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  1. Hello! I have a really bad case of sepanx these days because of this drama. I'm currently on my third time rewatching it . The drama just brought out all these feels! I've also read the english translation of the novel and I'm so glad that they actually followed the original story and added certain things that made the drama even better. How I wish they also filmed the epilogues especially after marriage life of our OTP. There were certain things I couldn't understand in the drama though. I have not seen the subs done by viki as it is not available in country so I'm hoping some of you can enlighten me: 1. Why is the glass fire exclusive to XF and the Heavenly Empress? 2. The eldest brother of the Heavenly Emperor and Fox immortal can contain the Light of XQ but others cannot? 3. The Demon Princess refers to XF as Feng Xu, is it just the translation or the name means something else? 4. When Fox Immortal was giving away the bride, he discreetly asked XF why he hasn't told him about it. Were they talking about the Demon Princess substituting the bride or was it about something else? 5. When JM crushed the petal from her true form, red snowflakes fell. But when XF touched it, he spit blood. Why??? Please anyone explain. I won't be able to fully move on if these questions keeps popping up everytime I rewatch the drama
  2. Hello everyone! I am so in love with Deng Lun lately. I started crushing on him when he played that stepbrother role in Fifteen Years for Migratory Birds with Sun Yi. I am a sucker for boys with really great smiles and monolid eyes. Then came Because of Meeting you.. baaam! I just couldn't get over him and have been waiting for his project ever since. I came across one comment where they said he wasn't handsome . He may not be the go-to look for lead actors today but I still can't help falling in love deeper each and every time he smiles. I would've loved for him to be with SY but since she's married, never mind. It would be great if they can once again team up for another project. Then came HSALF and, woohoo! My baby boy looks so good in costume! I like how his kisses are passionate and not chaste. His eyes and face are also very expressive thus you'd totally feel for his character. I hope he gets better and bigger projects in the future.
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