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  1. So ahjumma is right. After their bold updates yesterday, I said some pretentious new user will come. It’s not here but on instagram? Don’t they know the more they act like that the more they are giving aways that there is something that they are very anxious about? ;-) Ahjumma checked they have almost zero followers. They really want to leech off from famous account for publicity
  2. OYS really posted however she likes with random numbers and pictures. Never seen LSG wrote such caption too. These 2 are totally unstoppable , LOL ;-)
  3. Stone Necklace and diamond ring at the same time . No 6 is showing off both . At times like this ahjumma is waiting for a new user to come in here and post pretentious stuff again
  4. Ahjumma never thought that Hino is a big successful CEO. Only know her that she is LSG’s close ahjumma friend. Any particular reason why she follows OYS only but never any of his other co stars? ;-) look at our LSG choice for his brand logo on MITH yesterday, lol Pink, Star , and heart . Whose favourite are those things? LOL ;-) Aaah Fendi sweatshirt
  5. Look like we are all anticipating next year? Vagabond is finally coming and ahjumma sees why OYS has to unfollow all her followings. It’s for the best especially if shippers are tracing her through her friends. Hino being so obvious following her then followed her bffs too . To add on Atomy who keep on liking her picture , lol ;-) Glad that she has not posted any selfie this month.She obviously knows that if she doesn’t post picture of herself then there won’t be any article written about her. Anyway that is such a precious wine she received . Amarone 2006, really high quality and pricey wine
  6. Agree with this account that it’s a small world afterall. Throw in Jung Joon Young, Lizzy, Lee Seo Geun into the gang too
  7. It’s very rare to see her outside because she seems like such a homegirl She really looks beautiful and elegant. Ahjumma been noticing her outfit choices lately have been so different from the past I also read that LSG is confirmed for AAA? That is another great news. He attended last year and won an award . It would be nice to see him win another one this year because 2018 is indeed another special one because he has his Cartier partner now. ;-)
  8. I agree with you. Dm-ing and harassing people already mean that they are not minding their own business. Reporting them is a fair thing to do. However at the same time Ahjumma finds these insecurities very amusing. If you are so sure , why the need to pm someone from another shipping thread? Everything is too concrete maybe? LOL ;-)
  9. Ahjumma been missing both of them so much and they appeared at the same day , time on my instagram feed with the same concept, theme, black outfits, and OH!!! that diamond is rightfully back on her left hand ring finger
  10. Ahjumma been browsing and just realized that OYS’s last fan meeting was held at a wedding place and her theme was ‘ Moon Garden’ with the quote “My Sun, My Moon , and all MY Stars” How did she come up with such beautiful theme? She seems to love those things, since she posted lots of star emojis on her instagram. It also reminded ahjumma of MITH star poem about Hwayugi, lol :-)
  11. As expected. One after another Hold on, this is just a photo collage of bags show off. How dare ahjumma posts this?!! This is not concrete as a diamond ring or receiptful enough as their aroma therapy , LOL ;-) Have a great weekend everyone.
  12. Ahjumma doesn’t think he/ she will be happy . I’m sorry but maybe unlike you, I’m more skeptical of those sudden users coming here pretending to be a shipper in disguise and then causing discomforts which he/she also disike if it happens to himself/ herself? I never get people coming to another shipping thread just for the sake of showing their negative sides. Talking about concrete, what is more concrete than a ring on left finger while being in Japan ;-)? I’m not even with you guys in submarine chat group but I can definetely see how obvious it was when one disappeared mysteriously from reporters while the other one was in Japan with cap showing her ring and flower bouquet with no sign of her usual girl friends. Even more hugging a monkey doll at a store in Japan. Where did her love for Mickey mouse go? lol ;-) From wearing a Mickey Mouse watch to a Cartier Couple watches . How sweet is that One advice from this ahjumma. Don’t bother with people baiting us . We know the truth and we are protecting them until the right time. Those people will have to swallow their words by the time anyway. Shipping is supposed to be fun, loving and friendly . We as the mature ones should be open minded and act with more dignity to maintain peace . All the couples here are lovely . We should cheer on and be happy for all the couples who become real while moving on from the past ghost ones. Lav is beautiful afterall