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  1. Wow, I’m so confused... If there's really episode 74 today, news sites would have published some recaps by now but I'm not seeing any. Yet at the same time, the KBS site is already updated with both the video and text preview for episode 75 http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/sunnydays/mobile/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0177-01-850810,list,none,1,0 What is going on??? Hahaha. Guess we'll just have to wait for tmr...
  2. Phew, thanks for the clarification @awsparkle Edit: KBS released the preview for Episode 74. 하늬(설인아)는 전날 있었던 일이 기억나지 않는다며 한결(진주형)의 돌직구를 피해 다닌다. 지은(하승리)은 진희(심혜진)와 진국(최재성)의 교제를 반대하는 문여사(남능미)를 보며 결심을 굳히는데.
  3. Hey guys, can anyone confirm if a new episode will be airing today? According to this article, the broadcast is cancelled to make way for the Asian Games 2018... https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20180820085106006?f=m
  4. I have to say, the development between HN and HG in these past few episodes have been pleasantly surprising I typically dread Mondays but just like you guys, I'm excited to see what happens post-kiss! Dropping off the newest OST aptly titled "I'm Happy" by Marmalade Kitchen which is also the song that played during the HN-HG kiss scene.
  5. Not as many HG-HN scenes compared to yesterday but what lacks in quantity, is made up in quality We got a freaking kiss guys Some screenshots from news outlets! Source: 1 , 2 Edit: @Saja La I know what you mean, I'm so grateful it wasn't!
  6. This emoji perfectly depicted me watching the HN-HG scenes in the latest episode. I feel like I'm on cloud nine. They had so much screen time and all their interactions were so precious; from him peeking over the gate to wish HN good night, to him blocking the bus stop and of course, their adorable banter at the end. I knew that HN-HG would be adorable but this is next level. The text preview mentioned HG aggressively pursuing HN but I never thought it'd be literal. He was running after her the whole episode! Plus, we have never seen HG smile so much. He's got it bad haha. Love HN's reaction to HG's confession. It's so HN-like. Her trying to convince HG not to like her was adorable. The tables have turned and we'll be seeing HN going through the "stress" HG underwent I also have to mention that although HN was fully aware that the bracelet was no longer with her, she didn't scurry to find it nor asked HG to return it. It's a step in the right direction. HG also did the right thing by letting HN decide on her own what to do with it. I'm not gonna talk about DG-JE coz I wanna stay in my happy bubble. @dramaninja I wonder what HN asked HG to do... I'm with you that it's probably their secret hand sign. Edit: @mqiuwen From Leo's exchange with Mr Kim, I think he has
  7. Oh nooo, please don't let it be a figment of his imagination . It's going to be a tough blow if it is but I have a lot of faith in HG and his stubborn streak. He's going to "aggressively" pursue HN and I want to see HN all flustered around him. @awsparkle Sadly, I agree with you. HN was staring at the bracelet for a moment in that meeting with HG (after witnessing the DG-JE convo in the car). Later on, when she was grabbing beer with HG and she spoke about unrequited love, it occurred to me that she could actually continue to foolishly wait for DG. I hope with her knowing HG's feelings, it would open her eyes and realize that there is love beyond DG. @jayakris Thank you for translating the text preview! The latest episode is just further proof that JE is diabolical. She acts all sweet and lovable in front of DG when in fact, she was being a total prick to HN. I don't think I can stand to watch the DG-JE date scenes in today's episode...
  8. So sorry @Saja La but I'm purely putting the pieces together from the different online translations . Can our Korean language pros please help to translate the text preview more accurately? Google: Striking by the words that Ji-eun (Hae-sei) and Taedong (Lee Chang-wook) come together, Seo-hyeon (a) and Han (pearl-type) In the urging of Moon (Namyungmi), Jin-kuk (Choi Jae-sung) rushes to meet Jin-hee (Sim Hye-jin) and Mrs. Moon... ... NaverStar: Hanye (Snow In-ah) and Mo (Jin Joo-hyung) are more aggressive towards Hani, who are shocked by the news that Ji and Do-kyung (Lee Chang-wook) are dating. At the urging of Moon (male and beauty), Jin Guk-guk (Choi Jae-sung) is hurrying to prepare to meet Jin-hee (Shim Hye-jin) and Moon. Systranet: Made (low victory) with Do-gyeong (Lee Chang-wook) associates at language shock Ha-nui (opinion whom got In-a) and (pearl style) approaches conspicuously actively to that Ha-nui. To pressing the door Ms. (south royal tomb America) the honest person (Choi Jae-seong) Jin-hui (Sim Hye-jin) comes hastes the preparations which will meet the door Ms.…
  9. Whoa, I did not see THAT coming! I was only expecting HN to remove that cursed bracelet by herself but omg, HG just ripped it off her wrist! Good riddance! This calls for a standing ovation. Way to go, HG It probably won't be an easy "yes" from HN following his confession but at least, his feelings are made known to her now. It's gonna be fun to see HN falling for HG. Unfortunately, there's no sight of HN-HG in the preview but they're mentioned in the text preview. Something about HG actively pursuing HN? Well, HG did mention before that he never gives up haha Episode 72 Preview 지은(하승리)과 도경(이창욱)이 사귄다는 말에 충격받은 하늬(설인아), 한결(진주형)은 그런 하늬에게 더 적극적으로 다가간다. 문여사(남능미)의 재촉에 진국(최재성)은 진희(심혜진)와 문여사를 만날 채비를 서두르는데...
  10. Am I frustrated that HN still doesn't even show any signs of reciprocating HG's feelings? Yes, of course. But am I frustrated at HN? Not really. I'm more frustrated at how long it's taking. Does it make sense? Haha Given HN's inexperience in such matters as well as HG's hot/cold attitude towards her these past few weeks (?), I can kinda understand her behaviour. And to top it off, she just got out of her DG bubble. I don't really blame her, she just needs more push. I hope HG and HN's courtship will go full steam ahead from today's episode onwards. We're already at episode 70 for goodness sake. Stop milking this, writers! Anyway, HG and HN look hecka cute in the preview. They're gonna have at least 2 scenes where they're alone
  11. Thanks @dramaninja Google Translation: I am worried about the invitation of the workshop of Seo-in (Seo-ina), and I am aware of Dae-gyeong (Lee Chang-wook) and follow it. Ji-eun (Hae-seung-ri) visits the city and catches him to stay with him instead. I can pretty much figure out the first part but not the second
  12. I feel sick just watching the scenes where SH and JE were crying as if they were genuinely devastated by the loss of SJ. My heart broke for JH. All the hopes she had in finding her long lost daughter the past 20 years vanished with that "confirmation." I know they showed JH filling up the form to register SJ's death but did she really submit it? And could it be maternal instinct at play in that final scene? As expected, the scenes of HG imagining HN were hilarious. I especially loved the one when the real HN was in front of him but he kept mumbling for imagination-HN to disappear. At this rate, poor guy is going to lose his sanity soon enough. HN, only you can save him now . HG obviously has feelings for HN. Like some of you shared, I really hope (desperately so) that HN will reciprocate them soon, like in next week's episodes. The preview looks promising! I know some of you are worried about that affectionate look DG gave HN in the preview but i think DG has stepped aside. It's all about HG-HN now. Was browsing around when I came across this post. The video is actually from the actor, Robin Deiana, who plays Leo. Upcoming scene maybe? Oh and a new OST has been released. I believe it's the song that played in episode 67 where all 4 leads were by themselves and thinking about each other . Not sure about the title though. Google translation: "Maybe It's Love"
  13. @mocmoc272 First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincerest thanks to you for taking the time to translate the scenes for all of us, much appreciated! Secondly, I was imagining something similar too. I'm kinda hoping for some reason, HG's leg injury starts to recur again during the retreat and it'll get HN all concerned/worried about him etc etc. Maybe I'm wishing for too much haha. Anyway, the next episode looks like a lotta fun. Will come back again to comment more once the subs are out. Thanks again to everyone for sharing links and comments!
  14. @mqiuwen @dramaninja You're right, HG will somehow, someway be at that trip. Be it the invitation was extended to him or he invites himself there
  15. I have to say episode 67 was a really good episode overall. We get to see developments and like @dramaninja mentioned, this week was about HN moving on from DG and HG realizing his feelings for HN. I love how these 2 events coincide with each other. The talk between HN and DG finally happened. They can now move on and close this chapter. DG telling JE to act like strangers from now on was a surprise, a good one. At this point, SH is a despicable person. The lengths that she would go to hide the truth, from her own sister no less... She is heartless and I cannot fathom how JH can forgive her once the truth comes out... The dinner with HG's mum, HN and HG was even better now that I fully understand their dialogue. Such a fun scene to watch. HG was visibly affected by HN's heart sign. Too cute. I was just thinking about how HG is going to react when he learns about the overnight trip Hanui Apparel will be going on. I bet he is going to freak out once he learns DG is going as well