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  1. I don't know what the ending will be, but I feel unease. Like, the fans "predicted" the time-travel thing and the pendant being the lollipop looks like it will be true too. Also, watching those previews in wich SW offers his hand to his little brother and says something like "come with me" or "let's go together", I got so many vibes of using the Holy Artifacts to create a vortex and go to the past, thus remaking the entire time-line (or if we get technical, creating another paralel dimension/time line, bc they can't go to the past from a future it "doesn't exist", so...) So yeah, sadly I think is pretty probable. BUT, then it made me realize something. Do you guys remember the original KuLan?? The one who died and ZYL "borrowed" his identity from? If you watch carefully those brief seconds of the original KuLan, you can see he's not played by a random actor, but BaiYu himself. It's hard to see, but if you pause you can see it. So perhaps SW goes to the past with his brother and change the time line but hopefully arrives before KL is killed and, suprise! He has the same face as ZYL!! (and probably the same sense of humor and personality) Although that leaves with the question of how they're gonna explain how both of them have the same face. Perhaps they could say ZYL is a descendent of KL...That would make some sense at least (is true that you probably resemble a lot of one of your ancestors) But, while that would leave a somewhat happy (or with the posibility of future happiness) Sen Wei, it would leave a ZYL alone with no SW. or OR...OMG Perhaps they will go to the same route? Like, the same way ZYL resembles KL bc he's his descendent, after the time-line is modified, the "new" ZYL will not have any memories of SW (terribly sad, why I do this to myself?!) BUT he will met a descendent of SW too?? Like an actual professor Shen Wei??? Idk. It seems very overly complicated but the only posibilty I can think of if they can't go with the reencarnation route. That way both versions, past and present, are together with their other halves. BUT that would make necessary for the past selves to marry with other people or at least sleeping with someone else in order to have kids, wich please NO. (what is this heteronormative richard simmons)
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