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  1. I'm too bored doing nothing but I'm also too lazy to tidy the meet and greet photos
  2. The role was offered to BY two years ago so it means it's not not confirm if she's accepting the offer now right? Actually I wished she'll accept the drama offer instead because the story sounds much more interesting and I can see her onscreen more edit : just read from a chinese news that BY is still under discussion
  3. Let's vote for Park Park couple
  4. SOURCE :
  5. Anyone read the news that PBY was offered a new drama ' Will you have dinner with me'?
  6. Park Bo Young on vlive now
  7. Another new endorsement by PBY
  8. SOURCE : Hi-Mart FB
  9. more photos updated from Think Nature Official website
  10. Cloud9_official ig update
  11. HD version of Think Nature CF