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  1. Someone pmy korean fans post it on IG, but on IG translate say close bookstore, you can find it if you open pmy hastag hangul name
  2. Rachel delete 200 or more post on IG (include JCW photo) hmm what's wrong with Mi so(Rachel/PMY)?
  3. totaly agree with this point,, pmy already got it before, she's 13 years debuts this years,,, So stop talk about who more popular!
  4. but psj weibo followers are far from Pmy followers, and i can say whoever Pmy co-Star definitely be more popular in China. we do not need to clarify who is more popular because if at wwwsk not pmy playing secretary kim we are not sure it can be as popular as this, if it is not psj playing lee young joon we might not fall in love with this couple until now
  5. yes agree,,,senior actors didn't take too much cf look like SJS and HB they more focus on movie and drama and they are happy life. they have never been at varshow like RM or else they are focusing on drama and movie. LMH and PMY also never attended varshow RM, so don't compare an actor from cf or ambassadors product, and we don't need to discuss who is more popular because from their debut it's different. Simply support they are increasingly popular because the wwwsk psj is also now popular in China. We love both of them.
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