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  1. What I translated was from the youtube video from 1:05 - 1:49 voice over. They are not my analysis.That video was one of the first ones that popped up in Youtube with the princess rumor. After that, there were couple of comments in other videos claiming princess is Xiao Tan. I don't know what first glance means. It's just a translation of the voice over of saying "at first glance, she recognized MLC and knew the identity of Liu Shang."
  2. It must be this video that started the rumor. 1:05 - 1:49 rough summary of the voice over: -Current Xiao Tan has amnesia, where is the original Xiao Tan with the past memory? -In Season 1, Xiao Tan and Mo Lian Cheng have a life and death contract and will go through life and death together. -If original Mo Lian Cheng is alive then original Xiao Tan is definitely alive somewhere. But amnesic Xiao Tan is occupying Tan Er's body so original Xiao Tan had to used Lan Ye Xi's body. -This means original Xiao Tan never returned to the future. At first glance, Lan Ye Xu recognized Mo Lian Cheng and immediately knew about Liu Shang's identity. That would be some weird twist and a bit mind boggling. Tho it doesn't align completely with the other theory of future MLC merging with past MLC. I don't know how that would work if Ye Xi is actually Xiao Tan...well we'll know when Xiao Tan and Ye Xi PKs...lol. Assuming that if they touch they'll have the same effect as future MLC touching past MLC. I tried looking through weibo post to see if this rumor is there but only on youtube apparently. ---- On Baidu apparently...I hope no idea how accurate baidu pages are. https://baike.baidu.com/item/双世宠妃Ⅱ/22198229?fromtitle=双世宠妃2&fromid=22758092&fr=aladdin. It lists Ye Xi as "Xiao Tan's other identity..." I guess this is where the rumors mill start.
  3. @Sara Bautista lol. he's adorable. You can also see him in Yanxi Palace as Wu Ah Ge. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/jH0mwWUge?fid=1034:4299912054034661
  4. For Ying Luo and Fu Heng ship. They were on Happy Camp and they did a mini mv/skit/special cut Fu Heng and Ying Luo got married. Fu Heng, Ying Luo and Fuca said it's their dream for Ying Luo and Fu Heng to get married. lol.
  5. For fans waiting for english subs, you can find recaps here: https://onetruedrama.blogspot.com/
  6. Yeah, this version's female protagonist is a bit off to me. I'm not sure what it is - it's like they're trying too hard to convince me she's successful and has her own mind? But she's so contradictory in her dialogues and actions. I don't really know what they're trying to do here. I feel like they try very hard to make her relatable but it backfires (at least to me). I prefer Ariel's character a little more. I was so excited when they announced Ruo Yan and Crystal being the leads (huge fan of Crystal since Go Princess Go), but I'm not really impressed so far. Not convinced that these two's chemistry. And what's up with Qing Qing. Why are they making her so annoying? Her acting kills me . I don't remember her being so annoying in the original. And I can't stand the assistant. His acting is worse than the original.
  7. moon-flower

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    OMG, I know. Priest has officially ruined my life with Guardian. Shen Wei's 10,000 years of waiting is killing me. And here I thought oh, how sweet Ye Hua from 10 Miles Peach Blossom waited 300 years for Bai Qian. Nope, Ye Hua, move over. LOL. Yeah ZZH - not a fan. Tho I like Ruoyun, he's a good actor.
  8. moon-flower

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    @cherylrose Epilogue 4 is posted on Priest's weibo: https://www.weibo.com/u/1796258175?from=myfollow_all Epilogue 1, 2, and 3 can be found if you search for 镇魂小说 via baidu.com. It's the first link. I'm not sure if I can post the link here since the official link is through another website where you have to pay per chapter. =X Epilogue 1 is the one where Shen Wei was hospitalized, woke up, went to Yun Lan to beg for forgiveness because he tried and erased Yun Lan's memory. I didn't really read Epilogue 2, not too many of our OTP moments so I skipped it. Epilogue 3 is definitely the one you should read. Super cute. They got a new office close by Shen Wei's University, much bigger, has a veggie garden, Shen Wei picks up Yun Lan after work . Shen Wei and Yun Lan shares some cute banter. It's honestly way too cute. Super happy ending. Literally no complaints. I posted a summary a few pages (?) back. I would translate this but my Chinese to English is not the greatest. lol. I actually was expecting Epilogue 4 to be like Epilogue 3 with a bit more banter and sweetness, and honestly maybe I am being greedy, was hoping for a bit more sweet scenes. But oh well. It is still a happy ending. My all time favorite is still Epilogue 3. @valerie86 Yeah, the Royal Sister Returns' ending is not the greatest. (like all Chinese drama endings!) The drama went south towards the end and a bit melodramatic, but thought overall was kind of a fun watch. The beginning especially was hilarious. Hoping Long Ge's new drama will be good. I am thinking of maybe watching Bai Yu's memory lost...tho the plot is kind of ehhh. Bai Yu is going to be in Fated General but I don't know if he's second lead? Zhang Rou Yun is leading in that one unless they'll be co-lead. Bai Yu also has Zhao Ge coming out but he's listed as supporting with Zhang Zhe Han "leading" apparently -*MAJOR eye roll*-.
  9. moon-flower

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    Here is a summary that AvenueX posted on her website of the new epilogue (4th epilogue): http://avenuex.ca/blog/2018/7/30/the-gist-of-the-new-guardian-epilogue-by-its-book-author. one thing AvenueX didn't mention is that the epilogue started with a super cute scene of Shen Wei having a phone and Yun Lun had to set the passcode since Shen Wei is hopeless. Shen Wei's default passcode is their house number. LOL.
  10. moon-flower

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    @valerie86 not sure if you watched Long Ge's royal sister returns but it's pretty hilarious when I watched it a while back. I might watch it again now after seeing Guardian. lol.
  11. moon-flower

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    @valerie86 I plan to watch it. An Yi Xue is pretty cute, especially in her Shake It web-drama.
  12. moon-flower

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    oh wow. she wasn't kidding about writing a 4th epilogue. it's super long. lol.
  13. moon-flower

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    Omg. At work but have to sign in and rant. Hopefully work doesn't think I'm like being shady. Lame. Super lame! Don't understand how a book with a supposedly happy ending (according to what I have heard, haven't read the whole book) ends up with a bitter ending. Priest wrote 3 extra chapters/epilogues. I skimmed the 3rd extra chapter and it's definitely a happy one. Rough summary as I quickly type this at work (rough summary as I'm not a native, learned Chinese in childhood so please correct me if I'm off)
  14. moon-flower

    [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    @YuZhouHao I find this list helpful with learning Chinese characters. It is the most common 5000 characters used in newspaper, novels, and everyday use https://abcmandarinmission.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/first-5000.pdf. This list is useful coupled with Google translator and looking at their different forms when paired with another character. I took a few years of Chinese and found the 5000 characters a good refresher years later when I have forgotten most of what I have learned (LOL). If I had known, I would've studied diligently. Also grammar https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/Main_Page. Chinese idioms is a must. They're used a lot in novels.
  15. Was a little hesitant about this knowing it's yu zheng. He's a bit of a hit or a miss, but surprisingly liking this so far. The lead actress is not bad.