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  1. Regarding Innisfree Singapore Fb post Yoona will going to Singapore at the end of March ...
  2. Actually that's Chung Jung Won cf. from 2011 (as I learned recently ;-)
  3. Edit: I read in different tweets, that the recording was today and the episode will be on air at March 24 ...
  4. Funny ;-) The song: and back than in SH, when mentioned by LSG, that no use that he choose her as his ideal type, because her "ideal type" is Kimura Takuya ;-)
  5. It seems Seung Gi really likes phone covers with stickers (well, I didn't find myself out, I read in a tweet, but had to figure out what that picture was taken ;-). So it was 2015 June at the "And goodbye" MV filming ... Source: https://leeseunggiforever.com/2015/06/14/bcut-photos-of-lee-seung-gi-singing-melo-mv-filming-behind-the-scenes-by-dispatch/
  6. Seung Gi sent a coffee & a churro truck to support teacher Lee Sun Hee's concert today Hook Ent. IG story ... https://www.instagram.com/stories/hook_entertainment/?hl=en
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