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  1. If you can understand chinese, I'll recommend you weibo where some of their fan sites are quite updated to their news and schedule
  2. I believe she's really not in a good condition hence that's the reason she needs to turn down the requests from fans and also not appearing in any of the photos posted by the casts and staffs. In her vlive, she also mentioned she really want to do it(vlive) with other casts but due to each company restriction and she don't want to cause any convenience to the rest so she abandoned her plan and just do it alone . (she's just so thoughtful towards others) If her condition is good she'll definitely greet her fans with her cheerful smile like she did two years ago when she reached Singapore
  3. PBY Vlive now
  4. probably the cutest drama wedding photo i have ever seen!
  5. Did the group divided into different team during the trip for their itinerary? This is Team A?