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    [OFFICIAL] ♥ Infinite 인피니트 Thread ♥

    I've also made a cover if anyone is interested to watch it Would be very much appreciated <3 CLICK HERE
  2. Blu3Wind

    [OFFICIAL] ♥ Infinite 인피니트 Thread ♥

    GUYS!!!! WOOHYUN'S NEW SONG IS OUT!!!!! Come, we have to stream it CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO A SONG FOR YOU (All caps because my excitement is overwhelming)
  3. He released it already!!!! SO happyyy! The song is super greattt!!! It deserves all the love in the world! I made a cover of the song too, would love it if you could take a listen to it
  4. Hi guys! Like the description says, it's my first time making an instrumental track using Logic Pro. For a first timer, I kinda like how it turned out. It's nowhere near pros, of course, but not that horrible for a first attempt Would appreciate any feedback! Thank you for listening! Do give Woohyun's new song lots of love~ Hehehe <3 CLICK HERE
  5. A new collab after all of us have been on a long collabing hiatus. Please please DO watch it. Personally, I think it's super sweet and a healing collab of some sorts~ Hehehe Or am I just being biased? Would really appreciate it if you could watch it. Feedbacks are more than welcome! Thank you! CLICK HERE
  6. For everyone who has ever received mean comments or encountered a hater, you may relate to this cover. Thank you for watching! Would appreciate it if you could leave your thoughts and comments on this cover. WATCH ON YOUTUBE | LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD
  7. Helloooo! Woohyun is back with a new comeback.. And even though my voice doesn't fit ballad songs, I really wanted to show my support and love for this song. He wrote and composed it himself. So I would appreciate it if you could listen to it. If that's too much to ask, I hope you'll listen to the original song by Nam Woohyun! Thanks for listening! :D CLICK HERE