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  1. Oh, what a dark, creepy teaser turned out. I think the dorama will be like that too. Frightening, tense ... But about the type of prison is still not clear. Will she be female or male? Or will they just tell us about the two prisons? PS A woman in a torn mask scared me ...
  2. Action, action, action! Continuous Action! What my heart desires so much! I look forward to an excellent drama, where there will be no time to be bored. But yes, a small dose of romance is needed here ...
  3. Black and white shots of the teaser look very impressive. I feel dorama will be very stylish. So I'm waiting for her to start... And I am also waiting for a teaser with a plot, so that it would be clearer what the dorama will be about.
  4. My result: But I ordered a friendship! I thought it would be about bromance ...
  5. 2019 is the year of sageuk! Historical dramas in Korea are able to shoot. And what a great cast here !!! Especially, Jo Jung Suk ... Oh, he will play 200% and drama, and romance, if she is there. He can! And Yoon Shi Yoon is good! Wait-wait-wait!
  6. I looked at 2 more series. I admire the crew. They perfectly picked up the actresses. Han Ji Min and Kim Hye Ja are very similar to each other. Sometimes I look at old Hye Ja, and I see that other, young one. Facial expressions, habits ... everything is very similar. The story of the club was surprised. I did not expect that Joon Ha would lure money from old men and old women. But on the other hand, as he explained his actions towards his grandmother, who sent the package to Los Angeles, he could do so for their benefit. But the heroine did not understand him ... Until I understood! But how pleases me the brother of the protagonist))))))) Very cute! Like the puppy she took from Joon Ha.
  7. I totally agree! People are distracted by giving small fish to be eaten to them, just born, and large fish swim so deep that you cannot find them. Moreover, Seungri and Jung Joon Young is also not the largest fish ... I'm sure someone else is behind them. But unfortunately, I do not think that this real drama will have a happy ending. Here justice may not triumph, and good people can be destroyed ...
  8. Now I definitely decided that I wanted to watch this drama! Judging by the teasers, it will be exciting and dramatic. And it seems like the whole drama will be investigated by one thing that I especially like. Well, Choonho looks great here! I think it will play its role by 100%! PS When in the teaser the photo of the victim was shown, it became terrible. How many divorced maniacs in Korea ???
  9. Very cruel and sad video. I think the whole dorama will be about the violence shown from all sides. But I hope in the finals we will be shown that friendship and love will help the children overcome all the evil that surrounds them ... Faster would have come April 5th! Most of all I am waiting for this drama.
  10. I started watching the drama yesterday. I watched 3 series. I definitely think this is the best role of Joo Hyuk. Finally, he plays not a glamorous guy, but a serious dramatic role. The heart is breaking from the moments with his hero. Very sorry for him and his grandmother. But daddy just wanted to nail him. Especially when he came to the funeral. I hope that by the end of the drama Lee Joon Ha will find his happiness and everything will be fine with him. The story of Hye Ja is also exciting and shocking. So sad to look at the girl who at one point became a grandmother. Her despair, sadness and pain ... I felt through the TV screen. But it is very sad that I read about the spoiler, and now I will not have a state of shock. But I wanted her to be herself again at the end of the drama and to know the happiness of love with Joon Ha. Kim Sang Woon - my love! I love this actor and his hero. Thank him for the moments of humor in the drama!
  11. I agree, now it's scary for all the participants of the show. Those two have completely left the television, but the remaining participants want to save, protect and shield from the raging storm. I hope only for one thing that outside the show the participants will still communicate and support each other. Now they especially need this friendship.
  12. Two more people hurt the K-pop appocalypse. Even scary to think what will happen next. But I feel that these two, who were caught on betting as early as next season 1 night 2 days will not participate. If he ever will, this fourth season. How am I angry at Jung Joon Young and his "golden" phone !!!
  13. Lee junki in shape is beautiful! It became straightforward how he would have been in a historical drama. I think he would have made a great dramatic hero. I hope the guy is lucky and he is waiting for rapid career growth. And in this drama, and in real life of the actor. PS But the blonde with the sword in his performance is amazing!
  14. I watched the drama completely. It seemed to me not the most interesting. Moreover, the first part looked avidly, but as soon as the old love of the main character appeared in the series, the interest instantly disappeared. Then everything was, as always, and without the slightest intrigue. Moreover, it turned out that the criminal chose ordinary people to carry out certain crimes. I hoped that everyone there was somehow connected to the hero. But no. Everything is too trite. I mentally composed a more interesting version of the outcome of the drama, therefore I am not thrilled. But the romance and comedy inserts are good here. Especially comedy and romance in the second pair
  15. This is too sad ... From the very beginning of the scandal, I was most worried about the participants of the show. Only they recovered from the death of a friend, as a new blow ... This is all too unfair !!! And most importantly, the Koreans still shout that the producers did the right thing. And do not even try to sympathize with the participants. Madden! It would have hit the Korean netizen on the head!
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