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  1. Sending food truck? It won’t likely happen OYS name is already forbidden from beinf mentioned and look how the bts is cut despite them actually keep laughing and playing around with each other
  2. Ahjumma misses OYS. She is really taking her own sweet time choosing her comeback Her pattern of updating her instagram also depends on LSG
  3. Ahjumma never vote for those kind of things before. Maybe I will try later but aren’t those kind of votes usually dominated by idols? Don’t worry they will walk the carpet together. Maybe not awards but walk along the aisle together 1. Flower bouquet - Check 2.Diamong ring on left ring finger -Check 3. Proposal on MITH-Check 4. Talk about love/ marriage/ kids from both LSG&OYS- Check 5.Both of them talking about house in Jeju Island- Check 6. Expensive Cartier Couple watches- Check 7. LSG and OYS talking about happiness -check 8. Both wearing Cartier Bracelet- Check 9. OYS posting a pink heart picture with diamond ring emoji- check 10. Both liking and fans of Twice - Check 11. Stylist, staffs, close friends following each other - Check anything else that ahjumma missed to point out? How i wish LSG has fan meeting again soon because it’s the only time when OYS comes out from her cave. It would be even more perfect if it is in JAPAN again , lol
  4. This ahjumma is starting to get addicted to your “ “ I’m thinking why does it always have to be when LSG have his fan meeting that OYS posts something? For example are her ring, her lips pictures, etc. Moreover, the special one was always in Japan like the meaningful flower bouquet, monkey doll, ring moving to significant finger , and now even a pink heart picture with diamond ring emoji written. Ahjumma thought they must have a pet name for each other. Wasn’t there a picture she posted the same day as LSG movie premiere day saying “Good day Honey” (?) Maybe it wasn’t “honey” but “bear” instead like “my cute cuddly bear “
  5. Oh you silly little coffee girl...ahjumma was once young too. There are lucky people who get to meet their partner right away but most people go through experiences before meeting the right one. Eventhough it might be a bitter or hurtful experiences, you will move on and learnt from it. Believe me. When that right person comes at the right time and take your heart unexpectedly , she/ he will change your life forever and you will cherish that person even more
  6. Mr. and Mrs.Pinky really look so in love and content. Glad to see two people being madly in love with each other. I guess with the ring and OYS announcing it herself on her Instagram that means we are only left to wait for the final announcement which is the step of moving their relationship to forever and ever path . I read comments from some people on her pink heart picture, they are already congratulating and asking her to be happy This is so sweet. Fantasy and real life are indeed different. Glad that they are getting their real life happy ending soon (?) while continue on moving towards the future. Sorry for forcing quotes on you youngster but knowing what both LSG & OYS went through , ahjumma remembers another popular quote by Hugh White that says “When your past calls, don’t answer It has nothing new to say”
  7. You made ahjumma spill her drink in the morning lol what is with the lips background? It fits them well perfectly since they both love kiss kiss so much lol I guess these two lovebirds must be stuck on the phone all time when they are away from each other,lol.. I wonder how will they survive being apart for one month from each other? but she is already wearing a ring and couple Cartier watch. She is like wearing GGG all over , lol ;-)
  8. Ahjumma thinks he was too straightforward and savage because he can just say “my ideal type is..” but I guess he just had enough of it . Poor guy already felt frustrated during MITH when his past was mentioned so now he has to said it bluntly : he already had a new ideal type that can give him a secure and stable relationship this time. But Past is past, you learnt from it so no need to dwell on it. Here is ahjumma advice for both LSG & OYS: All what matter is now they both have moved on and met each other at the right time I believe OYS being courageous is also because she trust him 100%. So ahjumma wishes them all the best in this journey
  9. Desr Annie girl, he is back late already carrying a lot of shopping bags ( might be gifts from his fans) But judging from his staring at phone activity ahjumma will assume that he is going to turn into a ninja and go straightaway somewhere to a pinky heart house. Just kidding
  10. Are they having competition of who have sexier lips? Why post within seconds with each other , lol ;-) If you do a research Bear emoji actually have the meaning of Boyfriend but I guess it would cause an uproar if she chose monkey. LSG seems to have trademarked monkey to be his . I remember reading here about the florist who made a cotton candy bouquet for OYS . She suddenly changed the monkey emoji to a smiley one.
  11. Interesting why are these things always happening in Japan? The moment of LSG mysterious disappearance , flower bouquet, ring moving to left hand to Cartier watches and now this. In ahjumma eyes, these two just cannot hide it anymore , lol
  12. OH My GOSH I can’t believe this might be true , LOL the teenager side of ahjumma is so happy today These two lovebirds
  13. Once is more than enough . Do we need to see another flower bouquet this time? lol Anyway found a very talented person making her own version of Hwayugi episode 21. Very good editing skill
  14. LSG arrived early again in Japan without any departure pictures? Okay At least there are still pics of him in Japan airport now unlike last time , lol ;-)