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  1. OMG I love this drama so much!! Even if it has a sad ending, everything so far is so beautiful (I am only on epi 34 as I am watching on viki) I don't understand why the hate with LCY - this isn't a romcom - it is about politics and war, and quite frankly, the fact that he fell in love with the woman he was arranged to be married to is surprising! LCY is great as the crown prince - he is both so very young (romance) and wise (politics) at the same time. I think the pairing of XF with him is just beautiful and I was reading some earlier comments about real life ages and how she is too old for him. Oh come on. Seriously. it's not like they are 20 years apart in age and in fact, many kings married slightly older women. In this drama, however, the characters seem to be around the same age and it works. the actress that plays XF is stunning. She is so beautiful & when paired next to LCY, they are a handsome couple. If they are redoing the ending, I hope it is a good one for the 2 of them. There are misunderstandings, but XF has to realize the Danchi tribe wasn't all cuddly kittens. She has to know that they were just as ruthless and perhaps she can forgive LCY for his deeds, which he was tricked into by his brother. I love everything about this and yeah, I guess a love triangle has to be tossed in there. I do like GJ a lot, but he needs to look elsewhere. but he isn't dead - it's LCY. just repackaged.
  2. yeah, this was not a happy ending. If they followed the novel, it would have been a happy ending. As it is, if Chen Yu is alive (which I am thinking NOT), how can they live with themselves, knowing that they were the cause of so many deaths?
  3. I am leaning towards this theory as well. I think she is now trying to cope with all of the trauma. There is no way she can be a fem-version of LRK, as she has no martial arts and no shifu to teach her. She has always been a storyteller and I think she is just making stuff up in her head. I actually am fine with this ending, as she brought death to all of her friends. It is more fitting with a traditional Chinese drama ending. I wish the script writers had followed the novel & you can have a lot of bloody scenes without killing everyone (Fu Yao did it quite well with all of their blood spitting). People would have been much more happy about the series. Ahhh well. I think this might get the worst drama with the best acting performance of the year award for me.
  4. Its not as if Bin Bin didn't have a lot of face time during the series - it was that he was given a horrible story arc in the 2nd half. I was glad to have an exciting antagonist with Austin Lin's performance as DFS, so I am not complaining about that at all. In fact, when you compare Bin Bin's & Lin's performances together, I was sad to see that Bin Bin fell flat. He is a fine actor - I loved him in 10 miles and also the King's Woman, but this role was not the best script for him. The nice thing about this series - I added a new actor to follow with my CDramas - Austin Lin is an amazing talent.
  5. The books end at this point so I am not sure there is any material for a season 2. Besides, they killed everyone off - so, no one is going to want to associate with BQ and CY anymore - haha I don't really see a need for a second season and after that crapastic ending, I doubt it will happen anyway. yeah, I question how BQ got those martial arts. I think it was her imagination kicking in. She was always a good storyteller, so perhaps this is her way of coping. They messed up the novel's ending badly, so I can imagine that they went this route as well - to keep people guessing, just like in Fu Yao.
  6. whew i am glad i am not the only one disappointed by this hot mess. i wish the script writers would have stayed true to the novel So, I have been reading some theories and I will wait until I watch epi 51 before weighting in on what I think of the ending
  7. @taeunfighting I do watch raws at times, but when it gets to the end, I try not to as I do not understand Chinese - half the time when I watch raws, I am dying inside as I don't know what is being said and google translate isn't always right (I hold my phone up to my laptop and turn on the voice translate ) I have always found raws for shows I wanted to watch on youtube and they are uploaded first. Viki has licensing agreements with the show and cannot release a raw until the show has aired - and then they release the raw while the subber's translate. I kinda figured what was going to happen at the end because of the previews, so that is why I gave up on the raws with this show. I LOVE CDramas. I think they do period/fantasy pieces the BEST. I do watch some KDramas for modern pieces and JDramas for anime/quirky dramas. But CDramas are the best - despite the kill ratio (haha) My next one is Goodbye My Princess (which looks so lush and beautiful) and that one I know ends badly, so I am good with it. I think with this series, since the book ending was different, I was hoping for a better outcome for some of the characters, but the drama writers decided to go on a bloody trope instead.
  8. thank you @omiki Did DFS then become emperor? What about Mo? Thank you again so much and I agree - that ending, nice and simple, happy ending
  9. thanks for the recaps @themarchioness and that was me that stated that about the guilt thing. Its good to see that is not the case - remember, viki is only on epi 47 and I am not watching the raws, so I was taking a guess there. but I have to say, my reaction to this episode is similar to the one I had with I will watch the rest on viki as I slogged thru this series all this way, and then start up with Goodbye My Princess - at least that is a marketed properly as a romantic tragedy and it looks really good. for those who read the novel, can you share the ending? Please dm me! thanks
  10. thank you - yes, I was immediately drawn to this character the second he said to BQ that he was good at clearing poisons but better at poisoning people. My jaw dropped and I was like wow - this is going to get really interesting now. I feel that DFS really did love BQ (and I hate it when folks say "in their own way" - I am guilty of using that saying too - but in the end, our feelings and love are all in "our own way" - there are never two quite the same) and he did rebel against his grandfather to save her. He is not filial at all, which makes him also very interesting. I also think because he was the last surviving heir to the Cheng name, that he was under pressure that Chen Yu never had to feel - CY's father shielded him from that pressure. I feel the same way as you do about Bin Bin's performance in here. He is STUNNING to look at and can read the dictionary to me and I would swoon. BUT his role in here became so bland and tasteless compared to DFS. DFS is flawed and yet, there is sincerity in his ways. Austin Lin is amazing. I want to see more of his works as well and I hope this is not his last period drama. This is his first one he has done and he did an excellent job. He also had the best outfits too - the writers really loved this character - you can tell by the writing that they enjoyed bringing this complex character to life.
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