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  1. Their pattern of timing has always been pretty impeccable.
  2. [D-97] Reason no. 5: Because Wookie himself said that they had a unique chemistry of their own and that Hyunni will be a suspicious partner!
  3. [D-98] Reason no. 4: Because it took a while for SP female lead to be casted when Hyunni finally confirmed. And everyone was relieved cos she's a safe choice for Wookie. Before long, SP started airing then boom! Hyunni blew all competition out of the water and the craziness that is namji was born.
  4. [D-99] Reason no. 3: ALUU and fairy godmother, JMY of course! Wookie himself said that they shared the same stylist so he has heard alot about Hyunni on normal days, hence she alr felt familiar to him. And u can bet JMY must have been talking about Hyunni to Wookie a lot considering how much she adores Hyunni. Hehe. Pic credit to @jmy1066 and ALUU Psst: Still feeling unbelievable that we are down to 2 digits now! So nervous but yet excited!
  5. Hahha. Tell me about it! Tmr we are hitting the double digit! And yes, my first obsession with a kdrama couple too.
  6. [D-100] Reason no. 2: Lady fate has been working on their destiny since the beginning. and... wookie himself mentioned their said fate in a previous interview before.
  7. Thank you @midorinokerochan @adi2019jiji for joining me in this quest! Haha. Can't wait to see what everyone is sharing! To the rest who is afraid they can't commit to 101 days of posting in soompi, hahaha. Feel free to join us during the days u can! Hehe.
  8. I had a moment of reflection earlier on, reflecting our journey that we have come so far. Just wanna say thank you everyone for making my shipping journey a meaningful one!
  9. Omo! Hello dearie! Welcome back home! Hahahaha. Dang u must be so damn! To know H was in those places too. Hahaha. Good to see you back love!
  10. Hello guys! Today marks 101 days before wookie officially comes back to us! I am going to embark on my 101 reasons why i love namji to commemorate counting down to the special day! Hehe. As shippers, i think this is pretty meaningful and can help pass our time faster too while waiting for the last lap of his return! Hehe. Pls join me too as we await his return! I know many of u guys are still here, and i can't believe time has flown so fast that we have been here since 2017. Hehe. Can't wait to see everyone's reasons on why we are still here even after almost 2 yrs. Hehe. To start the ball rolling, here's mine! No. 1: Because they are so natural together!
  11. Hahaha. I know right. Only those two will suddenly find fashion in this sort of vest and jacket. or maybe we are wrong and both of them happen to want to start trending such fashion. Ctto We are now counting down to the day where wookie will be left with double digits days before we officially see him back as an actor! Time truly flies man! Gosh.
  12. I am beginning to wonder if wearing vest with long thick jacket is a trend in south korea these days.
  13. Throwback to last year SBS awards where we spazzed about H and her acceptance speech! Ctto