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  1. SSR role as Lee Hyuk is right choice. SSR playing Lee Hyuk role make him more recognized. He's playing a lot of drama before, but... I never recognize him.. His appearance as Emperor so outstanding... he act cute, poor, and villain character in the sametimes. Before this he also act in romcom, play in music theaterical, take villain character, double personality as a psyco, so he get some experience to play Lee Hyuk character. Great success for him... JNR is his best partner couple for him,
  2. Although Lee Hyuk wanna take down his mother (ED). Till the end of his life, Lee Hyuk still loving his mother. He die just like his mother wish, he keep on silent being framed by his mother. He is accept what's all his mother done for him.
  3. Why Lee Hyuk don't honest toward Sunny all along, they have a lot of time together.... 1) he save sunny's parent from the jailed by ED, and ask Woo Bin to keep on silent 2) he ruin some stuff, so Sunny can get that stuf 3) he love Sunny but keep on silent all the time, afraid if he will lost Sunny if he love her. 4) he accept his mom wrong doing as his fault, although it's not him 5) he stop and lock sunny because he want to protect her from ED 6) he cold toward Sunny when she is awake after collapse one week, but he is in her side along time, not eating, or sleeping 7) he also secretly playing as Na Wang Shik to stop his mother, he lies to Sunny if Na Wang Shik still alive, and order police to catch him in all korean empire, but actually he haunt himself, he's pretend to be Na Wang Shik. I think Lee Hyuk is her true love, not Na Wang Shik and she finally get true love from Lee Hyuk. All along Lee Hyuk with Sunny never said I LOVE YOU and in the end of his life that's his last word.
  4. I'm absolutely sure if the story of this drama already change from the first plan... Besides, the different ending with the sinopsis, extention episode, weirdos scene, they also forget about the detail, where it must be put the story line, the clotes or other.... I think at first the writer already make A Ri as an Crowned Princess or something when the police going to the palace found SH corpse Look at her clotes.. and hair do. We know it similar to 1st episode and appear in 36th episode. But then A Ri still using another hair do, similar to the usual day... But after she announced as crowned princess (Ep 45) she never change her hair do just like in the past when she's just a princess. The ending also.... In the preview we know Sunny read some letter, Lee Hyuk write a letter and stamp it.. but where's this scene?? Why they just skip this I think this scene also important, how Sunny get authority.. It developed too much, so they don't have time to airing some scene.
  5. Did I overlook something? Actually in the preview I saw Lee Hyuk write something and stamp it, and also Sunny read a letter.. I can't remember this... When it happen?? Anyone can remind me??
  6. Yeahh.. maybe because SSR also ever role in a romcom drama, and also ever play villain character, even he playing musical in theater, he is perfect for this role. Sometimes I'm also feel upset of Oh Ssu Ni act... she's the one can't keep her promise to protect Wang Shik Na Wang Shik and Lee Hyuk keep their word and promise. Sunny also make several death to protect her 1) GED (what she done firstly is wanna protect Sunny, then she realize she can't do anything and then commit suicide) 2) Ms. Hong (she want to protect Sunny from wrong doing of imperial family, and also commit suicide) 3) Na Wang Shik (he let himself cover the bomb to protect Sunny and Lee Hyuk) 4) Lee Hyuk (he left all authority for Sunny and became hero under NWS name, he wanna reveal the truth of his mom for help Sunny maybe, so Sunny can be clear from ED's point to hurt her) Sunny actually can said to ED if that's Lee Hyuk, but she's quite and see. Sunny is alive in the end, take down imperial family, and also make a lot of people die for her. Still courious about something, Who that put GED letter to the black box? She left the letter in the table before drink poison and stab herself, but the letter hide in thr black box.
  7. Thank you Because this K-drama give a lot of clue, I'm enjoy to guess what will happen next or something.. Actually, they using same word or some sign of something... About the poppy for example 1) palace maid said if she smell so strong of flower 2) Sunny and Woo Bin just find cookies 3) Kang Joo Soung painting in mental hospital that zoom in is a picture of Papaver somniferum I recognize it was poppyseed. So I courios about the poppy and find if 1) it can be extracted to make cookies 2) the smell like nuts (maybe ARi allergic to this drug not because of nuts) 3) in the past it also using for beauty When talk about beauty.. It remind me to ED that wish to be young forever... So in the end we know it for sure is poppy.
  8. I realize about something Chun Woo Bin (Na Wang Shik) ever said if he actually gives his body and soul to Lee Hyuk. In the end he save Lee Hyuk, just like what his word to Lee Hyuk in the past. Lee Hyuk must be shock find someone who's he tried to kill protect him, not only Na Wang Shik but also Sunny, maybe he'll never met or get somebody like both Sunny or Woo Bin in his side. So he secretly act like Na Wang Shik. Poorly, he act alone, no one can protect him with back up plan... And maybe he also know if he run for his end, to repay what his all wrong doing.
  9. So both Lee Hyuk and Na Wang Shik die... Lee Hyuk continue Na Wang Shik act to be heroes secretly. He even jump to the fire just like his promise to Sunny.
  10. Thanks... Day dreaming he is on the theaterical with Sunny... sing a song together... Dunno what's on my mind just think it's perfect for SSR to be the Emperor who can sing very well, and JNR be a music theaterical actrees also have a good voice.
  11. Lee Hyuk die or not, actually I'm not ready if Lee Hyuk die. I still have a hope if he can sing a song with Sunny
  12. Lee Hyuk shaved in the preview is new, not from 4th ep. Lee Hyuk face is hurt but her neck is fine in that preview, but in 4th ep Lee Hyuk face is okay, but her neck have a band. So.. maybe Lee Hyuk not killed because of the explosion, but killed by his own mother. Maybe Lee Hyuk know if he's being killed by his Mama but he know if this make Sunny save, he not coward to face death (between suicide and killed). After the explosion he realize if he can't protect Sunny from his mother, he also will be touched because Sunny come back to save him, and make her life in danger once again. He know let Sunny go is make her save. But, if he's alive, he can't let Sunny go.
  13. Why Sunny can't forgive Lee Hyuk? 1. Sunny love Lee Hyuk a lot before, and she's hurt as a lover. 2. Lee Hyuk using Sunny to cover his crime, her heart must be hurt, how can someone use her pure heart, her pride is ruined. 3. Lee Hyuk even dare have an affair with other woman when she is still his legal wife. 4. Lee Hyuk also tried to kill her more than once. 5. He causing her mother death (although he don't do this directly), he tried to suicide that's his wrong doing. 5. Lee Hyuk still coward to reveal the truth, although Sunny provocate him a lot of time. 6. Lee Hyuk knew the truth, and Sunny help him to understand the circumtance. Hope Lee Hyuk reveal the truth. 6. Lee Hyuk already get Sunny's chance to reveal the truth, but he choose to keep in silent. 7. (Till the end) Lee Hyuk never admit his wrong doing.. or feel sorry to the victim, he still think he's innocent. He is die in lonely. But, I'm sure his feeling toward Sunny is true.. He love Sunny, but don't care about the other person. Maybe Lee Hyuk die is also the plot of the story from the begining.... she only can reach the higher position when no Emperor, or no Lee Hyuk in this world.