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  1. I feel DOWN about this..... crazy/unrespect comments to MY & her sister + created a war, hope they won't feel uncomfortable.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BsuhW6Dh1Lo/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Good to know that PSJ coming movie "Parasite" - director: Bong Joon Ho, starring with Song Kang Ho, Lee Sun Kyun & his best friend Choi Woo Sik.
  3. This is my first time love a KDrama (WWWSK) & a couple deeply (even I'm a mum of 2 kids). Feel encouraged when I see positive posts here especially I sometimes doubt for PPC is real or not. Very glad to read all of your sharing here and know I’m not alone. Let's be patient & make a pray, we don’t know their hearts/ feeling/ choice, but I wish they can withstand everything & find their love ones.
  4. Hello all, I’m new here & love PPC after WWWSK, and I’m very happy to know there’re many shippers like me & I like reading all your sharing here!!! Can I post something about my finding on astrology between PMY & PSJ? (sorry my English writing is not very good, hope you will understand what I write) PMY: 4 March 1986 Sun in Pisces (outer personality, image showing to public) Moon in Sagittarius (deep inside personality, show to family, close friends or lover) Mercury in Aries (Thinking & Communication) Mars in Sagittarius (Activity, Energy Courage & Sex) (Men take action to their target women) Venus in Pisces (Sensuality, love, harmony, pleasure) (Women looking for what kind of men) Saturn in Sagittarius (restriction, Order, maturity) Uranus in Sagittarius (freedom, revolution) PSJ: 16 December 1988 Sun in Sagittarius Moon in Pisces Mercury in Capricorn Mars in Aries Venus in Scorpio Jupiter in Taurus Saturn in Capricorn I searched a lot of websites & read a book namely “Person-to-Person Astrology: Energy Factors in Love, Sex & Compatibility” by Stephen Arroyo. For lovers are mainly focus on Sun, Moon, Mars (Men) & Venus (Women). Here are my briefly findings: Sun & Moon: (Their Sun & Moon are just opposite, PSY’s Sun = PMY’s Moon & PSY’s Moon = PMY’s Sun), that mean PMY will deeply understand the inner of PSJ & PSJ wants to find a woman who know his deep inside very well, he doesn't need to explain himself; they understand each other very much, PSJ meets his SOUL woman & PMY is deeply attracted him. [It proved that why they have 200 chemistry & feel very comfortable with each other.] Venus is described as how to love & women will choose what kind of men: PMY is Pisces & PSJ is Scorpio (2 horoscopes in 120 degree, they’re in good angle & both are Water horoscope = sensitive), they attract each other & feel very comfortable with each other. Mars is described as how men showing his love to women. PSJ is Aries & PMY is Sagittarius (two horoscope in 120 degree, they’re in good angle & both are Fire horoscope = take action immediately), they’re very strange forward showing their love. However, (base on astrology analysis) PSJ’s is more focused on his motivation, especially he’s Hot these 3 years, he wants to keep moving to top & earn more money. He’s cautious, analysis his gain & loss seriously before making decision. [PSJ’s Venus is Scorpio, he doesn’t want to show his love to public, he’ll show greatest love to his chosen woman; his Mercury (Thinking) & Saturn (Restriction) are both in Capricorn = typical Capricorn, so he thinks his career & goals are very important in this moment.] I guess PMY is fighting for her career too, she wants to try her best because she is 32 & she’s very hot again after WWWSK, she’s focusing on her works too. Therefore, I believe that PPC are in deeply attraction but they don’t want their relationship in public, both of them are focusing their career right now, no time & can’t develop relationship at this moment. (I feel sad about this, want to believe they’re in relationship, but base on their astrology, I also believe PSJ is very seriously to start a relationship when he’s time to develop & he is a good man doesn’t want to hurt PMY (I read newspapers that many Korean artists break relationship easily because of busy schedules, they both don’t want to show their love to public, they can’t go outside even outside Korea, everywhere have camera taking pictures) I keep praying for PPC, how amazing to find a woman/ man (both Sun & Moon are just opposite of each other) research said this is “Heavenly match”. I wish they will be Real in near future.
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