before the marriage happens. It's fun to entertain such ideas, while waiting for the writer to give her own spin on the story's development. One thing is sure, the Choi household will be very noisy and crazy for a while.
  8. It's very entertaining to watch MH and JS butt heads. At least JS' choice of clothing has colors, instead of the white, gray, black, blue, beige ensembles worn by the rest of the Chois, including Manager Min. And there are some horrendous clothes worn by MH in the recent episodes, such as those very loose bottoms and the large blouses that look like excess cloth on her very slim frame. I also do not like those overly long sleeves. Eeewww. (I cannot fault PSH because he carries his suits well, befitting a model). I pity him though. I've noticed him slip on several occasions, especially when he's running - on the road, up the stairs and on tiled floors. The soles of his shoes must be made of leather and still smooth so there's no traction. It's also dangerous. DK is a dictator, like his mom. She just went ahead and had those designer clothes and bags bought for JS and threw away her recently acquired stash of new clothes from Dongdaemun. She did not even think of how JS will look in the eyes of the baker if she comes in wearing designer clothes. shoes and bag. Mr. Baker may suddenly lock the doors on her. Remember that frenemy of JA who stole her position at Haesung Apparel before? She asked JA what happened to her; if she suddenly came into money since she's wearing elegant clothes and bags. When other office mates chided her saying that what JA was wearing could be knock offs, she said that the ''true'' rich would instantly know, since the clothes and bags do not blatantly advertise that they are designer goods, but rather they are understated in their elegance. While I do not fast forward some scenes, I prefer not to watch them. But I laugh every time I see Hee's hair. What's with the unruly and barely combed curls? She does not have a brush, let alone a comb? She had straight hair when she was in senior high/college, when the baker was still a street vendor.
  9. Even if MGL is in first place, the ratings went down. Although it is a trend that Saturday's rating is lower than Sunday's, it's still low. In the chart, the rating for episodes on Saturdays (Ep. 11 to 21) was rising, but started to go down from Ep. 23, while episodes on Sundays were on the rise from Ep. 12 to 22. The rating started to go down by Ep. 24. Is it because Kaudiences want action and in-your-face story telling instead of viewing nuanced changes in the characters, which require some thinking? Still, kudos to the cast and crew, for keeping us glued to this drama!
  10. So true. Where else can you find a fitted ahjumma ensemble? And the pants are at the right length. Very cool. He's 6 ft 1.679 or almost 6'2''
  11. I agree with many of you who find Ji Soo's actions unacceptable. I'm fine with being non-conformist, but being rude is a different matter. She's always telling people that Ji An did not tell her when she found out that she's not the real daughter. Fine. But it's true that JA knows her best and how she reacts to even the smallest of things. We've seen her call Ji An anytime something happened in her life or something she does not understand occurs. JA has to explain to her what/why/how the situation happened before she gets it. She does not like to use her brain except when it comes to making bread. She uses JA as her support system for her huge crush on Mr. Sun, who she later knew to be Mr. Sunwoo Hyuk. JA knows her crush is named Mr. Sun. She does not know that it's actually Sunwoo and that his first name is Hyuk. This will be significant. Glad to hear that Nam Goo told her to get her facts right, but I don't think it has registered with the brat. She even brags to TS that she slapped JA that was why TS was dumbfounded. It did not even register with her that the poor guy is hesitant to speak with her. He was extending deference to her, being that she's a chaebol's daughter who was done wrong by the Seos. He did ask her how she is but she did not respond. She does not have friends and depends on JA emotionally and at times, intellectually. Okay, JA did not tell her what happened. But did she try to get to the bottom of it? No! She's so busy feeling sorry for herself, considering herself as the victim and blaming everyone. The wuss Mr. Choi finds her amusing. It does seem like he hates his wife but not enough to leave all the creature and financial comforts, as well as the power of being a Haesung Group kin bring him. He also knows that the Nohs will crush him. He finds JS's actions amusing, because it upsets his wife and the other members of the family. He actually delights in it and deep inside he wants it to continue, because she became an extension of himself. In JS he can scoff at his wife, be as irreverent as can be and get away with it without hurtful words coming out of his mouth. Although DK is being very patient with her, his facial expressions reveal his disappointment with her recently gained sister. He is comparing what she said before about JA and what's coming out of her mouth right now. Before, she was a clueless, happy-go-lucky person who was also polite, who he delights to be with. Now he sees a complete reversal. Until when will his patience last? The same with Mdm Noh. I'm happy that EH was candid with her. Seems like she's finding confidence in herself thanks to Ji Hoo's help. SH is acting as a true friend to JA right now, I believe. He may have feelings for her right now, but I think he understands her situation, more so because he had to endure so much as well, considering the situation with his parents, the abuse his sister receive from a husband she was forced to marry and their being poor. He further understood JA when she opened up to him. We don't know if she told him the full story from the beginning. At least he got JA to feel better right now. I think he has arranged for her to stay in some place where there are people she can work with. I could probably be that wood workshop he took her before where they ordered the wooden posts. I agree as well that DK is the last person JA needs to meet right now, because she needs the time to heal. I do hope that he backs off as he's got a volatile temper. JA does not need to lash out at a person to be at peace. Given time by herself but surrounded by people who would not put demands on her emotionally, she'll find peace within and think rationally like she used to.
  12. Just so I get my facts right...Ji Soo is a few months older than Ji An, right? DK told her when they met after JS brought sandwiches to JS that JA was born in the spring. Then JS commented that she thought JA was older, rationalizing that JA took on the older sister's role.
  13. The letter sender has an elaborate plan and must be privy to some Choi-Noh family secrets. He or she was bold enough to use that address that will trigger a reveal of some issues in the past in the coming episodes. Why now? Is there a significance to the timing? Is someone's birthday coming? Is it the anniversary of Eun Seok's disappearance? How did the letter sender know that Eun Seok aka Ji An has been found, despite the efforts of the Chois to keep it under wraps for the moment. Of course, it was already revealed to the ladies in the art club, so it could be one of them. Remember that lady that Ji An witnessed being scorned by MH? Could it be her?
  14. To add a bit to what @baduy just said, I think Mdm Noh dictated those addresses because she wants to compare the handwriting of the couple to the handwriting on the envelope. She was shown encircling certain characters on the notes while looking at the addressed envelope and came to the conclusion that they were not the ones who sent the letter. That is why she told her husband that they need to find out if the letter sender is from outside or within their company/family/social circle.
  15. @baduy thanks for the explanation re that specific area. I concur that there might have been some pressure to veer away from that location in the present episodes of this drama, although the woman thief did mention/actually asked her partner why MH suddenly wants them to write the address of that Civilian Exclusion Zone. Hope we get to learn the back story of why MH was in the public place with ES in her car, what she was doing there and why she left in a hurry that she did not even pay notice to someone carrying her child. (But I still find it funny how the woman easily recognized that the hairpin had pink diamonds!) Was MH doing some dirty errands for the chairman, doing something on her own (like meeting paid thugs) to help her in her power struggle against her sister, or looking for/buying information about her husband? Even without the issue of succession, her standing in the family is difficult for MH because she's the firstborn and a woman, so she has to act tough and be the "man" the chairman can depend on because she does not have a brother.