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  1. 476 @Berou I'm opposite of you from advocate to defender. I just checked, it's becuase of the change in mental energy @packmule3 oh, there is cupcake... I'll be there early Edit: can I say No to pink? I confess... the only reason I didn't get SunTaek badge is because it was pink
  2. 470 @onlysb1 don't worry about spoilers. They're everywhere. If I want to avoid them, I should get out of the Internet. It feels good that we have common interests in kdramas. Gifs are back, thank you I'm not a party person @packmule3 but I'll stand in a corner and watch you having fun. I used to be a silent reader in soompi too, but look at me now
  3. 456 @onlysb1 I only watched 2 episodes today, you're right the story is really vague and somehow inconsistent. My favorite part till now is during 1930s. @packmule3 yes please tag me. Your posts are always interesting, I love them. I'll watch Liar, promise . But today I didn't feel like it. I always got Advocate but now I took it again and it was defender.
  4. 440 @phikyl congrats for being a full time moderator. @Berou congrats to you too. I thought you were a long time mod. I finally started Chicago Typewriter. I wanted to continue Liar and his Lover and wait for CT till the end, but all of you are watching it, so CT >>> Liar
  5. Congratulations Thanks to all Bogummers who voted, encouraged and reminded others, followed the percentages every hour and came with different strategies, to all of us... we finally did it. We get to see this amazing boy on stage on March 3. Let's all gather together here and celebrate. Throwback to 2016 Baeksang Awards
  6. 500 Congrats team subtract, you worked hard for the last 2 days Team addition Fighting!! Someone had proposed about +30 / -30, I guess since team subtract came back, this game will stay.
  7. @onlysb1 can't believe we have sexy, angel and kid Bo Gum in one day Mischievous Bogummy
  8. Bo Gum retweeted @CokeCaster new tweet He is like a kid drinking Coca Cola without parents' permit I love Kakaopage new teaser and photos
  9. 336 Lantern festival scene is my favorite too
  10. 328 @fikachuuu it's from Love in the Moonlight ( Bo Gum and Kim Yoojung) That gif is lovely @onlysb1. You may not believe it but till now I haven't watched ep. 15,16 of Moonlight completely. I hated the way that they canceled the wedding and used Raon's parents as filler for two episodes.
  11. 328 @onlysb1 yes, rice...I've never eaten rice for breakfast, isn't it heavy? If I start a drama, I feel bad dropping it, medicore is ok but if a drama goes on my nerves then it's the end for me. Usually I wait for few episodes, read reviews, if it looks interesting then I start watching unless it's a drama that I'm waiting for becuase of actor/ writer/ plot. So you're right, I don't drop a drama just for a not very good story. Other things can cover it. @lynne22 Hi
  12. 322 After this gif I should have my breakfast @onlysb1. Thanks for lifting my mood My brain is still sleeping, it needs coffee. What else? Peanut butter and banana maybe... I don't have a gif of him for breakfast. This will do till lunch
  13. 318 I was here yesterday for very loooooong hours @packmule3. I need to hibernate. We were under attack. I like it here because of lovely discussions and @onlysb1 gifs. (I love gifs) We tried to have some discussions with fikachuuuu (I won't tag, fikachuuu eat your lunch in peace ) and @onlysb1 but at the end it just became -2, +2 game.