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  1. Thank you for all your latest updates on the events though GP is already finished airing. GP’s final episode is excellent, but of course it would have been even better if RSG have survived, especially after JH has made her the cotton armor. Yi Kang’s dying scene is so touching that I almost forget how he has been evil in the past and forgive him. I like the GP cast very much, especially the pairing of YSY and JSY. I do wish they can collaborate again in another series, as a couple, in modern times and preferably not a melodrama. They look very good together in matching outfits during the free hug event.
  2. Thank you all for your translations, insightful comments, pictures and clips. I am so happy to know that the writer is giving us a happy ending. Knowing this now, I very much look forward to watching these final episodes. Despite of the angst and frustrations we as viewers feel as we journey through with Hwi and JH, the happy ending makes the series all worthwhile to watch.
  3. @gerrytan8063, Thanks again for the translation. Based on the preview, JH and Hwi not knowing if they will survive the uprising which will be a blood bath, decide they would consummate their marriage. Their decision is fully understandable given their circumstances, especially after all the turmoil they have both gone through. I am glad that JH initiates the move and they are finally consummating their marriage.
  4. @gerrytan8063 Okay, will do so next time. Thank you again for your quick update
  5. gerrytan8063 Thank you so much again for your translated preview. This week's episodes sounds good!! I'll really be looking forward to it.
  6. gerrytan8063 Thanks for the preview and your explanation of what's about to happen. It seems Kang does not know Hwi is alive and so I guess Kang's evil minions did not see Hwi after all. I am surprised at Kang that with so many troubles consuming him, JH is still on his mind and he still wants her. JH asking to be Queen Consort is perhaps a stalling tactic and to cause more havoc for Kang in the court. I hope JH is going to let Hwi know about her plan and not to act alone. She is part of the Hwi team. I am not sure if NG's pregnancy is fake. She could bribe the court physician, fake her pregnancy until full term, and get a new born baby to assume as her own when delivery time comes. She wants to be the mother of the heir to the throne and is desperate as she sees Kang is becoming madder by the day. Looking forward to the text preview to episode 17 . We'll be able to speculate more of what's to come. Thank you in advance for posting the text preview (with translation please).
  7. I too am a bit upset with JH’s family. We’ve waited so long for Hwi to come out of his losing streak. Finally it comes, and then the writer has to spoil it with JH’s mom’s foolishness. I hope the writer is going to surprise us with a twist in the plot in the upcoming episode. Perhaps with only 4 episodes left, he needs Hwi to have a face-off with Kang and has come up with this scenario to let that happen. Except for the frustrating ending, I like this week’s episodes overall. Hwi and JH have developed a better understanding for each other and have become closer. They both share the same vision of removing the tyrant Kang and restoring the little king to the throne. JH has also shown herself to be an intelligent scholar when she explains to SG about the infinity of the universe and how people rely on each other. She comes up with the plan to rescue the little king. She tries not to burden Hwi and his gang by taking defense lesson from SG. I think Hwi is lucky to have JH, as compared to Kang having NG. I am most impressed with Joo Sang Woo in these two episodes. He has been excellent in portraying the “mad” king. I like him now more than when he is obsessed with JH.
  8. It sounds like this writer is back to his normal self making the “good guys” to be foolish people again. As someone posted before, this is like a give away to "bad guys" to win. There is only four more episodes left, I really hope that they won't be as depressing as the earlier episodes. Perhaps the minions of LK will be intercepted and killed on their way to report to Kang.
  9. To correct my earlier post, I meant if Hwi does not think that JH suffers because of him, she also does not need to feel that Hwi suffers because of her. For them, their love and understandings for each other and the situations that surround them should let them see it isn't about who is causing who’s sufferings, it is about being there for each other and overcoming all obstacles together. Also, didn’t Kang make a pact with the clan in episode 1 or 2 that he will grant them a piece of land in the north somewhere when he becomes king? I am waiting for the clan to come to haunt Kang to make that claim. Hope he is not going to blame poor Hwi again when that happens.
  10. gerrytan8063 thanks so much for your updated and translated text preview. I hope JH will not stay aloof from Hwi for long. Hopefully by the end of today's episode, she will realise that regardless of her, Hwi is going to suffer the same fate anyways. Hwi and Kang are on opposing sides in the court. Hwi supports to little ex-King, Kang wants to be KIng. The conflict between the two brothers is bound to happen. Also, if Hwi does not think that because of him, JH has suffered a great deal, she shouldn't feel that way either. It looks like JH's maid is going to see JH soon and she's going to be playful with RG as well. I like her presence, it makes the scene so much happier. Look forward to watch today's episode.
  11. I was very happy with the last reunion scene. It is a break from all the miseries that have been going on too long. I thought it should be happiness between Hwi and JH since the happiness will be short lived, moving forward they have to face how to answer JH’s escape without raising LK’s suspicion. I understand why in the last scene some audience many speculate a squabble is coming up between these two love birds. Hwi was not as emotional and didn’t cry his heart out this time. His kind of expressionless look could be from disbelief that he could finally see his beloved JH. The question in his brain hopefully is “Is it real that I can see you again?” and not “If you slept with Kang?” For three years JH waited for Hwi when everyone else believed he was dead, not abandoning him once even when was again framed and charged with treason, and she even went all the way to the remote island to warn him that his life was in danger. If she had wanted power like NG, she would have picked Kang over Hwi. I would be really disappointed with Hwi if he would even doubt JH for a moment. Hwi once said to JH not to only believe what you see, but see with your heart. Hwi should remember that. JH has fought all battles by her lonely self and suffered a great deal for him. I would like to see their love story to be one about complete trust and devotion, not questioning each other at any time, and their love to be strong enough to overcome all obstacles. Of course, that depends how the writer wants to take us in the remaining episodes. There are six more episodes to go; there is likely more sadness and frustrations before the end. For me, the happy ending will be Hwi support the little king until he becomes of age, then he leaves with JH to live the simple life that they both want, far away from the court.
  12. I cannot understand the preview. But it looks like Kang is sick. I wonder if JH put poison in his tea. Poor JH is being tortured by NG. Like Kang, NG is vicious and likes to resort to violence. She slapped JH's maid, beat up the kisaeng which I am still waiting to see the vengence that the latter promised. This episode is sad to watch. Hopefully tomorrow's episode will end with a Hwi and JH reunion.
  13. Thank you so much for all your pictures, thoughts and comments. @gerrytan8063 After reading your explanation and translated text preview, I feel safe (without getting too depressed by it) to watch this coming episode.
  14. Thanks for the latest preview. It looks to be another depressing episode again. I played the video in slow motion and the assassin seems to have a scar on his forehead, which would point the assassin to be the general on the island who also has the same scar on his forehead. I don't know if he meant to kill Hwi since he and Hwi had kind of settled their misunderstandings in last episode. Also, Hwi is a good swimmer and will be rescued or revived after. This whole assassination scheme is likely staged. It's because only when Hwi is dead, Hwi can be safe. Only when Hwi is dead, Kang can outrightly display his desire to be King and claim the throne. The underhanded attempt on the little king's life is no doubt his doings as well. Our poor JH, if she didn't make her way to the island. Her heart must be broken that she didn't get to see Hwi one last time before he died. She did say in previous episode, what stopped her from killing herself in the three years was that Hwi might still be alive. Now if she thought Hwi was dead, she'll probably follow. But since the King summoned her, and she has to go. With the hair pin in her hand, she's probably ready to take her life when the time comes. I hope her parents can finally come up with the courage to confront Kang, King or no King, and protect JH. NG who I still don't like her will come in time to stop Kang. I understand Hwi is in a precarious situation himself, having to constantly worry about his life and those who he loves. I do have sympathy for him, but honestly, all has he has done so far is getting angry, framed and cries. He needs to step up his game. JH is all alone! She has been amazingly faithful and courageous. She is waiting for you and I don't know how long she can keep this up. I think our JH is a lady ahead of her times in terms of what defined a woman's role of that time. She is well educated, good in chinese calligraphy, poetry and painting. She wants to be able to achieve something for herself in her life, instead of tailoring her life solely to become a wife. There is nothing wrong with being able to do both, being yourself and a wife. She is assertive, not rude and speaks her mind. She is special. After all, she is young and is learning. Even Kang notices that specialness about her, telling that she can be a butterfly someday. After the scene in the hear wrenching scene in court yard, I think JH understood her parents had no choice and sitting outside not knowing what to do. She might have suggested to Hwi he should not forgive her parents. But she corrected it to say the truth of Kang's scheme and his innocence need to be revealed. She went to Kang to plead for help only after following the advice of the two court ladies. JH has lived a sheltered life, now it is quick and difficult lessons for her to learn to deal with the manipulative and evil Kang and NG. As for the Queen, I was disappointed when she said she doubted Kang was behind the uprising because that would mean she lost a son. She should have known she lost Kang a long time ago. She neglected Kang when he was a child, not deterring the uncle's influence and therefore allowing him to become the monster that he is. She should have banished him and the uncle while she could. Instead she let Kang's power grow. Then she sent Hwi to fight the battle for the throne to protect the little king. Hwi has repeatedly told her, he was never raised and prepared for the role. Her excuse was he is the grand prince and therefore he should even it means sacrificing his life, knowing very well he is no match for Kang. I hope she won't blame JH for the conflict between Kang and Hwi.
  15. Thank you so much for clearing that up. The last thing I want to see is JH marrying or taken by that horrid Kang. JH's father as powerless as he is, hope he can at least keep his daughter safe from the claws of the evil new emperor Kang.
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