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  1. i wasn't a fan of her hair during healer either cus those bangs were way too thick for my liking but Im hoping the stylist will do something like this for minyoung? layers with see thru bangs not too sure about the pink color .... it would be interesting to see
  2. thank you! I'm excited for the 14th event I hope we see Minyoung's new hairstyle for her new drama since she's going to be filming soon im guessing?
  3. Hello! ive been checking this thread out for a while now and decided to make an account. I fall into the category of the group believing in them dating haha. I don't really ship many people after the drama ends cus I usually start shipping due to the the chemistry on screen but i barely see it off screen so i forget about it. However, It's a bit different with these two ???? When I was watching those VIKI interviews after the drama ended, i was honestly SHOCK by the touching and the closeness between the two. I have never EVER seen an interview like that between two actors in the kdramaland keke. I enjoyed the drama very much and support these two (together and individually) Here are some of my fav moments (i wish they didnt edit too much cus there were times where they just stare at each other thinking about an answer to the question haha) Look at them panicking after realizing they are staring at each other and Minyoung's eyes not knowing where to look haha. same minyoung same "WHATS PERFECT ABOUT ME?" that comfort level and the way he's staring at her.... SO SOFT You can Seo Joon's little smile when she started answering the question and he turned away quick when he realized what he was doing This is probably my favorite. Besides her staring at him like he's the love of her life haha, her subtle body language (in the beginning) he moves, she moves.. it's like she always making sure she's giving him her 100% attention. this is honestly rare to see esp in kdrama interviews, usually when one actor is answering a question, the other actor would just look somewhere else spacing out/listening... they dont do... this.... keke when the mc asked them to do a pose, they stood there confused for a while and Minyoung reached out to him to hold onto his arm... reminds me of something people often do with their loved ones when they are nervous/awkward with other people Look at how awkward PSJ is after copying her and realizing the camera is there HGDSKLJGHSKG it's okay we know we know hahaha if they arent dating, then damnnn they are rlly attracted to each other and are so comfortable lmao I ordered the DVD so i hope we see some more cute linger looks and interactions in the bts footage.I can't wait to see cute photos!!!