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  1. I LOVE YOUR POST. Thank you for saying this because I kept reading fans comparing WWWSK and TYH. Yes, both are office romances and have the same director. BUT as you've correctly said, different storylines. The characters in WWWSK did know each other for at least 9 years. So of course their intimate scenes will be different than our couple who ONLY had a FEW tiny dates and a few kisses. Especially since our characters are new to dating and are still awkward. You can't expect them to have intimate and showy love scenes vs a couple that has known each other for many years. Yes, they didn't date, but they saw each other all day long every single day. She was his "work wife" basically. So the comfort level was there from the start. Also, I'll be honest. I don't care how many "sexy" scenes WWWSK had. I still couldn't connect to the lead pairing or the show in general. It felt too cartoonish for me. With TYH, there is just more HEART AND SOUL and sweetness. I love our lead pairing and both actors are charming and lovely to watch. I'd take TYH over WWWSK ANY DAY regardless of kissing/love scenes. I'm more interested in chemistry and acting skills as well as the storyline. I'm hoping for a WEDDING honestly just because I'd love to see LDW and YIN as the bride/groom. Imagine how beautiful they will look together. And I agree. To keep expectations low....if we don't get a wedding but CHILDREN instead, I'd be okay with it too. There is not much we can do as viewers. We can't demand a wedding....but a HAPPY ENDING needs to be a given. No matter what.
  2. Hopefully the break up won't last long! Also, they seem to be filming so close to the airdates! So I believe they are still filming episodes 15 and 16 right now. Here is another new beautiful fan video! Fans are so talented!
  3. Thanks! I will give this series a try because he is a very talented actor. I'm unfamiliar with the actress, though. So it should be interesting.
  4. They will probably keep filming till April! Now I'm wondering if maybe the episode order is higher than 24! I really hope there will be a good amount of romance. I've been hoping to see Suzy/Lee Seung reuniting again. And finally, it's here! I like action and adventure genres too as well as drama, but I need romance in the mix too!
  5. I really like Jang Ki Yong's acting skills. Huge fan of Come And Hug Me. Can anyone tell me if his character is a good or bad guy in this series? It's hard to tell from the promos. I'm assuming he is both good/bad. Just wondering because I prefer happy endings in dramas! And this one is definitely not clear in terms of what type of ending can be expected...
  6. Fans keep creating gorgeous new fan videos! Here are two new ones featuring the recent episodes! ALSO, CONGRATS EVERYONE ON 100 pages of discussion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we still have 4 more episodes to gush about!
  7. To add my thoughts, I think the break up was done realistically because: 1.) JR was truly there for YS in her time of need as he had promised, he protected her from the stalker and made sure the guy was arrested and taken away. So that danger was over (at least what the characters believe, but viewers know it might come back). 2.) YS's reputation was fixed finally, writers/producers/directors wanted to work with her again, her fans were on her side again, people are loving her and leaving positive messages. 3.) She was mainly being praised for taking her work seriously (going to law firm to study for her part). IF the public found out that she was dating the lawyer and having fun, they would think of her much less, we already know how the fans switch back and forth. 4.) JR did not want to break up with her. In fact, he told the manager that he won't leave her. 5.) He ONLY decided to do this AFTER he saw the effect that just ONE photo of them simply eating together did....suddenly everyone wanted an official press release asking if they are dating.... 6.) I KNEW the fact that YS's comments about how much acting makes her truly happy would come back to bite in some way. She has expressed to JR that she feels the absolute happiest when acting. He pays close attention to every word she says. So him thinking back to her own words sealed the deal with his decision. 7.) To add, he saw and witnessed how much she struggled with her career/reputation and all that pain. So again, why would anyone who truly loves someone else want for that person to lose a chance at the comeback they have waited and hoped for a long time....for that happiness. 8.) He didn't do it because the manager told him to do it. He did it precisely for her happiness because he genuinely believes she feels happiest when acting (per her own words). So what is he to do in this situation? It's actually an interesting dilemma to me. Because if he stays with her and says "whatever, who cares" about her career, then what does that make him? A selfish person in a way because he is thinking of his needs first. If he does break up with her, he ends up the guy who hurts her....So it's a no win situation at the moment. The writer is aware the break up is cliche. Hence, he even has the manager/JR talk about the cliche dialogue. BUT I think in this case, it was needed precisely because YS needs to see that acting/fame/saved reputation isn't going to make her genuinely happy. It's a combination of things in life that make a person happy. So she will act in the drama and still miss her man. And I still think that going to law school is in her future because she enjoys it too. To add, I've seen 1 or 2 people keep mentioning here that his feelings are stronger than hers for him. I personally strongly disagree. But perhaps for these two fans, seeing YS truly miss JR will make them re-think their observations. In the promos, it does look like she misses him. She is great at putting up a "face/a front." We know this. But she is vulnerable and crying. Yes, she'll do the acting because she is determined. But a HUGE chunk of her heart will be missing. And the time jump won't be long in my opinion because the Dan/Choi pairing said they will agree to a 1 month dating contract. So in my opinion, JR/YS will be separated for a few weeks to 1 month as she is filming the new drama and he is handling new cases. I don't think it will be longer than that. As for the YR character, even if she is being sweeter and nicer...sorry but that character isn't interesting to me. Also, I remember some people kept complaining on social media sites such as twitter and instagram about how the show is missing the dramatic storylines and the crazy plots. Well, the stalker plot recently lowered the ratings. So I think Touch Your Heart fans are definitely watching for the ROMANTIC COMEDY and SWEETNESS aspects....not crazy plots. So I hope ratings will go up next week now that the stalker parts are put to rest for now at least. He will probably back in the finale....but not next week. TYH works amazingly better as a romantic comedy about the love story between two adorable people....instead of a creepy guy in the mix. At least from what I see in the ratings.
  8. I'd have to respectfully disagree. I'm personally glad that YR didn't get much screen time. I've noticed that viewers on twitter, instagram, and message boards disliked the character right from the start. Even when she had the screen time and focus AND a sympathetic storyline with her co-workers being unfair and horrible to her....her character was still coming across as cold and unrelatable to people. Maybe the production team/writer had noticed this fan reaction and shifted the focus onto the Lawyer Dan/Lawyer Choi romance as the secondary romance/leads since viewers were responding more positively to both characters and the coupling. Again, no offense to the actress or her acting skills. Perhaps this character was simply miscast and needed a different type of an actress. Let's compare to the casting in DOTS of the secondary pairing, I personally loved them more than the leads because I felt both actors were powerful and charming. And they were huge fan favorites with people. I think it's about picking an actor that fits the character perfectly. And that's tough to do. BUT to add, I think the shift will be on the other couples next week precisely because our lead couple is on a break. Perhaps, the writer was waiting to tell the other stories a little bit later as our pairing is experiencing heartbreak and separation.... As a HUGE fan of the lead pairing, I will miss them next week if we won't see them interact as much. I've been blessed to see a lot of screen time with them in the first 12 episodes. So I'm thankful. But for me, next week might be tough if they are completely in separate stories and apart. Even if Choi/Dan are adorable....my favorite will always be YS/JR. AND keep in mind, this show has technically 4 pairings which is a lot. Most KDramas have 1-2 pairings. I haven't seen any with more than 2 to be honest.
  9. Keep in mind, she has a MALE stalker who she is terrified of. Perhaps, that is why JR is being careful with the touches right now. She is vulnerable and in pain. He is treating her like a considerate boyfriend by being careful with the physical closeness right now. Because she needs EMOTIONAL support and strength from him at the moment. He is holding her hand gently and carefully to consider her emotional state of mind. And we saw that when she was crying, she needed time to herself for a little bit. It's not exactly the right time to be all over her physically speaking....so he is doing the right thing. He is taking her on dates and trying to make her laugh and bring happiness to her. As for the possible break up, I will trust the writer here. JR promised that he will be there for YS during her time of need. So I hope he won't listen to anyone's suggestions or comments. He isn't the type to not keep his promises....
  10. As others have said, I LOVE that we are still getting this wonderful moments of them dating despite the drama! Our show remains a very sweet romantic comedy that is a FEEL GOOD series. Another date!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be honest. I didn't expect the date to be in episode 11! I was hoping for nice moments, but an amusement park date? That's a total GIFT.
  11. That BTS clip! The word LOVE will be used later. Awwwww. I'm looking forward to the "I love you"s between JR/YS! Will be such an epic moment. I'm thinking it will happen maybe this week during this whole danger situation? So close to the new episode! I live in the US. So the time difference is quite big! I'll be sleeping when the new episode airs! Quick question, does anyone know how Dan/Choi were chose as the "couple of the week" for that new interview together? Did fans vote in a poll? I adore them of course....but with our favorite lead pairing JUST getting together and sharing AMAZING kisses, I just can't imagine them losing in a fan poll to Dan/Choi. Unless, it was just the production decision to have them as the "couple of the week"?
  12. There is a teaser that was released a few months ago of Vagabond. Did you see it? But yes, I hope we get a NEW teaser soon!
  13. NEW BEHIND THE SCENES! https://tv.naver.com/v/5652406 A few things! I love the fact that he gave her half of his cookie! I love all their laughing together. It seems like such a fun environment! And I love how he fixed her chair for her too. And more laughing during the kissing table moment! I just need ENG SUBS!
  14. In my opinion, TYH has a lot of young viewers in Korea. That's why the youtube views are so high as well. However, I think older Korean fans are watching more dramatic/teary type of shows such as The Last Empress and Live or Die. Live or Die is getting 20% rating in Korea. BUT it is on the regular big channel vs TYH on a much smaller cable network. However, if you look at Viki, Live or Die is NOT popular at all with international fans. It has a rating of 8% vs TYH's 9.8%. That tells me that international fans are watching TYH. A lot of times what resonates amazingly well with international fans isn't what older Korean fans want to watch.... By the way, NEW BEHIND THE SCENES WITH OUR SWEET ACTORS! https://tv.naver.com/v/5652406 Wookie gave YooInNa half a cookie. SO SWEET. ALL THE LAUGHING AND JOKING AROUND. They are precious. And they look like they are having SO MUCH FUN together. There is a clip of their third kiss moment too! And again, they are smiling and laughing. Looks like such a nice environment!
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