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  1. I agree with you on the point that keeping her husband unaware is totally unacceptable! They are both parents, so the ethical issues involved should be addressed together. However, she is filthy rich, rich people always have loads of money to hire good lawyers to win the custody. Besides, her husband is far far far away from smart...
  2. By the way, I cannot believe that JY is still thinking about marrying SJ after his radical honesty telling her about how much he is in love with SY. JY is a condescending brat, and what kind of low self-esteem women would still like to marry a man that clearly in deep love with someone else? It is so pathetic because anyone with sanity would know it is not going to end well...... SJ's sister is supposed to be nearly 40 years old, because she is 12 years older than SJ. I suppose it is not unusual for women at the age have difficulty conceive. But if she does not, she perhaps still would not do it given the trauma of their mother's death, and she is so superficial....
  3. We were right, there will be a bunch of eps where SY tries to push SJ away......the hug is gut-wrenching they both will be heartbroken.....
  4. Well, I dont think they will be back to square zero for that matter. SY would like to push SJ away, but SJ is not the type of guy that can be easily pushed away due to such romance-irrelevant reasons. I think he will try hard to break the obstacle caused by the surrogacy and pull her back to him. The surrogacy thing is totally ridiculous. SJ's sister has a legitimate reason to find a surrogate because it is hard for her to conceive. Yes, SD is young and single, but 99% surrogate mothers are young and single, because women with significant others won't do it, and young healthy women is the requirement as surrogates, and that is why she was considered to be one. SD is an adult and no one forced her to take it. Besides, she got pregnant through medical procedures instead of being knocked out. Perhaps the only thing missing is the psychological interventions to her before, during and after the pregnancy and delivery, and counselors should be hired for her to make sure her mental health through the process. Also they had a deal with money paid, which is the way how surrogacy works and all the other surrogates did the same thing, and her health is not compromised based on her stage and training performance, she is still young, healthy and energetic. If she needs psychological counseling, then hire her one. I don't see any other illegitimacy on this issue and anyone's human rights were violated, so what the heck with all the fuss? I really have a hard time to understand all the family dramas with yelling and crying...The conflicts just seem so artificial, like they have to pick on something to fight about.....
  5. In the preview, SJ's tears totally broke my heart I suppose next SY will push him away and let him cold turkey on his feelings......Although we know it is impossible for him or for her...
  6. Hi, can you fill me in why SJ's sister needed surrogacy in the first place? Is there something wrong with her body so she cannot conceive? Or she just does not want to lose good body figure for pregnancy?
  7. I think the "repels SY and becomes mean to preserve her" story line is definitely going to happen.....
  8. thank you for posting this! This is disgusting~~~~~~ That is a super "No No" for such kind of guys in life, drunk or not...... They lack of the ability to reflect on themselves in the relationship, and try to bully women into sex as reassurance!!! DISGUSTING!
  9. today's episode is such a filler~ too much yelling and crying
  10. I never liked SH......he always acts as he is the most righteous person in the world, and the so-called love for SY is more of a 'check mark' to him to marry a woman as he scheduled long time ago. He was not as interested in what SY is thinking and feeling as SJ is, for him SY is still that little girl when they first met, instead of a strong young woman as she is today. So he felt so righteous to make plans for them without really making effort to know what SY really needs, which SJ always does and sees SY as an equal and independent character to him, and that is what contributes to a successful relationship. SH has Ms hong's DNA and is unable to have a healthy view of relationship, to quite an extent, he objectified SY and thought he has ownership of her! And I am sick of it..... When did that happen? I cannot believe I missed that part... Do you mean he wanted to sleep with her? for real? seriously ?
  11. I know what you mean......There are still some stereotypes about western living styles in Asians' mind, like "party all the time there...." While I would expect SY is furious about the surrogacy given how protective she is for her family...... She consider herself as the breadwinner and guardian of the household with their father out of the picture long time ago. It would break her heart that her little sister made such sacrifice and she knew nothing for so long......Especially, how their ill mother can handle such info? All of this overwhelms her ......it is going to be gut-wrenching to see SJ and SY are in love but cannot see any way out to reconcile their families and support their relationship......Oh well, now I am heart broken ~~~
  12. Oh no~~~~~ with the cat out of the bag, how can their parents to accept each other with such an awkward mess? Then SJ and SY will be busy with putting off the fired lit in their houses, and not only they have no time to date, but also they have bad feelings (especially SY) on the other's family...... Is that too much to ask for some sweet episodes of the OTP?
  13. I just really hope they can have a few episodes of sweet dating other than dealing with the selfish and crazy relatives around
  14. surrogacy is coming out......SH is struggling with his depression caused by his evil mother SH is going to physically beat SJ for their kissing......