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  1. I'm tickling to post after you mention imagine their beautiful babies, Yes I'm a TROS fan. try watching an episode LDW taking care of Seolsudae, he's really good with children, even when he's tired go back an forth taking care of them, but he's never looked disturbed instead he's laughing it off and only smile. not only one but three times he come back to lee dongguk family. and the fact when they try affectionate test daebak choose him (LDW) instead of his father. agree with you LDW - YIN really fits each other, YIN seems mature, despite her cute funny side, really compatible with dorky and funny guy like LDW.
  2. thank you. I'm on episode 5 now, can't wait to see how their romance develop. they only start to pay attention to each other. I wonder how it could be when 3 months intern for OYS end, and finally she comeback as an artist in a drama but at the same time she already falling in love with KJR. I dont think that this would be angsty angst like any other drama, KJR will definitely support her, since he knows that being an artist where she's the happiest. maybe that could be her last comeback before retire, because honestly I want OYS prove to minji that she can be loved like she used before as an artist. dunno why but I'm also shipping DMH and mama boy , and always lawfirm CEO screentime also made me
  3. it's been long time since my last post, it's already 2 years hopefully the good news with both of them starred in a drama come true soon.
  4. coming here to board the ship, not really fan of lee dong wook before, but really adore him after his cameo on TROS, he's really good with a kid. and so happy that my fave couple in goblin reunite. rarely happen in K-drama land
  5. Hello all *waves* been lurker here, but today after watching the last episode, can't help but to join discussion here. did anyone have the link that provide Touch your heart press conference with engsub ? thanks in advance up till now I'm agree with the speculation that at the end KJR will be the one who clear all OYS scandal that happen 2 years ago.
  6. @addie15 I'll try post more often then thank you for encourage me anyway have you guys watch movie which is starred so jisub and son yejin "be with you"? dunno why but I keep imagine seungho and sohyun (maybe because they are famous by little so jisub and son yejin) LOL, and wondering how cute if they have a son like in the movie since their visual are no joke. thanks all for sharing, sohyun photoshoot are lovely
  7. I'm agree with you sis @rachel98 and @addie15 already stated what I'm really want to say, since english isn't my mother tongue, it's kinda difficult for me to express what I want to say hehe . watching at IMY BTS I'm sure that sohyun was a total fangirl to seungho oppa, and seungho already atrracted to sohyun and find her cute and lovely, but since both of them are really young they just let it go. but fate brought them together, seungho and sohyun reunited in a drama, sohyun has grown up to be one fine lady, and seungho couldn't help but fall for her. at ruler filming he still really careful since sohyun still underage. but for now I just can't wait to see them in a drama together. anyway I'll always cherish IMY BTS, first time I see the BTS, I always hope that someday in near future they will meet again. and after 4 years they meet again in the drama and all the fans are getting crazy because just looking at their picture together it's already beautiful. their visual are no joke.
  8. Hello chingu *waves* seems everybody missing them badly, me too I want them to be paired again and I prefer somekind of story like childhood sweetheart and growing up loving each other. I want to see them in high school uniform and then fall in love. separated for a while it's ok, but they need to reunite soon when they're adult. another scenario is... dunno but after watching royale wedding of harry and meghan I want these kind of story to our couple, when a prince meets ordinary woman for TV station I woulg go with cable TV for sure, just like everyone here Have a great week ahead shyshy lover
  9. yes because definitely he had a crush to sohyun, I'm pretty sure. kinda remember when YSH said that his friend asked him to get sohyun for a meal together, it must be YSH have told his friend about sohyun, just like when we have new bf/gf we'll tell our friend and at the end our friend want to meet and know what kind of person thet we like. Thanks to our friend we already have part 1 and 6 we've been shyshy withdrawl syndrom after a long time LOL... let's enjoy at this moment thank you for the explanation from the vid @MsSubak they were so cute and enjoy the promotion. love how YSH keep joking around. never see him like this in other interview I think
  10. keep refreshing this page LOL, pardon me I can't contain my happines, after replaying the vid for the nth times, we can observe seungho gesture, from the start before they walk to each other, he already feel nervous because he shake his sholder first as if try to loosen himself, then he walk with a shy smile when their eyes met he try to compose himself by grab sohyun shoulder and close his mouth, but failed after a moment. can't hardly wait for the full vid
  11. OMO.. thank you for sharing @Elif Ataş @MsSubak count me in, I'm screaming in my room, my sister asked if I'm ok LOL... so true, seungho being touchy when it comes to sohyun, and we got you boy, you just cant concentrate because you feel nervoud right so happy right now just let me cry of happiness
  12. Boys over flower have a high rating in Japan, please correct me if I'm wrong BOF aired in TBS (japanese TV station) other than they do promotion, they also have some special interview like TBS kings brunch, Magazine interview and then they held BOF special event (like a fanmeet for two times). I don't know if any other drama also get this kind of promotion. I think it's due to popularity from the drama itself.
  13. OMGEEEEEE they look so beautiful thanks @MsSubak for the picture I'm pretty sure that L hand are behind his back, but YSH why is my mind telling me that his hand behind sohyun back LOL Blessed japanese promotion, they always had this kind of promotion. some of drama which is already aired in another tv station (TBS) also always has this kind of promotion, and if the drama popularity is high maybe there is a chance to do special fanmeet event (just like another popular drama that already aired in japan before)
  14. same here feels like going to check this thread after a while. That's also what I feel YSH gesture so different, his hand seems always at sohyun back, which is I couldn't find in another presscon. is it because he is used to it #delulumodeon
  15. OMG guys... I'm so happy today , been really busy, can't checked any social media after night shift and endless task to do finally... #group hugs no worries guys our ship are sailing, silent water runs deep, indeed... YSH such a ninja, so no one knows when he going to japan? looking at their picture just beautiful, overflows chemistry, and YSH really protective towards SH. couldn't agree more with all of your analysis. this is what I've been waiting when they announce that Ruler has been sold to Japan. Remember when Boys over flower sold to Japan they do many promotion such as interview in many magazine, and been invited to some kind of interview and even hold Fanmeet I and II. *pray hard I need complete video right now going back to do my homework, with happy smile... cant wait for another surprise
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