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  1. Trailer for ep 5: And bts vid! Screencap by 으엥
  2. It deserves its own post: Kwon Joo thinking and missing hard Jin Hyuk after a long and bad day at work. He answered to the mail she sent in ep2, asking him to call her and what he said made her sad... Screencaps by SHU
  3. Clip from ep4! Gore and scary, that's my drama! Warning: i don't know what to make of the final seconds of the clip: Kang Woo isn't dreaming anymore, so did this really happened? Big spoilers on the following clips! Though i'm not surprised by the revelation of the identity of the killer(for who he works).
  4. So freaking scary! The child playing Ji Wook on this episode was exceptional! Glad that Ocn took time to insert a reminder that the children's actors well being is considered with a lot of attention. I'm really scared by the willingness of the korean industry (tv and Chungmuro) to put them in psychological and physical violent scenes. The gap with western fiction can't be more big on this point.
  5. It was @grannyoldrecipe (i loved this pseudo): she was posting very random things on it, rarely related to her work. The new agency asked her to close it, and the new IG looks way more like a professional tool to promote her projects.
  6. I'm in the awe of the first pic The dark light used for those edited promo pics brings me right back to s1 and i love it! Ratings are still very strong : 4.5 % The drama is once more among the 1st trends on Naver, but probably because of the highly sensitive subject of ep3 (child sex abuse)
  7. Thank you! I love horror and thriller but really she was the main reason to watch for me too! Like you, i discovered LHN in HSKOS, but very late: during the summer of 2016 because i was in a very long drama slump. You can imagine how happy i was when it was announced few months later that she was the main lead of Voice! I'm really enjoying her subtle and subdued performance: she brought her vulnerability/fragility to Kwan Joo, mixed with a lot of determination and courage and made her unique! I wouldn't want any other actress in this role! Note to the LHN fans: her new agency is on fire and promoting the hell of her! And she has created a new insta account at their request! * She was more than amazing: she stole the show and ran away with it! The confrontation was intense: when i remember that LHN was very anxious about not being strong enough to face Jang Hyuk during the 1st and violent meeting of their characters, and how she didn't want to lose the confrontation; watching her progress, i feel very proud of my queen! I have more to say about her chemistry with Kang Woo but i'll keep it for my review of ep2 ( i loved it! And already watched it twice) that i'll post before the next episode ( i'm too exhausted by my new job to consider writing my thoughts now). But i agree, the tension between them was good. Thank you for sharing! Finally we get to know that they say! Thanks to all the people who shared their opinion, gifs, articles and pics! It's lovely to get so many signs that this drama is loved! I really enjoy reading everyone's thoughts!
  8. titania1000

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Thanks chingus for your valuable opinions! It was a wish more than a real intention:( I can't start any new show: i've 4 on my plate, and 3 of them at least (Mr Susnshine, Voice 2, Life) are edited in a way which make the episodes very long, and i'm way behind the current schedule. Also, i started a new job this week and i'm so exhausted by this horrible first week: i can only think about sleeping...
  9. titania1000

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    This is so moving! Her acting is amazing! And that's the direct way to my heart! And to make me reconsider my decision to not watch....
  10. I didn't notice the upgrade about the collected parts. Good catch! It's indeed more gruesome because the killer tooks his trophies when his victims are alive and fighting and we are not being spared any sound effect, be it their screams or the sound of the weapons used on the human body! The stuff of nightmares! I'm guilty of shipping them a little bit but it's not my fault: KJW shouldn't have engaged the discussion of doing romcom with LHN when the show ended. When you see their chemistry on screen, it's hard to not fantasize! I'm less sure about Mo Tae Gu's death unless i'm taking my dreams too seriously! I like too that she's been supported and appreciated: after her hardship in s1, she deserves it so much! I missed Jang Hyuk too: he had an energy, a screen presence and a charisma that are hard to match and seems to have left a void . Hopefully when Kang Woo and Kwon Joo will become a team, things will fall into place. Welcome on board! "Exciting, creepy and fun" sums up very well our drama! Sadly you'll be heavily spoiled here for s1 but despite all, i highly recommend you to try Voice 1 because it's a brilliant drama! I came initially to post the clips but my pc is playing games. Here they are: The preview for ep 3:
  11. titania1000

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    It's a good rant @meechuttso! I fully agree on the fact that she payed with her tears and blood during MGL, the right to be surrounded by an army of hot younger boys, having only eyes for her! May she enjoys this well deserved attention for years now! I don't think watching her with LTH in a new steamy role would be enough to repair the damage due to the fact that their character didn't end together on MGL. I was committed to Ji An and Hyuk and want them to reshoot their scenes to give this couple their real and proper ending. I'm still rewriting in my head their scenes after this couple was brutally separated and paired with the wrong ones....
  12. It's so quiet around here! Sorry to post so often but my social networks are full of goodies and i like to share! Meanwhile on the filming site, A coffre truck for our favourite team leader from her DC fans! She's too cute!