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  1. After watching the part DY took out hand warmer EH puts in her pockets and the scene where he freaks out and took care of drunk DY melts my heart soooo bad!! Can I please marry LJS jebal I don’t understand the ones who doesnt really like this drama (my sister). Romance is a supplement keeps on warming my hearttttt<3 i caaanntt
  2. The fact that JR is clueless like a baby makes it harder for me to watch! I can't squeal all the time like thisss!! I like how they're building their relationship step by step. And the way he look after YS unconsciously.... <333 (heart eyes) I just can't with him saying to himself "ne, ne" when they're texting each other omooo Can't wait for the new episode and more thriller.
  3. A lot of dramas' boring-phase starts from episode 5, but this one keeps on getting better and better! I love how jealous EH is and ends up snapping on her>< (my two favorite words-- "us" and "home" in one scene) (cr. kdrama-anime-world at tumblr) The theory of the missing writer being EH's adoptive father makes sense. But if that's the case, shouldn't DY know about him? At the scene where DY talks about him to SJ feels like it's all based from her assumption rather than the truth. As for the mystery between SJ and the writer... I have no clue. Maybe he's just a big fan of the writer. I don't think he's another son of his though.
  4. Well well, I can't believe I'm back to this forum again. I've been watching a couple of ongoing dramas which are curing my wounds from MOA... But I really am missing watching Hyun Bin Hoping to see him soon in another (romance) drama!
  5. I. REALLY. CANT. WITH. EUN HO'S. BEHAVIOR. He is too adorable and pretty and I just can't stop smiling every time he's on screeennn!! And the thingy between EH and DY is just so realistic. A man and a woman with no status or whatsoever but acts like a couple goshhhh stop being so cuuute or I'll get a heart attack! AND DAN YI, stop with the investigation between EH and HR and start looking at a mirror whenever you're with EH. Then you will finally get the whole picture This drama keeps on getting cuter and cuter><
  6. AAAAA am sooo glad with the second episode! I really find this drama light and fun (at least, its taking an hour for me to giggle seeing the two of them and the firm's funny crew from my stressful day). Now, I'm hoping that we'll get tons of funny LDW faces like the ones we get from goblin
  7. The first episode looks promising uuuu I'm loving it!! Even though it kinda is obvious, I like the way they portray the soft part of Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na's characters. (YIN getting irritated but still waits for him by skipping lunch and LDW bought lunch for YIN even if he fails to give it) Can't wait for tomorrow's episode!
  8. Well, that’s it folks. I finish this confusing drama with a grinch but I can say that this is a good drama. The ending reminds me of Goblin and thus, I’ll give this a drama #8 whereas Goblin sits in #5 while W in #11. Proudly say that I, indeed, will probably watch SJJ’s next drama with low ending expectation hehe. See you in the other forums!
  9. After reading the live recap... W hurts me, moa kills me. But I still think this is a great drama, has an amazing plot, but execute the story poorly. To everyone who can WRITE A BETTER ENDING or MOA 2.0, please pour out your wild imaginations to Wattpad and SEND THE LINK TO MEEEEE!!!
  10. I'm sorry... but tonight's episode sucks. I was really hoping for some explanation since SJ came back. It turns out that the writer loves to kill people (with confusion). AND HELLO?? Why is JW the bug now??!! (I realized that W was like this too, the weird explanation comes in the last 20 minutes of the drama lol. ) Here's my happy ending theory just to make me feel better; JW doesn't need to be killed by Emma since SJ is back so they'll shut down the server for good. Then the re-investigation is cancelled when lady SJ confessed to everything and somehow they have evidences to prove JW's innocence or whatever (this is a magical drama after all). YR got arrested for the evil things she did. The Jung family is all smiling and laughing with the return of SJ and JW which leads to JW and HJ's MARRIAGE. And as for the company.... bankrupt. HJ is still rich tho. Let us finish this drama with a sigh of relief!
  11. I think it's because of the game. Whenever he plays, he walks normally. But when others see him from cctv, he's still limping.
  12. Thank you for the explanation! I finally watch both episodes and I really love Lee Se Young's character
  13. LOOOOVE the scenes where both HJ and JW were looking out for each other. The taxi scene melts my heart! How JW worry every time she logs in, the hug and how he tried his best to keep her safe and still manage to smile in the midst of chaos. *compiling my favorite scenes of JW and HJ* Somehow, I don't really like the timing of their closet kiss. Maybe it's because of the 5 minute break they have so they're caught up in the weird-emotional-atmosphere... but they can do quite a lot of things in 5 minutes like escaping far from the NPCs. Not complaining with the kissing scene though! Perhaps, JW has a feeling that that would be the last time for him to see HJ before going MIA. Can't wait for the last two episodes! Hoping for a happy ending for both JW and HJ!!
  14. Hi all! I was just wondering, is The Crowned Clown and The Master of the Mask has similar plots? I haven't watch this drama nor the movie but I'm really interested in it.
  15. Still waiting for the English sub on Netflix but damn I can't with the hotness between them. I'm not sure how I will react when I watch this scene lol. Oh and can I just say how sexy Hyun Bin's hands are?... I mean... look at that! *heart eyes*