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  1. moon-flower

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    I'm still playing catch up with the episodes but nooooooooo my heart . I'm praying for a happy ending. He already waited for 10,00 years. I thought it was a happy ending in the book - why aren't they following that!? *sobs* This drama has taken all my focus from fu yao. lol.
  2. Totally looking forward to this sequel. Can't wait for it.
  3. @Dominique Lola Dramafever and Viki have a simulcast agreement with Fu Yao. China airs 2 episodes Mon - Thur. People with VIP streaming memberships get extra episodes. From what I heard, online/web dramas don't have the same time travel ban restriction.
  4. Yes! Go Fu Yao! Chop him! Chop him off! Show the rest of the drama heroines how it's done.
  5. Oh man, she sounds like a psychopath.
  6. @niteshkmr11@Leila Reyes
  7. I thought we FINALLY got rid of Pei Yuan but here comes Pei Yuan 2.0 in the form of Jingfan. Ugh, she's going to be worse than Pei Yuan. At least Pei Yuan was a brat and had no qualms of hiding it.
  8. At the moment, yes, should be up to ep 28. 29 and 30 airing tomorrow or technically later today (China time).
  9. The actress is Hu Ke, mostly in supporting roles. http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Hu_Ke
  10. Imperial harem rankings depend on the dynasty/era. But most dramas don't follow the ranking to the T. In the drama so far, he has 4 main consorts and they are more or less the same rank (fu ren). In ep 19, Wuji needs to select (in said order) Gui, De, Shu, and Xian before selecting an empress. The four ladies would be directly under the Empress. The rest of his harem I am guessing are just lady in waiting rank.
  11. 22 episodes - how is Pei Yuan still alive!? And she's still alive in ep 24 preview. Someone please tell me she's going to die soon.
  12. oh my goodness, is this real?! So glad they got them to return. Whoooo!
  13. moon-flower

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰

    Yeah, it's totally unexpected for me. I thought 4 episodes would be more than enough to keep me entertain for a week, but every week I'm like WHERE'S MY SUNDAY and MONDAY?! And not a fan of either days. Since the ratings are not bad, I'm praying they consider broadcasting an extra day...haha. And that smile...okay that explains why he looks so strange. I wasn't sure what he was trying to get at. I have no knowledge of the book. --- I thought this was a super cute commercial/advertisement for the drama. Xiao Tong is looking for the novel Feng Qiu Huang and she keeps seeing/almost bumping into Wei Long. They finally meet with the voice over, doesn't matter how many times we missed each other, we are in the end destined/fated to meet each other. It's so cutteee! It reminds me of the Princess Agent's commercials. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av17941325/?from=search&seid=1050534547340047064