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  1. YAY! Finally we've reached 96 ... I just have to delay 10 more episodes before I start watching. Just happy that his wife and daughter were thrown out of the house and ended up at the jimjilbang before the real mother came to get them. [Not one of their 'friends' would answer their phone calls for help and housing - and still the daughter brat complained about the small room] Now it's time for this bum's mallet of reality and jarma ...
  2. That's just mean of them to do that!!! It sounds like such a cute scene ...
  3. Which episode is this scene from???
  4. Hi! I just finished watching this drama (seriously fell in love with Wang Kai's voice) and was wondering if anyone knows if there will be an English translation of this book? . . And if there are any rumors of a second season? Thanks!