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  1. L'eau D'hiver's latest photo to celebrate BoGum's 6th debut anniversary My first, my dearest Happy 6th debut anniversary @BOGUMMY THE WORLD IS YOURS Source: @Leau_Dhiver
  2. Happy 6th Debut Anniversary Bogummy I'll always cheer for you. Let us be together for a long long time Source: @nowornever0616 Source: @liiopfbg Source: @Ykongdi
  3. From one challenge to another one.... this time he is nominated by Go Kyungpyo and Chae Soobin It's a campaign to clean the empty bowls of delivered food. So many updates from Bogummy these past few days. Some new TNGT photos are released ( time to change profile photo ). So happy for his new CF contracts, Eider and Nescafe. He is so cute in Firefighter Go challenge. Thanks for all updates. I really appreciate it. And his attendance at 'Midnight Runner' VIP premier was a complete surprise. He has been attending at almost every VIP premier, I hope it'll be a sign for him to be in movies again.
  4. Top actors usually wait 2-3 years till they have their next project because they consider everything carefully and their names bring quality to a project. Those who have at least 1-2 projects every year mostly either rely on their popularity so they need to be in front of people frequently or they need to pay rent/bills/tax. I believe every actor needs to pause sometimes to learn, improve, restore themselves, and I'm glad Bogum is now financially stable and has the luxury of waiting for the best project. It hasn't even been a year... it's completely normal if he doesn't choose a project till months later. Of course I miss him but I'm willing to wait. And to be honest, I want him to wait till he finds a role/project that really moves him and there will be room for improvement. I've said this before, I believe BoGum's best acting was in IRY then R88. In MDBC his character was charming and funny but not a very layered one. I think the challenge was in sageuk speech -which he became better and better after the first few episodes- and to be able to carry the drama as a lead. He has work hard in the past few years with back to back projects and university studies. Few months of relaxing and reviewing will be good for him. @mellinadear thanks for the poll, it was fun and challenging. I had hard time choosing the writer for his future projects and my favorite Bogum role. For me his acting was the best in IRY but Taek is my precious baby how to choose between your children...hihi Thanks for updating the thread everyday.
  5. @onlysb1 missed you chingu. At first without knowing the charater description, I didn't want him to accept it. ( I thought it's a second lead and Hong Sisters' second leads are pushover characters) But now I'm excited, they need a talented actor with good comedy-timing... It's not a good boy character. So it's a challenge for him... as you said it's tvN and if we get Bogum+ Cha Seung Won, it'll be a double win. @mellinadear female idol who is bad at actingis forbidden as a lead in all Bogum projects. If he accepts it, he is going to be pressured to save tvN from bad ratings, it will be a burden on his shoulders...he doesn't need to be burdened with carrying the drama on top of it.
  6. Here is a more detailed character descrption from dramabeans Park Bo-gum offered Hong sisters fantasy romance Hwayugi The fantasy drama is a reimagining of the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, called Seoyugi in Korean, but modernized for a contemporary setting. In the original tale, a monk goes on a journey with four companions who need to atone for their sins. Among them, Sun Wukong the Monkey King is the most mischievous and troublesome, a minor god who is powerful and quick-witted but also quick to anger, and has a great deal to overcome and atone for. Sun Wukong is the character Park Bo-gum is up to play, and he’s considering the script but nothing has been decided. In the modernized drama retelling, the heroine will be the monk character, and the drama is about her and Sun Wukong “finding the light in a dark world overrun with evil spirits.” The monk is described as snobby and materialistic, while Sun Wukong is corrupt. He was extremely powerful, but because of his pride, his powers were sealed up and he was exiled to the human world, where he became a bystander who does nothing but idly watch people fall to ruin. One day he discovers that the monk can unseal his powers, and they end up bickering their way to love. complete article: @gumtaek I read this tweet. Till the cast is announced we can only wait.
  7. I'm really confused....I would love to see him again on screen especially in a rom-com but Hong Sisters' last dramas were more a miss than a hit. I trust Bogum, he'll make a good decision. I don't believe even for a second that he will only go for popularity and a shallow drama/role. He cares about the role and script... @gumtaek Shin PD won't cast known actors for Prison. He already said that he looks for new talents. Edit: The comments in the article are either "if it's Park BoGum will watch it unconditionally" or "submit the article when it's confirmed"... Netizens are like us they only want confirmed news not rumors/offers that he keeps turning down The stress that I feel after every offer is growing, the only one that I looked forward to was Ansi City and it got declined... Hoping for the best I love this gif Cr. bogum_hand
  8. Well... I'm happy today with these news Bogum is no more the model for Kswiss... yes, finally!! It took him a year to be able to get rid of that brand. I hope another sport brand choose him because BoGum in sport clothes is New CF for TNGT is coming... let's see if they can beat those gorgeous photoshoots of Kakaopage These recent published photos from Leau_Dhiver are lovely, thanks @gumtaek for sharing them here. Those were good old days with BoGum news everyday everywhere. I hope after his musical he considers new movies and dramas seiously and comes back with a wellwritten script and talented cast. To be honest, these newly announced dramas or their casts don't look very interesting/promising so maybe he is waiting for a solid project. It's been almost a year since BoGum's contract with Edwin is finished. If I remember correctly he was replaced with Kim Min Seok in August so the only newly finished contracts are Kswiss and Pelicana Chicken. @ilwoo_aein next time when you go to Korea there will be more BoGum stands and poster since his popularity has been rising. You can go there near Winter Olympics and since he is CocaCola's model, he'll be everywhere. Thanks for sharing the FMV. Handsome and cool Min in blue Cr. @semniiiii
  9. It must have been a busy day at Blossom... Well, since Blossom denied the rumors, then that's it. I will be happy for Bogum no matter what if/when he admits dating be it Nara, X, Y, Z.... As long as he is happy, I'm good But I want to share Netizen's comments in Naver article and how they bombarded the journalist... it's really funny. And the amount of comments (4k+) and upvotes ( 20k+) are no joke... it got really big!!! Thanks @ilwoo_aein for Netizen Buzz's post. @evil_zai Comments shfr**** 20843+ 308- ??????????? legendary bs krrr**** 13689+ 215- It would be hard to believe even if they confirm it to be true. Stop all these nonsense, journalist. 2000**** 10052+ 218- Eh what marriage rumor? Never even heard of it aste**** 8752+ 194- Why do you have to write articles about rumors that people haven’t even heard of? ulma**** 8447+ 207- I’m so speechless in this hot weather kthj**** 1587+ 59- wtf is the journalist crazy? She’s making up rumors herself to make money. I never even heard of this. Journalist, do you have to do this without any sense of duty aksk**** 1508+ 53- Are you happy to increase the article views this way soma**** 1371+ 52- Journalist-nim, are you ill from the heat???? khwa*** 1222+ 45- ㅋ People wouldn’t believe them even if they asked people to believe! what are you doing, journalist!! sunm**** 1043+ 43- Stop writing articles like this too. The antis worked on this to get you to write articles on it. esy9**** 1028+ 50- Stop relating them to each other just because of the rings they received from a sponsor… dhfp**** 875+ 28- Whatㅋ what is thisㅋ Can’t believe it’s marriage rumors, not even dating rumorsㅋㅋㅋ wooz**** 797+ 28- ……….What is she saying. I’m speechless kmj9**** 668+ 28- I think this journalist is insane hjon**** 654+ 31- The weather’s so hot~~ it’s gotten even hotter hjma**** 633+ 26- The journalist is writing some random stuff just because she has nothing to write about pure**** 621+ 26- Sounds like Goo Joonyeop putting gels in his hair dmsd**** 551+ 27- so random?? Source Kpople Edit: And now the Naver article is deleted.
  10. The day has finally come.... It's BoGum Day Happy birthday Bogummy From the day I got to know you and from the moment you became like a family member in my life, everything got brighter. My wish for you is to always stay the way you are... kind, humble, grateful for everything, hard working, precious, professional. Stay healthy and happy. May all your future projects be big success. A wondeful person like you deserves a wonderful life. We are always there for you. Wish you a very happy and sweet birthday. God bless you baby angel
  11. Here is the gif for you @dahae2006. Don't be angry chingu all of us will be here again it's just that most of us are really busy now. We'll be here again because we all love Bogummy and support him unconditionally. @gumtaek I think at that time they were considering Ansi City positively but since LBH declined the offer, BoGum also didn't take the role. As for the other movie, it was only mentioned once on news publicly and the purpose was to gather attention and sponsors since there is no more news related to that project, my guess is that it either got postponed or rejected. Bogum is busy with his musical then it's music bank tour so I don't expect to hear any news in summer, but who knows I hope I'm wrong. Have a nice weekend bogummers. Are you ready for Bogummy's birthday? Let's gather together on 16th and celebrate it.
  12. Bo Gum and the fan wore the same tshirt...High five And here is the fan acc. Translation from @MichelleBG "Today is the first time got the sign from bogummy. Got to shake and hold his hand. I wore the same T shirt as him and he told me we wear couple T SHIRT. He is full of sense. I told him let's study hard in Japanese and bogum wrote it as a message on the card." ------- I missed him a lot. He looks handsome, healthy and gorgeous with full cheeks and shiny eyes. Good... very good
  13. Hello everyone Bo Gum is such a tease.... when I got the notification and went to check, it was already deleted... but my timeline was on fire with everyone being shocked by it even if it was only 12 seconds, he looked happy, healthy and his eyes were shining. I'm grateful for those 12 seconds but I need more Maybe I'm in minority but I don't want Bogum to work with KES now.. he is on top now and I believe he needs to choose projects that will add to his talent and acting experience not only to his popularity. Yes, KES dramas are a hit and double/triple the popularity of the actors but in my opinion, in DOTS SJK wasn't his best and it's the same for Gong Yoo. They have other projects that they showed their best acting but not in KES dramas. I just think that now Bogum doesn't need more popularity but creditability as an actor. But who knows if he continues to reject every project that he receives, I'll have no choice but to be satisfied with a KES drama..hihi
  14. Translation of BoGum's speech 170525 ♡ ‘warriors of the dawn’ vip screening
  15. STAR NEWS photos from the VIP screening of 'Warriors of the Dawn' Source (1), (2), (3), (4)