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  1. MV Stills from 'Letter' off Feel the Five Y which drops on May 21st, 2018
  2. 180424 Yonghwa 1st Track off Feel The Five 'Y' Project - 'Letter' MV Teaser
  3. 180413 CNBLUE's Yonghwa volunteers for special forces unit after basic training cr. yoonjiS4 Twitter
  4. Minhyuk and Jungshin will hold their own fanmeet respectively in May 2018 ~ 2017 FNC Kingdom in Japan DVD will be release on 6/6/18
  5. Minhyuk Romantic Sailing Fanmeet in Bangkok last Feb24th, 2018 Official Video~
  6. 180328 CNBLUE 2017 Between Us Tour DVD Released Today + Audio Out on Music Sites Busan Brothers <3
  7. nessie21

    Lee Yeon Hee 이연희

    What happen to this thread? It's so quiet here... Just sharing some of her newest pictorial from SM collaboration with Hyundai, SOLATI Moving Hotel.
  8. 2017 Arena Tour Starting Over at Yokohama Arena DVD / Bluray Promo Videos The moment when Butterfly is playing in the intro.... BOICE Edition of the concert dvd will have CNBLUE Glamping special as we can see them having BBQ. =)
  9. 180316 Yonghwa's New Solo Project Feel The Five Y All 5 songs, Letter, BROTHERS, Melody, Jellyfish and The Moment will have their own music video which will be released subsequently. 1st Song - ‘Letter’ will release on 21.05.18 cr. jungyonghwa.jp
  10. @makiradi Hiii fellow BOICE. The thread lately has been quite inactive if you notice haha. If you have any questions about CNBLUE, feel free to ask me anything as I'm gladly to share everything about them. Hope the backreading will take you a trip to a memory lane where you can see how much the boys have grown up into men.
  11. ~ BOICE with CNBLUE Fanmeeting in Japan March 2018 ~ March 8 - Nagoya -March 13 - Osaka- March 15 - Kanagawa Don't Say Goodbye which was shown at the fanmeet ...seems like this is CNB's new single.
  12. 180311 Yonghwa's 2017 Japan Concert Summer Calling DVD+ BD that was released on Feb28, 2018 sold over 10,000 Copies and takes the no.2 ranking for Oricon Chart.
  13. CNBLUE 2017 Arena Tour Starting Over DVD / BR will Release on May 9th 2018 There will be two versions of the concert, Normal edition and BOICE Edition.
  14. Lee Jonghyun 2018 JAPAN Solo Concert "METROPOLIS" which took place last February ~ 180317 Lee Jonghyun to hold Encore Concert Metropolis in Japan in June 2018 This will be Jonghyun's last concert before enlisting in the army.
  15. 180302-03 Stay622 in Seoul ~