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  1. [OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 3 ♥

    the mv is out! how can we move on? when he left clues to us and the girl lets support our leader here!
  2. thank you @chasen8888 for the recap, at least i can understand what happen on raw video...once again thank you! ET & ES moment is really nice, of course not when the CJK is around. Are we going to get more skinship from YH&ET?
  3. how i wish my office has a trainee like YW i really really like PHS here..at first when i saw the trailer, i look much into JDG as the superior appearance (read: super handsome) but PHS is really GREAT..
  4. Think i need to be more patient since the story still has longggg way to go ..my favorite couple is YH and ET..really want them to picnic together..hahaha..and Cant wait when HH meets MS..
  5. [OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 3 ♥

    Hyun is really busy lately. Maybe she deliberately got more while Yong is in Military Tomorrow we can get new Song from Yong Seohyun's pretty pictures in Bali And i will always click refresh to YongSeo Fanfiction...hahahaha
  6. already watched the raw and thank you chasen8888 for the recap so i can understand more than a body language..hahaha waiting for more YH&ET moments
  7. i am on ep 5 with no subs...try to understand from my heart
  8. its been ages since i post something on soompi..but i have this drama keeps on 1st page so i can check the updates..hahahahaha too many stories sometimes i skipped to watch whose story i like... its hard decision for YH, will be stamp as cheater or will have her daughter live with her selfish father.
  9. i just found this and i love it!...finish 21 episode in 3 days....my wish for more romance scenes between Dr. Kang and Dr. Yoon TT^TT
  10. thanks for the preview, and even if CP took the poison, i remembered that CP is immune to poison because of his poisoning act when he is a baby... >,<