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  1. Yes, indeed he praised her for being a great DJ. if i’m not mistaken he along with The actress who played Eun-tak in goblin also praised YIN for her soothing voice and ‘really sincere’ compliment for others and thought it wasn’t just a lip-service or just to please the benefitted person. I think it was during goblin presscon that he elaborated what euntak said about YIN..
  2. Haha true.. caution for shipper’s heart because we won’t know what lies in the future ..so we need to work hard but at the same time try to balance everything that comes on media. I just wish they will end up like SongSong couple. It’S not that much too ask right So far they already followed what SongSong couple has done by jointly sending foodtruck to the PDnim that they’ve previously worked with. If after this TYH ends they will be spotted having dinner or lunch together with their circle of friends.. maybe going to each other fanmeetings? I just want these above to come true But IF someday the media insists about the nature of their relationship , i want them to be really stingy about what’s really happening in their personal lives ...and only will make presscon until that ‘M’ announcement.
  3. THIS!!! Thanks for pointing it out again chingu! i kept replaying that part in that interview because it was a testament that they are realllllly close (but not like best friends in a friendly manner ... ) in a way that tapping and nodding without saying anything in particular has become a common part of their way of “speaking”. Just like the “biscuit sharing” on ep.10 bts and “jjajangmyeon vs jjampongg” in that live interview Ah...idk if someone also has pointed this out , but i guess it’s during the initial question from the MC regarding whether they will be interested once they heard about “touch your heart”, YIN said she is instantly interested and LDW said he isn’t,, at the end LDW just casually pointing his hand to YIN and said “ compared to the people (sneakily teases YIN) who from the beginning will instantly be interested in touch your heart, i am the one who needs abit more time...” that moment, YIN then slapped him as if saying “ you’re not supposed to be this casual, we are infront of public” and then laughing..and right after that LDW said “oops sorry, i mean..” and he then politely amended his action and words by speaking more formally even the MC states “waa..these two are really close..”
  4. You need to make a kakao page account first to read the novel and after you log in it will provide you some free cash to read 3 chapters for free from the novel (total 100 chapters) ..and it’s all in korean. This is the link
  5. Yes! Exactly he becomes intimidated by her and submissive (during that jjajangmyeon convo ) . YIN indeed appears really calm like you said compared to the first kissing practice during their MT trip.
  6. But then again why should he be nervous considering he had done LOTS of kissing scenes which were considerably more passionate than this one? And on top of that he was the one who initiated the scenes. And his reasoning again is the same like where they shot ep.8 kissing scene “i am lazy to bend my head i will just pull her head up” ? Now it seems for me to be like a cute excuse for him to not getting nervous in front of her.
  7. Wow really? If that’s the case then the possibility gets higher.. Thank you for looking at his bts so that you could compare his treatment to his co-stars. And to be honest, with JRW he had full-blown kissing scenes that I thought he had done it professionally. During hotel king too, they shot similar love scenes with LDH and i still got the vibe that they are really close friends but not in a close-like SOME vibe with YIN (starting from goblin era) For me personally, as a professional actor who has done full-blown kisses in his previous dramas, i find it strange that I think LDW was nervous during the ep 10 kissing scene at JS’s house. He repeatedly told YIN and director “why does it keep getting far? “ why this.. why that? “ he even tried to move YIN chair to get a good perspective for kissing but then actually it doesn’t contribute to anything really because the chair wasn’t moved at all. Even The caption said “can’t you just do a cool proper kiss already?” He went back and forth and playfully blamed YIN for being too short (?) as a reason he couldn’t kiss her properly.. and finally after considerable amount cute banter with her And the PDnim “ah yes , i should just bend my head instead of pulling her head up” it’s kind like a cute excuse considering they did the first kiss rehearsal before and at that time he also said “since i am lazy to bend my head, i will just keep pull her head up” see why did he make the same reason again? I don’t know perhaps i took that scenes too seriously but after watching it with subtitles I could highly sense that LDW was nervous hence he did that funny ridiculous banter with YIN.
  8. Exactly chingu! You read my mind! I was gonna say that in this forum as well but you were faster than me wohooo I love how in this interview LDW looks like the one who took a backseat (so that YIN is happy, you can see it from her face) and he strikes me as someone who still trying to maintain his surprise that he got it wrong for the first time about YIN. and that looks like he knows her alot in a personal level
  9. Cr to owner jelly._.y YIN is seen filming with LSW (sewon) i think its infront of prosecutor office/ court?
  10. Cr : it's sinamoles YT I'm not sure if you guys have discussed this but in this interview, YIN even asked LDW about in which area her personality is similar to OJS .. I mean why you should ask him about your OWN personality , I find it really lovely.. How YIN comfortably asked him to make their answer to be same on the final question really shows how close they are. (@1.32) And also, she openly told viewers that LDW smile can capture women heart and then right after that she asked LDW to re-enact that smile..but he just playfully made a silly smile which triggered YIN to hit him playfully "not that one, oppa" ..Idk but he looks a bit shy to me that's why he refused to make the smile that can capture women heart
  11. Another pic of shooting by fan looks like they shot around palace or something related to a traditional place in seoul? I wonder if this is still part of breakup stage ... cr: yooinnabar and fan in weibo ( cr to respective owner)
  12. Judging from the pics above, he was filming with YR? I see her a bit more clearly on the second pic Perhaps for discussing about the PSM case?
  13. EXACTLY! it's like, he wanted to say 'sssh..' it's just between you and me..why did you say it on public? can't you see how embarassed i am?' omona..after seeing the video with the subtitle, now I can relate and understand why they can communicate with only eyes during that ' biscuits sharing' for me it seems as if they have 'more than just friend but not yet dating' kind of relationship..hmm..should i say 'Some' stage ?
  14. OMONA...WHY DOES IT SEEM THAT he wanted to have her mentioning his name for giving her vitamins and taking care of her? that's sooooo sweet of him. the way he said 'YA!' because YIN seemed to skip the person who actually took care of her most during the crazy winter filming. he even said ' why is it so hard to hear that?' and the funny thing is that YIN knows he was fishing for that compliment and hence she played along with him well. I think right after YIN said ' it's all thanks to ldw-ssi for giving vitamin' he abruptly wanted to stop her (haha it's contradictive really...) why ? why? he seemed shy after YIN complimented him. I love how adorable he is
  15. I agree..in fact, the drama is almost coming to an END ..if they send this so called joint food truck in the beginning of the tyh drama, people could rationally say they just want to promote tyh to a wider audience and other pdnim and crew and other fans who might be interested to see tyh after seeing this food truck.. IF it is in the BEGINNING. Call me delulu but that means they discuss alot OFF screen about works or each other daily lives in and have become comfortable enough on a personal level to make a decision “hey, why don’t we send a food truck together..we’ve worked with this PDnim before (in a separate drama) and why don’t we send our favorite PIC together (this is fact from their early tyh interview about their fave pic) as the cover of the food truck?”
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