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  1. Voice script reading! 


    She's back! My love for LHN and Kwan Joo is boundless...





  2. On a indefinite hiatus from Soompi. 

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    Still watching and enjoying dramas: currently j-dramas more than k-dramas.

    Yet i'm looking for Life on Mars and  Voice 2. 

    Waiting patiently for Signal 2, Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2 etc...




  3. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    I think that i'm leaving this thread at the right time: the interview translated by @meechuttso help me to understand better why i lost so much interest in her career and in her success lately. It's not worth to comment more since i already feel like i lost a lot of my time here: she will stay stuck in a loop, meaning in the same kind of poor project as Hymn of death and MGL for the rest of this year based on her words. She shows no vision and no ambition except for working more and no intention to improve herself... She was the only actress that i was following so closely and the moral for me is that it's better to focus on projects rather than on persons. My intuition very rarely lead me to make wrong choices when i was only picking up projects based on the cast and crew. Sadly i couldn't say the same when it was based on a favourite. So that's a wrap for me chingus: a final one. The people who went behind our back to denounce our discussions to the mods became a burden that i would have been able to ignore if the practices of the mods haven't become pure harassment for me, killing sadly any interest to write on the public threads. I'm not watching k-drama anymore, so it's unlikely that i will see you in other threads either. However, I won few chingus here and for them my message box is forever open! But they know it already. A shoutout to those nice, polite and supportive people who liked my post @cadymcbronzie @Cache Sand @aizzing30 @Daisy Str @cp23 Your likes always brought a smile in the hard days! I l was posting mostly for you and can say enough how much i appreciate your consideration, that you took time to say that you recognized the efforts put in keeping this thread alive. See you all in an other life!
  4. @mglthrw8 More quick thoughts about the last episode and Hyuk and Ji An I don't want to force anyone to believe that it's happy ending for us, but since the end can be understand in different ways: i need to emphasize few points that are important imo. I said that on the romance front it's a failure for us shippers but the truth is more nuanced: they didn't even try. They stopped at the door of the romance and didn't know what to do after. Could they have end together without other's people meddling to tell them what they should feel? We'll never know. To me, they seemed on the road to fall in love and i stick to it! But i can't deny the merits of the realistic approach taken by the writer: just because you met your high school crush ten years after by accident doesn't mean necessarily, you're fated to fall in love with them all over again. I this case, what happened after they met again gave a new sense to their relationship which goes far beyond romance: how Ji An inspired Hyuk to find his dream and career and how he helped her back in return guided by his admiration/love. Happiness doesn't equal romantic love: in the end, the men who supported the most and went the further to help Ji An were her best friend and her father. Those fatherly love and platonic love were enough to help her feel complete. It's one of the rare occurrence in a drama when a man and women helped and support each other many ways and didn't ended romantically involved or bitter for their only friends status . They're not alone in the drama Ji ho and Seo Hyun took the same road, but it's more remarkable because they are leads, and in the end all the more because Ji An ended single. I can confirm that i don't feel any resentment because in the end her love for her father, their complex relationship took ultimately all the place in her life. I don't have anymore the energy to do a line by line explanation of Tae Soo's last scene with Do Kyung but their conversation just like everything Do Kyung said in this episode was such a clear case of miscommunication: sometimes provoked by Tae Soo in order to borrow enough time for Ji An to fly away, sometimes just because Do Kyung was so completely focused on himself that he missed all the clues. Not only Do Kyung forgot completely he came to apologize for his grandfather's offenses and instead spoke only about Ji An, he also added more offenses: look at Tae Soo's face when Do Kyung admitted breaking her heart and it got even worse when he told him all the details of their story, especially when Tae Soo got the confirmation that all his efforts to spare his daughter to know the humiliations he suffered were ruined! . I loved how it was so clear in her father's head that the "cut was too big, that the scab will took a long time to fall off, that Do Kyung was just whining irresponsibly after forcing her in this relationship from which she tried for long to stay away. The last offense when Tae Soo noticed that Do Kyung was smiling. Someone could say that his line: "smile and wait until Ji An comes around if you can " was a sign of support, for me it's rather his way to tell Do Kyung that he will wait forever, that she will never change her heart because her father's pain will stay always in her mind. Once again, look at his face when Do Kyung said he can wait. Tae Soo was angry/worried/somber. To the wrong interpretation of this conversation, Ji An opposed the truth of the beautiful last conversation between father and daughter under the tree: all about marrying someone she can breath freely around, someone she needs and someone who would feel the same around her. It was the only frustrating moment because: how to not think about the period she shared with Hyuk in the wood workshop and in the sharehouse when they came back from incheon? It hurt even more when Ji An wondered if it was possible for her to meet such a person... You did, Ji An, you already did and sadly you let him go and won't find someone like him before a long time. A man who she can breath freely around is definitely not Do Kyung: after he promised to not put any pressure on her, to wait one more year like she asked until she comes back to Korea to reconsider their relationship, he jumped on the first flight to follow her and wait for her until she finish work! He learnt nothing during the year spent waiting for her based on the last montage: he's still the same manipulative, liar, rough and selfish man that he always has been and if all her father's advices and hardship are supposed to not be enough to stop her to fall for him, why did the writer avoid to show it? It's not only about respecting the timeline and characters pace for healing: because all of this could have been avoided if the writer didn't introduce the last twist of ep50 or she could have written a longer time jump to show them together. She didn't and that's an important message sent for Ji An and for us. Thank you @mglthrw8 for being so kind to read and answer my long posts, full of complain. It has been a real treat to share all those thoughts with you. You're without a doubt one of the member of this forum with who i enjoyed he most to interact, and now that i'm thinking to leave this forum for good (closing my account too), i know that i will miss our discussions a lot! I'll say a last goodbye before leaving for good! So see you soon!
  5. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    It's a good thing that you took time to consider how you would react to criticism before posting: if one day in the future you can't handle it and find yourself reporting others members just to stop them to say something that bother you, just stop posting. It's the limit that any respectable human being shouldn't cross. Rethink about the reasons that you could have to be offended when people don't share you views, and why it's so important to make them shut up and what it means to censor them only for your own benefit. Sadly we have this problem with one or two people here who can help but feel insecure each time that they're not validated in their opinion, but most of us are adults and know how to not take subjective opinion as nothing more than subjective opinion. Which means you're free too to vent and rant if you don't agree with her choices: it's clearly not negativity if it's argued, no matter what the mods say.
  6. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    The only person I will always support in this thread is SHS, wherever I will like her choices or not. I don't care about anyone opinion, so to decide waste or not your time at writing posts that i won't read or to which i will never answer, it's up to you! @meechuttso Thanks for the translations! I think she missed the point of the writer: it wasn't about Ji An's dating style. Her relationship with Do Kyung was frustrating because it was never supposed to be a satisfying romance but the tell of the failure of a relationship. The writer gave us clear reasons for this failure which were largely caused by Do Kyung. They're clearly not in capacity to work out their problems which go beyond honesty (abuse/psychological violence, stalking, no respect of her boundaries, of her absence of consent), no matter how attracted they were to each other and no matter how many chances they willl give themselves. That's worrisome: i hope she gets over this feeling soon because at 30 years, she's clearly an adult. Her answer is really frustrating because she couldn't seem less invested: she admitted that it's not the script or the artistic value of the project that drew her but a one time old memory which woke up some vague sensibility! And i don't get what could be challenging for her to play a depressive and suicidal character after MGL. Didn't she get enough of it? She really needs to find a vision for her career or she will drift from one role to another without real aim.
  7. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Welcome to the newbies! I hope you'll have fun posting with us! So I'm the only one not excited about this new project? I wanted her to free herself from MGL, but it's weighing on her even in this project. Like I said before, MGL cured me from the desire to see her in a romance for now, at least if it's not with the right actors. And her character gives no spark based on the description: a sad woman who end up killing herself! I don't need her to do a historical project just to wear pretty dresses and look lovely: there's artistic photoshoots for that. I would rather had wait a little longer for a better drama proposal with veteran actors or for a film instead. I'll pass on this one: wake me up when she will sign on a serious project... Mod: Please refrain from bashing actors. I can't wait to read your translations!
  8. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    It's indeed LTH. I don't blame you for not recognizing him: He looks different. The guy seems to be a real chameleon and can change his appearance and manners easily and confidently. I noticed it few times on his pics on insta, but it was made all the more obvious on MGL where he could morph from the one version of Hyuk to the other, from the charismatic, level headed, independent businessman to the cute boyfriend, considerate best friend and caring brother and son in one blink while keeping his character very consistent and 3 dimensional. I'm greedy and dreaming but i want it to be LTH: this time in a happy romance, without angst, where they would only date and be happy together...
  9. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    I love this pic! Seem to be only for fun but the girls look anyway badass!
  10. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Welcome to the thread @fans123 It's a very good analysis of the final dialogues between Ji An and her father that you wrote! He didn't want to pressure her knowing that his last words would weigh on her all her life but imo he was against her relationship with Do Kyung and made it clear to both of them, like your quotes in red showed it. I trust that Ji An won't make the same mistake again: she already gave two chances to Do Kyung and came more cautious from being betrayed each time. Also she also found her path and it includes her love for her father: she will always love him more than she will ever love Do Kyung, Tae Soo will will stay in her heart in mind an inspirational figure that will forever care/protect/watch over her, that will be her shield even in death. Back to SHS: Translation: © Pearl0024
  11. What a strange episode! It started with a very honest emotional punch and it ended with a clever twist, which made me reconsider the real nature of the drama. It looked and felt like those films noir from the Golden Age of Hollywood where at the end of story, when it seemed that the good characters find a way finally to get out of their misery and are on their path to redemption/ happiness, fate hit them again in the form of a brutal and ironic twist, wich kept them stuck in their loop or even worse dead. That sums up the situation of Ji An, forced to endure her purgatory with Do Kyung, where he will indefinitely chase her, unable to hear her rejection, too weak to get over his obsession and to move on while knowing very well that she knows too clearly his tricks to ever accept again his "love". There's a lot to say but i will keep it short for now for a lack of time. To stay on the topic: On Hyuk and Ji An On the romance front, it's a failure, on the friendship front, it's a complete success. They are totally intimate with each other, they didn't see each other during one year but when they met at the airport, it was like their last meeting was yesterday. Their smiles, their jokes, how they felt comfortable around each other, how they touched was just a treat to watch in the very short interactions they had. Hyuk is family now for Ji An: he's been at the burial but also at the one year's anniversary etc.. I don't think anything could separate them even if it doesn't work with Ji Soo. Their relationship has been downgraded to the second most important in the drama after the father/daughter one, but it's still a good place to be. My only regret is that Tae Soo didn't get to know what Hyuk did for Ji An. Those three really have something special and i'm glad that in this mess, the drama made a place for them to exist. This drama has for core concept the desillusion linked to the loss of one's dreams: those grand ambitions that we all have, which pushed us to be perfectionist (Myung Hee), to be too ambitious and work too hard (Ji An), to be in permanent control ( Do Kyung), to spend years looking for our first love dreaming to be reunited with an ideal version of this person (Hyuk), or to be so self absorbed that we can only see ourselves (Ji Soo). The desilllusion/hard lesson for Hyuk was the loss of his first love and his decision to accept a romance that will guarantee him to not end alone. I feel for the few scenes that they had that Hyuk and Ji Soo are taking the same road as Min Jung and Tae Soo: he didn't pick the woman who admired and respected him the most (to compare it to Tae Soo and his friend's wife), but the one who seemed to love him the most, but the hard truth is that she loves herself more. The fact that she has no serious consideration for his feelings about marriage and that she's just doing what she wants says it all. She doesn't need financially to secure her situation before marrying him because she obviously has her family support to buy the bakery. She will have their help if her business doesn't work or if her marriage turns so bad that she would be forced to divorce. But yet she let no place for him to explain his point of view or his frustration. It was her call, and that's all. She took quickly the upper hand in their relationship: she started by following his advice and respecting his opinion when he suggested to share her time between the two houses and assume her double identity (that's what she explained to Ji An), but now she's making all the plans (the bakery, the marriage) alone. Im afraid their marriage will only consolidate this unbalanced situation. Hyuk won't be happy, it's certain but he went too far: like he said, he took him too long to fall for her... If it can help you, i don't feel any disgust: i even actually enjoyed the episode even though i disagree a lot with its content. Imo, there's no inconsistency here between the two episodes if we look closely at the dialogues: Ji An never accepted him. She accepted the chase because she was troubled by her lingering feelings. But it was never said or suggested that she will give in, especially considering that she still find him selfish and rude and told him honestly her thoughts. Also she realized when he followed her to Finland that he was indeed waiting the right time to get out of his hideout and carefully planned all his moves. She didn't know the extend of it but she knows him enough to find a way to get the details: for example how he came the day of her father's funeral but stayed in the parking lot unable to face her rejection, not even brave enough to show his respects to the man who according to him gave him permission to marry his daughter; but nonetheless in the most undignified possible way, still asked Myung Shin to call him if she heard about her. He used that precise day to make a move. Ji An is not a fool: she will know it and will continue to despise him, doll or not doll. That's only my opinion, but i believe in those cases of leads that don't end up together because of the turn taken by the relationship, that the writer's will can be pretty clearly deduced from the fact that they didn't end up together. She could have redeemed Do Kyung several times since Ji An came back from Incheon and make her relationship with him acceptable and she chose to not do it. She was clearly pressured by the network with the best couple award (she didn't attend the ceremony) and i talked already about the clash on social networks with fans. At one point, it became so violent, that Kbs was forced to close their own forum... I don't think however it's related to the #metoo movement: she knew the end before starting the drama based on her elaborate construction of the plot and the movement didn't exist in july of last year.... I don't know if she made a coup but its' worth to notice that Ji An ended officially alone. A possibility that i rejected completely considering the place of romance in korean society. I'll come back later with more thoughts because this episode wasn't as bad as it seems, though it didn't live up to our expectations....
  12. [Drama 2017] Voice 보이스 - Season 2 confirmed

    Thanks @Prettysup for the update! I've dropped Nine times time travel because i couldn't believe in his acting. Also he and the female lead were lacking chemistry. I saw him too in Return (i gave up this drama with GHJ's departure) and he was clearly the weakest point of the cast. So i feel sorry to be so negative once again but i don't know how he could be a good follow up for Jang Hyuk... Also on Dramabeans, there's an article with more details about his character and the air date. The character description says: Clearly, it doesn't bold well for Lee Ha Na and Kwon Joo! Not only she lost her place of the leader of the Golden team but she's not anymore the cold, rational, pragmatic character of the drama! All the characteristics, mixed with her strong connection with the victims that made her so unique among female leads! It looks like the focus will be only on the male lead and the female lead won't be an equal partner! I'm not interested anymore if this is confirmed: i wanted Kown Joo as a superheroine of her own drama, using a strong personality to lead her team and her superpowers to fight crime, while keeping her empathy for the victims. If you replace her by a man, Voice becomes a generic cop drama full of testosterone and fights, like the million ones made before it. About the air date, it says
  13. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Welcome to the thread! @golden19! Your genuine enthusiasm really warmed my heart and pushed away the bitter thoughts! I really loved to read how she become your favourite actress! It was the same for me one year ago when i discovered her in secret Forest. Did you watch Secret Forest? It's her best role so far and one in which she delivered a top performance while being surrounded by A+ celebrities and veterans actors. Her character made one the three biggest impressions offered by the drama, surpassing largely the leads imo. I hope you'll stay to post with us often!
  14. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    It reminded me of the scene where she met him accidentaly in the street after coming back from Incheon: they stayed silent for a long minute, unable to speak to each other or even to reach the other. Their acting was spectacular: not a word was said but you could see all their emotions expressed in their faces and eyes. They were excellent as much in the heartbreaking scenes than in their happy scenes. The one where they sit under the tree which he picked as the place where he wanted to be buried was the best of all the drama! It was so peaceful. The scenery was very beautiful too. They looked like real father and daugther... For me, they stole the show at the end of the drama. 2nd best were her scenes with Hyuk and LTH, but this subject is too painful given the conclusion to be discussed now... She better not come back to a family drama again: high ratings or not! That's my only wish because for the rest: i lost a little bit of trust in her capacity to pick up good projects. Hopefully good casting directors will keep her in their minds for projects like Secret Forest, now that her name is buzzworthy, but this time to play the lead. I loved Secret Forest despite its flaws but i'm forever bitter that Bae Doo Na got all the praise and attention from the viewers and the media, while she clearly did nothing since her character was very forgettable; and while SHS got the most difficult part and beat her hands down in term of acting. SHS was given Eun Soo but could have played easily Yeo Jin (Bae Doo Na's character), i don't believe one minute that the opposite could have be true even thougn BDN is generally a good actress (but in this case she lacked the humility to disappear behind the character). From her insta: