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  1. Does anybody know what brand of earphones was bogummy wearing when he was at the bus stop?
  2. Wow my comment wasn't really that deep but you replied with a long lecture about drinking. Well, when I said it would be interesting to see them both drunk, I'm just referring to their cute antics and certainly not about them doing intimate scenes because I would also prefer them doing it while sober. Anyway we all know about Koreans' drinking culture so I think that's why we always see it in dramas. Although I'm not defending their love for drinking because I'm not a fan of it either.
  3. Oh I didn't know we shouldn't quote pics or gifs. Btw is there an option here to delete a post?
  4. They're such cute drunks. It would be interesting to see them get drunk together.
  5. Excuse me for butting in on your conversation but I just wanna say that the balcony scene was so natural that I honestly saw them as PBG and SHK. I was so stunned with how amazing their chemistry was.
  6. Yesss imagine the impact on the scene when it's his voice playing on the background singing that song. If he doesn't record an official one, I think we would still hear him sing an Encounter OST soon in his fanmeeting. He has a lot of upcoming fanmeetings this year. First one will be on January 26. :)
  7. I wish Bogummy sings an OST for this drama. A new one or a male version of the recently released OST by Baek A Yeon. Like an answer since that song is from Cha Soohyun's perspective.
  8. Thank you so much. I've been downloading all the songs used in this drama, even if it's not included in the official soundtrack.
  9. Maybe this was already mentioned here but I think I must have scrolled past it while I was backreading so I'll just ask, does anyone know what song Jinhyuk was listening to when he was wearing earphones at the bus stop?
  10. @stardustvoidYes I would choose an extension too, since special episodes like director's cut or deleted scenes and behind the scenes footages are usually included in the DVD. (If they're going to release one)
  11. Hello. I've been lurking here and finally decided to log in. Did you guys notice that the broadcast date of the drama replacing Encounter is February 6, but Encounter ends on January 24? Maybe they're planning to air special episodes or commentary with SHK and PBG on January 30-31? I'm still hoping for an extension but I doubt because if they were planning for an extension they would have announced it by now. So hopefully we get at least special episodes. Thank you to everyone keeping this thread alive, it's such a delight to read your insights.