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  1. elzy

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Awww, love these twooo, seemed our lovebirds got teased so much. I just couldn't stop smile from ear to ear watching their shy smile and their "uncomfortable". I'm definitely gonna watch this episode too soon the subs is out. Thanks for the clips, made my day happier @Regita M. P
  2. elzy

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Wow, I would be over the moon if JK try to clear his past LL, and not deny about his current relationship with JH. However, as much as I want it to happen on the next RM episode, but I doubt he would do it this early. If he state he has nothing between him and HJY, then the member will only raise one question, why he cleared things up with HJY and not with SJH? Idk, in my opinion, maybe he will give us some hints, but not state it clearly. But, I could be wrong, maybe SA is prepared enough to answer them with their helpless smile and their crimson cheeks. But, I don't care about JK's past LL anyway. The way he spoke about them, the way he treated her, it's already told me they had nothing in between them, not like our lovely SA. And SA fanbase was already built way before those LL emerged and still going strong 'till now, so why must bother about her coming to RM? Yes, it would fascinating to see their interactions and I'm confident that nothing bad would happen to our SA. Their SArang power would overwhelm everything as always. Keep our fingers crossed, guys.
  3. elzy

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Is it just me who think that their absent of denials is because SA are comfortable enough in front of their RM family? I think, every RM members and crews knew something about our SA, so there's no point for SA to deny anymore Fishy, isn't it? Tsk, tsk. I already guessed someday, JH will be asked about it on/off air by the other member. It's just about the right timing, because after she told the story, someone said (HH iirc) let's have a dinner together, which I believe, he wants to hear more 'bout that. And... this is interesting too... The RM members have been strongly teased SA in the last 3 episodes, then if JH's Christmas story is really true about her ex bf, why must they bring it up again? I mean, why bring the past story in front of someone you'd cheer to be together? Hence, there are some possible conditions to that in my mind: 1.) If JH's ex bf in her story was really true her ex - JH and JK have nothing in between them, so there's no hint of jealousy in JK's face - JK as her current lover already knew about it and accept it (as a mature couple), so the member was happily teasing about it in front of him 2.) JH's ex bf was no other is JK himself In my mind, this is the most possible answer, because the member brought this issue up in the middle of teasing JK-JH. Then, JK's expression. Boy, he can't hide his shyness well, can he? Mmm... then, lately, I'm just wondering, if it's true that our SA is couple in real life, what conversation would they have when they are watching their relationship slowly exposed like this? Hahahaha I'm sorry for another long post... Just a random & over-analyzing thought of mine
  4. elzy

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    waiting for the eng subs eagerly for this episode too... However, one moment that i want to point out is when HH decided to join JH's team.. Look at how JK reacted when HH said he wanted to hear JH's Christmas story. He shyly smile and rubbing his nose in respond. Well, according to many sources, touching nose can be interpreted as lying or have something to hide. "If it is a real itch, people generally rub their nose vigorously once. If someone just touches their nose lightly but repeatedly, someone might be trying to be deceptive, or they have something to hide, according to some body language specialists." (https://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/30-ways-body-language-will-give-you-away.html) Ah, sorry for my delulu mind, but I like to think that the man in her story was no other but JK himself. Btw, love their laughs, their sweet glances at each other in this episode. It such a waste that she can't go to LA with him, but yeah... it will cause too much fuss if they choose to be together. I guess JH will go to LA with HH, just my two-cents, idk, i could be wrong. But, I'm sure, she would ask JK recommendation when she is staying at LA.
  5. elzy

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    It's from BP, just before HH teased JK about MAMA 2013
  6. elzy

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    @mn0096 I tried to googled translated it besides the tag of running man n SA name, there are "shooting complete", "February 10th", I'm not sure about the one with television (본방: home, 사수: shoot) and the rest tags are: "Shy Bana" (a name of the restaurant), "Menu", "Western Food", and others foods name like Spaghetti Meat Balls, Delicious Food, etc.
  7. elzy

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Yeah, i'm totally agree with you, years ago, we hardly see their sweet moments. We only got them from all 'hawk-eye' fans (thanks to everyone who have this skill, lol), the fact that it was not shown or mentioned to public made us feel it was way too sweet sometimes, but now, we have a completely different story. But, hey, we still got those hidden sweet moments too, right? (when JH hold JK arms when watching the roulette spun, when JK tap JH back in latest ep when she tried to stand up, etc, etc.) I'm sure we can still got those hidden sweet moments, anyhow As a fan, me too gladly accept everything they would show us, even after this weekend, if they decide to end their "loveline", by the fact they want to use the sbs card alone, compete against each other, there is a possibility that they ended their "loveline" too, I wouldn't disappoint either. I've prepared myself for everything . It was not their first time to get teased anyway (although, not too insistent, previously) So... I don't see it as a bad thing. Then, let's see what the future episode may bring.
  8. elzy

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Wow, they became trending topic, eventhough newest RM episode have not been released yet... Did we miss something? Only a photo about them (together, again) leaked earlier today, right? Hahaha, I hope this would lead us to some positive news soon. I just couldn't imagine how happy am I when the day come
  9. elzy

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Hi guys, i'm new here, i've been here enjoying this thread since almost 4 years ago, i'm a fan of RM actually since the beginning of the show (cause I enjoy watching Family Outing previously), but I decided to give my comment just now cause last night I dreamt about our SA So, eventhough RM is one of my favorite show, I didn't watch it since 2 years ago (the show was not the same anymore and my life got bussier), but I always crave for SA sweet moments through this page and IG. I just started to watch RM again after ep. 436 (of course as a SA fan, I wouldn't miss this). I always love to read all of your analysis regarding every situation, and I really love to add some if you wouldn't mind Here is what I think 1.) JH back hug scene at HK fan meeting was utterly sweet, but hence, my gut feeling said they've already did it before, because JK seemed not too flustered at that time, he is shy, yes, but... idk, it's like they've already done that before. 2.) this back hug scene reminds me of the old SA moments (one of my favorite) when they wore school uniforms and JK back hug JH after she found his cassette with his name on it. Gosh, don't you think our Commander acts differently towards her? He is (I believe) a man with full of strategies, if he knew she would find his object, why don't he blocked the door and stole the cassette easily? Rather he choose to "fight" her with that "romantic" way, they always get us wondering about their status since long time ago, don't they? 3.) all of this "loveline" thing, actually like most of you guys had already said, it was scripted and agreed by SA themselves, and I rather say they're smart with this. Their timing also perfect. JH already came to MUD as a guest way before this LL thing emerges. It's true she was there to promote her previous drama, but if she came to MUD now, wouldn't it be awkward for her to deny everything. Then, JK as a guest at her PJF too. Only God knows why he is there. He isn't promoting anything CMIIW, but he was there to support JH's show meanwhile he can, without creating too much fuss about their relationship like now. Yes, PJF was over now, but still, i think they've already talked about this too, like they've talked about JK joining MUD show. So that, I really hope, in the future JH would come to BP, really curious to see their interactions since HH was there too. 4.) I know what we've seen on screen only contain small portion of truth. Somehow, I sensed those truth when JK cursed (the moment HH told him to taught JH to flip ddakji). When I saw that moment, it's like, idk, i think JK is being truthful, it's like all those rants to HH when he said, "I dated secretly, don't you dare to tell the public" thing. It stated to me one thing (okay, part of this is my delusional mind): he is in love with her, but he is not doing it only for the sake of the teasing. No, not for that. Hence, I still have some other things to say to all of you, but I think it's better to cut it short here, since this is my first post and it already too much, and sorry for my bad english