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  1. Eeeyahhh... ok ok ... i give up -> let u win ...tsk... Monastery ya? mmmm.. ok ok my favourite Shaolin Si: (replying to u live at Shaolin Si) (Cr to yourself sister) Too late - i already checked in Shaolin Si ...hmphh!! (oh... dat means i aint got time to entertain u here anymore ah..ok take note - dont tag me anymore ah... ok? Ok) (Sorray sister sejabin if u take forever to load my post - i did follow Soompi posting rules horh)
  2. Orh - hoh... Orhhhh - hoh!! sister - u are 'shooting' @triplem + All her Abs club members ..tsk...tsk "ow..owooo.." O..kay.. no more abs - now i m super addicted to your boob~~ "ahh..choo!" Boobib stickers *dum~~* O..kay.. sorray to all chingus here for the boobib spam - i m juz entertaining the 'lonely heart' of uri sejabin *cough~~* chill! Happy wed for all touch... touch... Touch Your Heart fans !! Tata!
  3. orh..hoh..hoh... sister!! err.. cant blame me for keeping those towels ...wawawaaa ~~ touch me like u do... touch touch touch me like u do... what are u waiting for? (Ops pardon me... juz singing my favourite karaoke song) **flies off quickly**
  4. Yes sister! I am turning over a leaf now *wink* Come and sing with me ... er... at the nunnery ah not monastery ...tsk... (monastery -> i ... i... cannot focus) i will follow... him... Oh wait chakaman... are u opening a Karaoke Club at Soompi??
  5. Erhm... mmmm.. i ...i... cant join your club (leh) coz i juz joined another club -> conflict of 'interest':
  6. oh tks @SweetLullaby got it. Peachtree uploaded this Compilation of songs 2 days ago: enjoy!! Some super nice gifs shared on weibo/hyunjinlight: Link: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4350559131404188#&gid=1&pid=4
  7. Ahh... i want to take this chance to click on angry emoji... hahaaa yes... u are my first 'victim' hahaaa Btw whatz dat green face represents?
  8. o..kay... i managed to catch this web drama - "The Boy Next Door" (kdrama) itz really really super hilarious : Bromance Comedy (Compilation of 15 episodes) Recommending to chingus who like 'crazy' stuff... ops ...heee @staygold @triplem @Ameera Ali @Sarang21 and @cenching
  9. I want to sing karaoke ooooh...ooooh... try to do what lovers do....oooo Oh ok.. time to change diapers ...heee..
  10. Ahhh... triplem !! U killing me ah u!! ya u so naughty -> tempting me to 'come back n hug him' ah... tsk... oh wait chakaman: *whisper* oh ahhh... eehmm.. i .... i.... am now (Gosh.. those coloured faces kinda look creepy to me ops!)
  11. omo omo this is her favourite? (Cr child actor's IG) Ah uh oh.. who is Jiin? I m not good with remembering Korean names Tks all for the updates! (Oh i like those boots) Cr Soop: @shjfan23 @justright *whisper* mmm... i juz saw some Soompi news - was shocked to read about Lee Mi Sook - she was in TOL (as YSJ's mum) with uri queen ya? gosh all these scandals - ok chill - happy monday monday!
  12. Mmm...I think the dailymotion channel is managed by Angel too. There is a youtube channel - but i m not too sure who is managing it: Only 2 clips uploaded so far. I rem itz @paradicez who helped to do this video. Tag @SweetLullaby @shjfan23 Wow.. tks for sharing! Juz finished watching it (me stuck in the rain wawaawaaa) Some pics -Source: weibo hyunjinlight:
  13. Omo @SweetLullaby according to the translations at weibo/hyunjinlight, this IG owner - a food caterer went to our queen's new CF filming location: #서현진 --------------------- I need those handcuffs ...wawaaawaaa.... cto:
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