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  1. This drama is just too cute! It's amazing to see how much Yoo Seung Ho has grown. Thank you for all your insights and pictures. I enjoy reading them even though I don't post as much. =)
  2. I don't think she/he meant that it was disrespectful. The way I read the comment was she/he was saying we should be mindful about how we categorize people because while he exhibits some of the same behaviors, it doesn't necessary make him autistic. I caught up to the most recent episodes and have been enjoying it. I've missed seeing Lee Min-Ki in dramas so it's nice to finally see him in one.
  3. endeavor

    [Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

    I never thought Kang Minhyuk was a stellar actor, but I'm really enjoying him in this. I'm enjoying the subtle-ness of the OTP's relationship, it seems to be built on a level of mutual respect and I like that.
  4. I would love and be embarrassed if those were my parents too. Haha! So far I've enjoyed the two episodes I've seen. The one episode a week kills me though. =(