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  1. thanks for the preview, and even if CP took the poison, i remembered that CP is immune to poison because of his poisoning act when he is a baby... >,<
  2. thanks for the link @supergal99 i think CJW and LYM rewatch the ep.1 like us...hahahaha... i am in love in Sung Hoon ...i watched the whole Cool Kiz on the block swimming only for him...romcom really suit him well
  3. its been a long time since i post in drama forum...i love this drama...or maybe Je Hoon gives me a fresh visual..hahahaha...thanks for sharing many informations about TWY.
  4. i am liking this drama too...Tae Joon doing dishes, vacuum and laundry while wearing a sexy shirt...oh god, he is truly a houseband... i am volunteering to be their 3rd child..hahahaha...helping Tae Joon appa at home