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  1. It must have been a busy day at Blossom... Well, since Blossom denied the rumors, then that's it. I will be happy for Bogum no matter what if/when he admits dating be it Nara, X, Y, Z.... As long as he is happy, I'm good But I want to share Netizen's comments in Naver article and how they bombarded the journalist... it's really funny. And the amount of comments (4k+) and upvotes ( 20k+) are no joke... it got really big!!! Thanks @ilwoo_aein for Netizen Buzz's post. @evil_zai Comments shfr**** 20843+ 308- ??????????? legendary bs krrr**** 13689+ 215- It would be hard to believe even if they confirm it to be true. Stop all these nonsense, journalist. 2000**** 10052+ 218- Eh what marriage rumor? Never even heard of it aste**** 8752+ 194- Why do you have to write articles about rumors that people haven’t even heard of? ulma**** 8447+ 207- I’m so speechless in this hot weather kthj**** 1587+ 59- wtf is the journalist crazy? She’s making up rumors herself to make money. I never even heard of this. Journalist, do you have to do this without any sense of duty aksk**** 1508+ 53- Are you happy to increase the article views this way soma**** 1371+ 52- Journalist-nim, are you ill from the heat???? khwa*** 1222+ 45- ㅋ People wouldn’t believe them even if they asked people to believe! what are you doing, journalist!! sunm**** 1043+ 43- Stop writing articles like this too. The antis worked on this to get you to write articles on it. esy9**** 1028+ 50- Stop relating them to each other just because of the rings they received from a sponsor… dhfp**** 875+ 28- Whatㅋ what is thisㅋ Can’t believe it’s marriage rumors, not even dating rumorsㅋㅋㅋ wooz**** 797+ 28- ……….What is she saying. I’m speechless kmj9**** 668+ 28- I think this journalist is insane hjon**** 654+ 31- The weather’s so hot~~ it’s gotten even hotter hjma**** 633+ 26- The journalist is writing some random stuff just because she has nothing to write about pure**** 621+ 26- Sounds like Goo Joonyeop putting gels in his hair dmsd**** 551+ 27- so random?? Source Kpople Edit: And now the Naver article is deleted.
  2. The day has finally come.... It's BoGum Day Happy birthday Bogummy From the day I got to know you and from the moment you became like a family member in my life, everything got brighter. My wish for you is to always stay the way you are... kind, humble, grateful for everything, hard working, precious, professional. Stay healthy and happy. May all your future projects be big success. A wondeful person like you deserves a wonderful life. We are always there for you. Wish you a very happy and sweet birthday. God bless you baby angel
  3. Here is the gif for you @dahae2006. Don't be angry chingu all of us will be here again it's just that most of us are really busy now. We'll be here again because we all love Bogummy and support him unconditionally. @gumtaek I think at that time they were considering Ansi City positively but since LBH declined the offer, BoGum also didn't take the role. As for the other movie, it was only mentioned once on news publicly and the purpose was to gather attention and sponsors since there is no more news related to that project, my guess is that it either got postponed or rejected. Bogum is busy with his musical then it's music bank tour so I don't expect to hear any news in summer, but who knows I hope I'm wrong. Have a nice weekend bogummers. Are you ready for Bogummy's birthday? Let's gather together on 16th and celebrate it.
  4. Bo Gum and the fan wore the same tshirt...High five And here is the fan acc. Translation from @MichelleBG "Today is the first time got the sign from bogummy. Got to shake and hold his hand. I wore the same T shirt as him and he told me we wear couple T SHIRT. He is full of sense. I told him let's study hard in Japanese and bogum wrote it as a message on the card." ------- I missed him a lot. He looks handsome, healthy and gorgeous with full cheeks and shiny eyes. Good... very good
  5. Hello everyone Bo Gum is such a tease.... when I got the notification and went to check, it was already deleted... but my timeline was on fire with everyone being shocked by it even if it was only 12 seconds, he looked happy, healthy and his eyes were shining. I'm grateful for those 12 seconds but I need more Maybe I'm in minority but I don't want Bogum to work with KES now.. he is on top now and I believe he needs to choose projects that will add to his talent and acting experience not only to his popularity. Yes, KES dramas are a hit and double/triple the popularity of the actors but in my opinion, in DOTS SJK wasn't his best and it's the same for Gong Yoo. They have other projects that they showed their best acting but not in KES dramas. I just think that now Bogum doesn't need more popularity but creditability as an actor. But who knows if he continues to reject every project that he receives, I'll have no choice but to be satisfied with a KES drama..hihi
  6. Translation of BoGum's speech 170525 ♡ ‘warriors of the dawn’ vip screening
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  13. Video of Bo Gum at the VIP screening of film 'Warriors of the Dawn' VSTAR SPOTV photos It's so good to see him, I missed him a lot. His style and hair look so different. His shirt, pants, and sneekers are all good but together they didn't match. Especially the pants and sneekers... other than that he is as handsome as ever. @mellinadear it must be true right? new project smell is in the air
  14. Yeo Jin Goo Dishes On His Unexpected Friendship With Park Bo Gum DY_Kim May 24, 2017 On May 24, Yeo Jin Goo sat down for a promotional interview for his upcoming film “Warriors of the Dawn.” He recently talked about the food truck that Park Bo Gum sent to the set of the movie, which had drawn curiosity for how they became friends as they have never worked together. Yeo Jin Goo revealed, “I saw him once in awhile at award shows or movie premieres, and I always wanted to become friends with him. I am not someone that easily approaches people, though, but thankfully, he approached me first.” He also expressed his gratitude for the food truck and left a sweet message, saying, “It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to meet, but I hope to see you soon.” When asked about the possibility of working with Park Bo Gum in the future, he responded, “I really want to work with him once if the opportunity comes. I think it would be fun, but he is so popular these days, so I don’t know if I can work with him.” He also drew laughter as he shared, “My childhood friends don’t believe that I am actually friends with Park Bo Gum. They ask why he would be friends with someone like me.” ... Source: Soompi ------ Fan art Cr. @Soule616 @gumtaek @ilwoo_aein do you know what this Japanese poll is about?
  15. 21/5/2017 Bo Gum as a special guest in Kim Go Eun Fanmeeting Cr. logo