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  1. *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*


    ^ Me too!! Kiss me like that. Kiss me, kiss me like that
  2. *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*


    ^ Lucky @diorama!! Enjoy~~ I can't get time off from work in time to fly to HK for their concert T_T missed it by a couple of weeks. Thanks for the translations @innasalvatore I love Kiss Me Like That - so sad we haven't been able to give them a win yet but it's okay, I still love them!! Super hope they win at one of the shows this weeeeek pleaseeeeee. Hope Shinhwa isn't too disappointed so far? :/ SHINHWA SANNNNNNNN!!!!!!!
  3. *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*

    My gf just got her first job. What should I get her?

    Will she be in the office mainly? - New drink bottle/ keep cup/ mug (does she drink coffee/tea?) that she can keep at work - New lunch boxes (with those different section splits) that she can bring to work - A desk accessory she can keep at work e.g. super mini pot plants, solar powered bobble heads (if she has a window seat), photo frame of you 2 (this might be too cheesy to keep at work depending on personalities) - Card holder (she can put her business cards in this) Higher budget items: - New pair of shoes (black boots/shoes with low heels or a cute pair of flats are safe go-to shoes for work) - note: flats can be bought on a lower budget if your gf does not mind brands too much. - New bag (big enough to fit the stuff she now needs to bring to work e.g. lunch box, planner, work paper files) - again, this can be bought on a lower budget depending on brands.
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    ^ niceee!! (although that ticket part sounds very stressful).
  5. *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*


    HAPPY 20TH ANNIVERSARY TO SHINHWA !!! ♡♡♡ Hope everything goes well with the fanparty with no accidents! To all the SHCJs going, scream for the rest of us who can't make it and have tons of fun. Let the celebrations beginnnnn!! I need some Shinhwa fix sooooon. P.S. can't wait for the remake mv. Hope they stay true to the old mv.. you know with dongwannie being topless again heheheheheheheh hahahahahahahahahahaha ;D
  6. *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*

    [MANGA/ANIME] Akatsuki No Yona ; Yona of the Dawn

    I totally agree! They deserve more moments. Too many endless tribe wars let them chill already! That is so true, having to still call her princess probably threw him backwards. Silly Yona. Definitely can't wait for him to call her Yona his acceptance of his one-sided love is hilarious sometimes though hahaah I am happy with any ending as long as Hak and Yona ends up together and are both alive. P.S. I have also watched Love O2O
  7. *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*

    What Song Are You Listening To?

  8. *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*

    [MANGA/ANIME] Akatsuki No Yona ; Yona of the Dawn

    OMGGG yaaaaaaas the December 20 update was the best!!!!!!! I could not stop grinning but the updates since then are such a pooooo hahahah yes sigh indeed I feel like that every time I finish an update and know there is a long wait for the next one. Yona is definitely a star in development - she is so cool now and yesss like @xiashenghan said, the happy hungry bunch are so cutee I hope Hak develops more - hope he feels less "trapped" about the past/betrayal
  9. *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Love O2O 微微一笑很倾城

    I was brought to this show after watching 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms as this show has the same director and also had some great reviews. It was a very lighthearted show, which I was in the perfect mood for. I liked how there was none of the unnecessary drama and no matter what the rivals did, the two mains had complete trust in each other! Very refreshing. I also really liked the scenes with Xiao Nai's friends. It was very funny and cute. And the whole online game concept in the show was cool and different. When I was younger, I was obsessed with dramas with leads like Xiao Nai. Cold and cool except for the occasional smiles for the girl he loves. However, after watching this show, it appears that this type of male lead is no longer is as attractive to me. Although, he was still very lovable, I am not fangirling over him much after the show has finished (sad what age does to a fangirl lmao ). Hmm probably the only "negative" thing during the show was Er Xi's character. As a friend, she was very sweet but sometimes her scenes were a little overwhelming and I would do something else until her scenes were over... :/ but I guess I am just being nitpicky since I didn't really have an annoying rival to hate during the whole show HAHHA Overall, worth watching!
  10. I LOVED THIS SHOW!! I was worried about committing to it at first, with 58 episodes and all but it was completeeeeely worth it!! The OST is also awesomeee love all the songs. I love Ye Hua's character, he was just so devoted to her - both as an immortal and as a mortal. It was so sweet! And all those little smiles he gave when he was with her omgg so cute. My fav eps were when he found Bai Qian after the SuSu ordeal, it was so fluffy for a bit. And omg Ah Li. That friken cutie. Young version of YH was also a cutie! If only Bai Qian never fell for Li Jing when she was Si Yin, it would have been they only liked each other for their whole lives... but I guess it would have been less believable that she never liked someone during her earlier years before meeting Ye Hua. And I also kind of wanted BQ to wait for YH for longer. Felt like she didn't really have to much of the waiting compared to YH. And I liked how YH never believed SuJin's poop. There was none of that type of misunderstanding which could have dragged out for episodes too which I personally found really refreshing. Speaking of SuJin, the episode where Bai Qian gets her eyes back from Sujin and Sujin's horrible ways were finallyyyyy revealed was sooooooo good!! She had lasted for way too long in the show without being properly reprimanded!! Hopefully, 16th Disciple and Ghost Realm Princess somehow had a happy ending after... and I really liked Mi Gu!!! He should have been hooked up with someone hahahah!
  11. *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*

    [MANGA/ANIME] Akatsuki No Yona ; Yona of the Dawn

    The anime was so good!!! I really liked the OST as well! Watching the anime made me get into reading the manga and I rarely ever read ongoing manga as I hate the wait. The monthly chapters are extremely painful but I don't regret committing to the manga at all. Hak is just his devotion is seriously the best. Hak and Yona better have a happy ending. >:(
  12. *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*

    which book that you read would read again?

    Harry Potter!! The whole series.
  13. *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*

    What languages do you have on your player?

    English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean
  14. *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*

    What Anime Do You Watch On Youtube?

    Not new but so good: Akatsuki no Yona !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shingeki no Kyojin
  15. *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*

    Kim Dong Wan 김동완 - the singer

    ^ omg thanks for the SBS MTV perf cuts. I have been refreshing youtube but nothing coming up!!! The 2010 cut... is it just his clothing or does his arms look extra big there hehhehehehehehhehehehehhehehe AAAAAAAAAAND HBD TO DONGWANNIE <3 I love the fan artwork that comes with members' bdays!