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  1. Editing needs to be tightened. The story was all over the place; they tried to introduce too many things in the first two episodes. However, since Item has a very promising premise and plot, I'll continue watching.
  2. rambutan

    [Drama 2018-2019] Priest, 프리스트

    In the end, the dream all made sense. I am happy with the ending. Granted, I didn't like that the dream was that long, but the drama did get better and better in terms of pacing and suspense. Coming from a show like Guest, the Priest appeared slow in the early episodes. However, I'm glad I did not drop this drama. At least, the Priest appears to be more representative of what a true (Catholic) exorcism is. Not that I am an authority on that, LOL. Now, onto the next Priest drama starring one of my favourite actors, Kim Nam Gil!
  3. rambutan

    [Drama 2018-2019] Priest, 프리스트

    Just when things settled ("It's all a dream; let's go on from here to a smooth ending"), there is a new twist in ep 14. And more new questions posed. The devil getting his priest-servant thwarted, Sister flying in earlier than expected, etc. I'm tired asking questions; let's just sit back and enjoy the final two episodes. Hopefully with a happy ending.
  4. rambutan

    [Drama 2018-2019] Priest, 프리스트

    Wow! What a twist! I'm in all the way to the end. The great thing is
  5. Count me in from episode 1! No doubt about that. Lead lady was impressive in Witch's Court. Junho is my new found star. Jang Hyuk doesn't need anyone to vouch for his acting chops. I loved the writer in Jealousy Incarnate.