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  1. Pyeha! My heart is heavy with grief. Although we expected it, it still doesn't make the pain any less. Hyuk, you will always be remembered as the most dynamic character in TLE. Everyone did a great job, but you outshone everyone and worm your way into the hearts of the audience. We could hate you or love you, but no one could ignore you. I started watching the show because I was hoping for a HEA which we were deprived of in Fated to Love You and also because I am a big Jang Na-ra fan. In fact, I hardly took a notice of SSR in Thank You. No, that would be wrong. I did notice him as a weak , indecisive character who made it easy for us to root for Jang Hyuk. But after watching SSR's stellar performance in TLE, I have become his big big biggggg fan! Hoping to see him on television again, not as a weak indecisive character or as a villain please! If any writer/ PD is lurking here, please take note. We would love to see SSR as a 'good' guy but then SSR as Hyuk had proven that evil guys are more enigmatic than the good ones, more entertaining certainly! Thank you @ktcjdrama and @katakwasabi for the live recaps.
  2. Wohoo! We get to see more of Pyeha's crazy antics! Bring it on writer Nim! If he continues the way he had begun, I have a feeling he would go down spectacularly. Thereby, ensuring truth and justice triumphs over evil.
  3. confusedheart7997

    Shin Sung Rok 신성록 - [Current Drama: The Last Empress]

    @katakwasabi That pic! It hurts for some odd reason. I know he is getting what he deserves but it still hurts. At least they didn't kill our dearest Pyeha, crazy or not. You are right, these dynamic villains are super entertaining. More entertaining than the goody two shoes main leads. Also, I always had a second lead syndrome since I started watching K-dramas. I never suffered from this ailment before. SSR you are simply amazing! Kudos to you for such a fantastic acting. You are the main lead in our eyes simply because of the range of emotions your character displayed and got the audience so involved either rooting for him or rallying for his very cruel end.
  4. I gave into my temptation and finally watched the episode. We can safely conclude, that there is no hope for Pyeha. He is someone who sadly will not change his spots. I know he is the way he is partly because of how he had been conditioned since childhood. Yet, as I watched and rewatched old episodes, I simply cannot forget how horrible he had been. A cold hearted , conniving, merciless, ruthless murderer. He had repeatedly tried killing the very woman whose affection he's dying to win. As a rational woman I understand it is impossible to love a man like that. The damage has been done and to be honest Sunny has to be mad if she actually gives him another chance. In my defence, I can only say that SSR is a fantastic actor and his brief 'humane' side won me over temporarily. But looking at his recent actions, it is impossible to trust him. He is ready to combust at a drop of a hat. His face twisted with anger gave me the chills. That man has super acting skills! ED and nanny Kang are getting on my nerves! Why must evil win all the time? We had been waiting for some justice like forever. At least give us small victories to keep our morale high. This show is totally SSR's! He rules it truly like an emperor with his varied acting. You can love him or hate him, you definitely can't ignore him. He's such a dynamic and complex character. He has done justice to his character. He has found a new fan in me. It's funny because I started this show because I wanted Jang Nara and CJH to get a hea after Fate to Love You. But as they say, man proposes and here the k-drama god disposes. I'm on this roller-coaster ride. Come what may! Bring it on Writer Nim! What ace do you have up your sleeve to stump us further? Superb work!
  5. confusedheart7997

    Shin Sung Rok 신성록 - [Current Drama: The Last Empress]

    @katakwasabiI have given up any hope of HEA for LH. He's a doomed man. I hope the drama gods will take pity on him and cast him in a rom-com as a good guy, main lead please! I watched the videos you posted from Return. The other guy, is he that senior guy from Gangnam Beauty? SSR, please do something positive next time. We all admit you do a great job as a villain but please, can we see the other side too? I'm sure the writer is laughing behind our backs as we bicker over Sunny& WB, Sunny & LH. Sending the audience into a tizzy with a suddenly 'reformed' LH. K-dramas are the only dramas that give me serious second lead syndrome. I mean, every show I watch I start rooting for the second lead, sometimes I favour them more than the first lead. The writers should quit playing games with our hearts because both the leads are always too good and equally deserving and so it's extremely heartbreaking to see their love remain unrequited.
  6. Wow! You blink and you miss. Belated Happy Birthday to @foreverempress and @katakwasabi CJH! Thanks a million @flutterby06 Not sure how I can manage to be patient till the episodes air.
  7. confusedheart7997

    Shin Sung Rok 신성록 - [Current Drama: The Last Empress]

    Who is Oh Tae Seok? I started watching Defendant and the villain there is super super scary! He's another level of crazy for sure. Gives me the goosebumps. Um Ki Joon. Super scary. Have you watched Defendant? I haven't watched the latest episode of TLE. I will binge watch this week after it ends. I want to relish each moment of Hyuk's craziness. I got excited to see the kiss in preview. Be still my crazy heart. Don't get your hopes up. The last episode airs on Valentine's Day, will the writer be kind to us and give us what seems impossible at the moment?
  8. Last post for the day, a self confessed crazy Lee Hyuk /Pyeha fan! Dedicated to the crazy Pyeha- Britney Spears (You Drive Me Crazy)
  9. confusedheart7997

    Shin Sung Rok 신성록 - [Current Drama: The Last Empress]

    @katakwasabi Please watch Thank You! It was such a heart warming story. I can guarantee you'd love it. Be prepared to shed lots of tears though. It's such a simple but heart warming story. Also the OST was beautiful. Oh so was the location where it was shot. Oh the child artist too was brilliant. SSR played such a relatable character, a conflicted man. I like how he chooses to play characters with shades of gray. i mean no one is an out and out evil person in real life. I enjoy watching him struggle with his emotions. It's not always easy to choose to do the right thing in life. Sometimes although we have honest , good intentions, we are unable to act upon them. Please watch the show, I highly recommend it. I go back to it whenever I need a break from the high voltage dramas. I was rather surprised to read that it was a smash hit unlike some other very mediocre shows which are considered huge hits both domestically and internationally.
  10. Kamsahamnida @katakwasabi Just last night my friend commented on how I have picked up some random Korean words thanks to the shows I had started watching. And now I am addicted to K-dramas. Thank you for the synopsis. I appreciate it. I can't speak Korean so we are even. Since him ending with the empress seems to be impossible, I would take the second alternative of him turning over a new leaf and repenting for his wrongs. Don't turn him into an evil character again. Our poor hearts can not take this. He has burnt all his bridges now.
  11. confusedheart7997

    Shin Sung Rok 신성록 - [Current Drama: The Last Empress]

    To be honest, I didn't even realize while watching The Last Empress that the Emperor was the same guy from Thank You. I loved Thank You. It's my second all-time favourite k-drama. I was too enamoured by the other lead. I did notice a few things though. a. He was tall. Like really, really tall. b. He had very sharp features. Very chiselled. But I couldn't root for him because he was a weak and indecisive character. But the range of emotions he had portrayed in TLH is simply mind blowing. He has been superb! He made us hate him as a cold, cruel Pyeha. Then he started thawing and he got a glimpse of his other human side and we fell head over heels in love with him, so much so we started rooting for him, a feat which seemed impossible when the show started. Never could imagine that we would one day end up rooting for the guy we detested from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for making this page. I can rant and rave about him here to my heart's delight.
  12. Hi everyone! Can someone please give a synopsis of the episode? LH , my pyeha , has he turned evil again? Why oh why? He was trying to be good. Oh K-Drama gods, why so heartless? You gave us hope when we had given up on ever liking him. It was an impossibility and now that we are invested in him with our feelings, you go and turn the tables again. Although to be honest, SSR did such a fantastic job being the cruel, cold , heartless jerk! A truly despicable man, not just as a husband or as an emperor. And just when he was showing his human side... Why? Oh why? Trying to kill Sunny? Oh LH, why do you wish to repeat history? Your rage inadvertently became the cause of the late empress. Your rage made you kill Yu-Ra. You had tried killing Sunny on numerous occasions previously and now this? Please, someone give the synopsis. Be still my foolish heart, Pyeha has left us all shaken and stirred. I was wondering if LH turned and out villain, but the reality doesn't sink easily. Dear writer, you encouraged our feelings for LH and now we are left heartbroken. I will not lie and say I don't want LH to end with the empress but even if he doesn't I won't mind it as long as he doesn't turn back to his cold indifferent and evil ways. Dear K-drama gods, at least grant our small request and don't make him an out and out evil man. My poor heart can't take this.
  13. LH my pyeha! I'm very very afraid of how your craziness will unfold now that you know of how you have been played by two people you trusted the most. I cannot forget how cold and indifferent you had been. That smile was enough to freeze us. (SSR was amazing in the initial episodes. The coldness, evilness his indifference was so well portrayed. He was colder than the freezing temperatures in the USA. At the same time, I'm super excited to see how he reacts to this revelation. Also, if he had known about the deception all along and had just been playing along, playing a fool to fool the others then respect! (He can't be more evil than this, playing the trump card, stringing them all along. This would be the biggest twist ever!
  14. @flutterby06 Thanks a lot for the translation and the suggestion. I am definitely going to watch them next.
  15. @flutterby06 Thanks for posting OST #4. I find it very foot tapping too. @jbeanie1709 Can you please translate OST 4 too? I can't get you out of my head @ the emperor /LH Also, does SRS usually play negative roles? I have only watched him in Thank You previously and there too he was a weak, indecisive man.