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  1. GTY’s punishment includes imprisonment (~10 months at the prison specifically for men similar to women place where they supposed to send Aunty Kang originally) before the 3000 miles exile. Currently, they’re in middle or towards the end of winter, then spring, summer and fall/ autumn. He is supposed to exile after autumn is over. He cannot stay at his house or palace prison where he was originally kept before the sentencing decree. @linhlinh111 The emperor can delay the assignment of Marquis title up to years? It might be possible to delay a few months perhaps but have never heard of delaying for years. Then, what will happen to yearly taxes from households assigned to Ningyue Hou? Go to imperial treasury? I don’t think Madam Qin or first brother widow or Hou Fu itself is entitled to have them without having actual Marquis present though she and her children including ML can stay in the Hou Fu but pay for the expenses by themselves without Marquis income unless stepmom decides to divide Gu first branch other properties (after taking out GTY’s mom dowry) among three sons.
  2. The decree listed a few of GTY wrong doings some of them are his bad behavior which are harder to translate for me though I kind of get the idea. Part of his conviction are making decision without fully investigating, killing official's family member, being greedy and confisticated civilian's properties. It didn't mention specifically which family properties. I'm assuming it is referring to Bai family since his Bai uncle sued him. I'm just pointing out the weakness in writing why list that as one of his wrongdoings if they don't plan to include rightful punishment which is taking away those properties. I'm not sure you know,....in feudal society in China, the title of nobility and some official position comes with fu (house) for the title holder. It is similar to University Provost for some older university in US. They live in Provost house on campus during their tenure but then they have to move when they resigned. In ep 36, GTY was bestowed a fu (imperial property) along with his title "captain of imperial city army" since he is a new official with high position who came with new emperor from Yuzhou. If Chen garden is NOT next to Hou Fu, he would have already needed to return it to the emperor after he became Marquis and moved into Hou Fu. Since he lost both his military and marquis title in addition to being imprisoned and going to be exiled from being convicted, we're saying his crimes are not just family matter and they have been considered serious for emperor to make this decree. Since Chen garden is still being separated from Hou fu and emperor not having designated anyone as Marquis, everyone who understands the rule of fu coming along with the title are saying, at least Chen garden should have been reclaimed along with general title. We're not saying confisticating everything owned by GTY and ML or other things and properties bestowed to GTY as punishment. They won't be penniless. They can buy a house with their own money (even a 5th grade official like SH can buy a house with his own money). GTY and ML have their own money and properties acquired and bestowed since GTY became general as well as money and property from Gu family (though they still need to share that with GTW) in addition to ML's dowry and GTY's bai inheritance. ML also has right to move into Hou Fu since she is still part of Gu family and first brach hasn't been financially separated between GTY and GTW. However, the writers might think that it is unnecessary since two fus have been merged legally (though there is still wall) and it is just one Marquis Fu. In the book, the house was never a concern since GTY was just demoted from his general position but never lost his Marquis title and two compounds were really merged (there is no wall). In reality without having scheme, emperor cannot leave this hereditary title thing unsettled as if there is no Marquis, Gu family is not supposed to get those taxes. Those hereditary noble title holding families have ancestors who greatly contributed to establishment of the dynasty and that's why they were given fu along with their title. The only way for those hereditary titles to be abolished is the whole clan is being convicted of crime or there is no one to continue inherit the title. If the emperor is going to abolish Ningyue Hou title after GTY was convicted, stepmom will also lose her noble title and everyone needs to move out from Ningyue Hou Fu since it is imperial property. They can still own other properties bestowed to them or purchased with their money. They will just lose the Hou Fu and taxes they got from their allocated number of households being Marquis.
  3. First, it was already shown stepmom already regarded GTY being dead, telling GTW that ML's side is already preparing funeral clothes, and gleefully asking him whether he feels happy since the whole Marquis house is his now before ED's eunuchs came to get ML. I also don't know stepmom is powerful enough to have eunuch of ED or noble consort in her disposal.
  4. In the decree, GTY was convicted of being greedy and confisticating civilian's properties (basically one of public corruptions) in addition to murdering official's family member. It is very long and complicated decree with a lot of stuff in addition to his sentence. Since he is convicted of taking civilian's properties, those properties would be taken away and giving back to the owners or taken into imperial treasury if requester is dead (Bai uncle) but that didn't happen either. Since Chen garden was bestowed by emperor along with captain of imperial palace army title, if his title is taken back, at least Chen garden should be taken away (not including his other personal properties). The person who assume GTY's position would be given Chen garden (noble consort Liu BIL became captain of imperial palace army). Marquis manor should be taken away too unless emperor designate someone from Gu family to accept the title. It doesn't make sense for emperor leaving the hereditary title up in the air without designating anyone nor GTW saying he will petition emperor to give title to GTY's son if GTY is really dead since the son of GTY cannot inherit the title as the father being convicted criminal and title being taken away from him. The point is ED summoning officials and wives of emperor's party in the name of empress. You will see prime minister Han shouting and protesting as he did not believe it was empress' order. Since GTY was assumed death at this point, we're saying there is no motive for ED to be summoning ML. She didn't summon SH or CB or their wives, did she? If GTY is dead, ML is just sixth daughter of official SH who is widowed even if she is still living at Chen garden. When we are saying noble woman attire or outfit it includes the headpiece. The decree included taking away her noble title since she could no longer wear the attire which includes the headpiece. There are also 8 different levels of noble woman and their level can be distinguished by headpiece and color of the robe. @minglan1ML's title has shu which indicates third grade. I'm assuming Old Madam Wang is first grade since her husband being imperial tutor and honored in imperial temple. The stepmom level can be lower than ML since her husband did not have any merit. The book never mentioned about stepmom gaining the title. Zhang Shi (general Shen's wife title is first grade in the novel).
  5. That is what I have been saying in my yesterday's post after I saw the previews. You have been thinking he was just being demoted. I guess the writers can say that property confistication wasn't included in the decree or two compounds being combined and considered as Marquis fu but it doesn't make sense with the criminal law of that era. Did you notice the decree also convicted him of being greedy and seizing properties of civilians (meaning bai family's properties since he was being sued for illegally taking away by his uncle in throne room) but then the emperor didn't take away any of those properties? Huan Wang also didn't go to war though he requested. ML's grandma already reminded her that it would be unacceptable for her to wear her noble lady attire since her title is gone with GTY's. She basically told grandma she no longer care anymore and she just wanted to do her best for GTY. She also said she was there at Sheng house to say goodbye to old lady, basically she is prepared to be arrested or died. That's why next morning after ML left SH told grandma that Sheng house doesn't only have ML as a child, it is only Sheng house in the capital but also main house in Youyang over 100 lives at stakes and CB shouldn't be involved at all. SH was scared to death when he tried to pull ML away after over 24 hrs of drum beating. I have already pointed out property confiscations and all the wrong things of the last two episodes in my previous post, the one before your quoted one in pg 261. @dito It was also pearl necklaces given to Sheng girls by QH's mom in the novel. It was in pretty early chapters ~30s since ML was only around 11 at that time. I hate to say this but I'm so glad I'm no longer alone in being unhappy with drama writers I was so alone when I started pointing out little details of their inconsistencies during third week.
  6. The emperor was reported his elite army has lost a lot of soldiers to the point of almost gone. @minglan1 The one attacking ML is not noble concubine Liu BIL. He is the one sitting next to her in longer preview when emperor was talking to her.
  7. I have quoted you on page 257 in the post explaining Molan's thoughts and attitude towards ML from childhood to current and I included those facts. In today's episodes, Molan shouted at her husband asking him whether he still wanted to marry ML whose life was over having insulted to emperor after he confronted her of Lin Yi Niang and her setting him up to have affair and her involvement in killing his concubine Chaunke's child by making fetus big by giving food with so much nourishment in order to have difficult delivery. This indicates that Molan has inferiority-complex towards ML and hates her because ML being chosen as DIL by her MIL and Madam Wu didn't even want her when her relationship with Liang Hong has already been known. I already posted answer in my previous post. Duke (Guo Gong)> Marquis (Hou) > Count (Bo jue) similar to Earl (in Europe) are all nobility titles given to ministers who were involved in establishing the dynasty or who have done many merits for the country or to the descendants of previous emperors' sons (only the eldest di son can inherit the hereditary wangye title and fife from their father, younger son are given nobility titles) or male family members of Empresses. The titles are given according to the level of merits you contributed to the country. Each person with nobility title was fed (from tax) by a fixed number of households. In Song dynasty, these three nobility titles are subdivided but I'm not sure having additional bestowed name is higher than not having one. GTY's full Marquis title is Ningyue Juan Hou instead of Ningyue Hou (from freaking long decree today which mentioned all his titles including his positions from salt inspection tours, taxable household, his merits, his wrongdoings mentioned with difficult idioms). Juan is usually used to indicate lesser title. eg. Juan Zhu princess is lower than Gong Zhu princess though in English there is only one word. QH's father is a duke (highest title) not because he is married to QH's mom who is Juan Zhu. It is his family hereditary title for ancestors being contributed to the country. However, Qi family doesn't have additional bestowed name. Ying Guo Gong has additional bestowed name "ying" since his last name is Zhang. Gong Zhu> Juan Zhu> Xian Zhu (County Level princess) QH's mom is Juan Zhu not by birth (not relative to imperial family Zhao). Her father is a Marquis who sacrificed his legs for the previous emperor and thus she was given 2nd grade level princess title with bestowed name "Pin Ning" (only mentioned in the book). QH's first wife is County level princess (third grade level) though being a daughter of a prince (may be cuz she is not really emperor's granddaughter).The daughters of princes and nobilities won't be given Gong Zhu (highest level) which are only reserved for emperor's daughters. In Song dynasty, emperor's daughter princess have just bestowed names as their titles but in Qing dynasty (last dynasty of China), there are two levels of princess among emperor's daughter Gong Zhu (Gulun being daughters of empress and princess favored by the emperor and Heshuo being born from consorts and concubines). There are similarity and differences among dynasties and you can read further here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_nobility https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_and_noble_ranks_of_the_Qing_dynasty http://www.chinaknowledge.de/History/Terms/wujue.html When ED sent eunuch to pick up ML, GTY already left for the war and was already missing and assumed dead as the whole group who went with him were swallowed by sandpit. Emperor fainted when he heard the news of the whole army being lost. Zhang shi came to ML's house and told her GTY was missing and even her father YGG cannot be contacted anymore. So, ED asked ML to go into palace not to kill GTY or both but I don't understand the motive at this point as her husband is just a foot solider and assumed dead right now. ML did not go with eunuchs but arrested them as she realized that they are not from empress palace though they said they were. She also asked his servants to notify other ministers and officials families of someone faking emperor and empress decree to bring their family into the palace to protect them from rebellion. @martin @dito The writers kept the part about ML being part of family members of ministers who are against ED who were taken by ED people. However, currently, in drama, GTY is just a foot soldier, missing, assumed death and she is not even a noble lady. Also, why do they have ED soldiers as well as masked assassins from stepmom's side coming and attacking Chen garden? Also, I don't understand why there were no one guarding the entrance of Chen garden from stepmom's side though ML told them to guard well so that no one outside of her families and aides can go in and out when Xiang mama came to invite her. If I remember it correctly, there were only assassins in the book though rebellion was going on in the city streets, right??
  8. I do understand there is a plan between the emperor and GTY though I'm no longer sure of Huan Wang being told or not as the emperor did not allow him to participate in the border war saying he needs to pacify empress who has been frightened due to sudden border war though he requested to go. However, my point was the writers do not need to create all these scheming and arguing at the throne room to imprison GTY and make ML involved in GTY's downfall especially since there was no outcome or improved result except she ended up crying so much during the first month after delivering baby through life and death situations, throwing up blood, and getting really sick for kneeling in front of the palace for over 24 hrs. I do understand they want to dramatize more, this is "the story of ML", want to involve ML in everything and want to show her efforts in saving GTY without even caring Sheng's family members' life and reputation. However, I felt that the whole situation became over the top drama instead of milking sympathy from viewers towards OTP in making ML tortured unnecessarily to become sort of Mary Sue. The emperor withstanding her hitting the drum non-stop over 24hrs without getting sleep is being unrealistic in normal situation where there is no plan. We know there is plan but the rest of the court did not know there was. @zenya22 In the book, GTY was demoted without being taken away his Marquess title for leaving his army outside the city and coming back to the city without permission. ED already knew GTY leaving his post for salt inspection and defying emperor's decree. If they show similar to the book by just taking away GTY's general title, it would have saved at least 3 episodes or more of ruckus, prevented ML from being tortured, one less assassination attempt on the newborn baby, and no need to bring back MN, Bai uncle or Yu Yanran or family members from Youyan. The step-mom would have been already at odds with the OTP for GTY burning GTW's courtyards. He would then be recruited by General Shen just to be a platoon or group leader without a title and much authority. @hello210 I do understand property seizure can be up to the emperor. However, the emperor convicted him of murdering official's wife/ daughter/ sister/ mother, and being greedy official seizing civilian's properties (Bai family's). He then took away all his titles including ML's, imprisoned him and supposed to exile him 2000 miles away when autumn is over. However, he didn't assign any other Gu family member for Marquess title, didn't confisticate both of his houses (which are still divided by the wall with just having a gate) bestowed by emperors, and properties he supposedly seized from civilians, unheard of for convicted official of this crime. If the emperor aren't going to take away his Bai's inheritance, why would he even convict him of that crime? The stepmom who always wanted the Marquess title for her son did not petition to transfer the title to the son as soon as GTY was convicted but trying to kill newborn son who cannot even inherit the title since he is son of a criminal? The stepmom invited ML to discuss about the Marquess title but Ronger, SH, CB, grandma and ML all kicked Xiang mama out and ML ordered not to allow anyone other than her aidies in and out of Chen garden. Is she still trying to maintain her good reputation and Bodisava's face so that people don't accuse her of stealing GTY's title? The stepmom and GTY being enemies, already known by everyone in the city, will the emperor just put it aside without assigning anyone for the title in normal situation (without having the grand plan)? I'm also hoping the situation to be like what you mentioned and that GTY did not kill Aunty Kang and burn down GTW's courtyard just to create all these ruckus to round up ED's people. If he did, I will be really disappointed in this drama version of GTY for unnecessarily torturing ML. In medical perspective, what ML went through though she didn't die (including being frightened to death for almost getting stabbed right after delivery, crying frequently during the first month of delivery, kneeling on pavement and shouting for over 24 hours without rest in freezing weather) will cause her to get frequent headache, arthritis, and hormonal abnormalities which can lead to getting frequently ill and even having difficulty in getting pregnant again or having miscarriages in the future in that era when medical treatments are limited. Btw, 4th and 5th uncle families have been separated from Gu manor when 4th's son was exiled and oldest brother passed away. During ML's house warming party, QH's wife told Xiaotao there is no longer 5th aunt in that side when she used 5th aunt calling ML as an excuse for her to avoid QH's wife.
  9. Stepmom was just trying to punish GTW by placing him in the empty well. I'm guessing he saved ML's son from being stabbed by MN or helped attack masked assassins which his mom brought into Chen garden along with MN by opening the gate that divided the two compounds. MN killing ML's newborn son doesn't make sense at all since her son is no longer living and she cannot get GTY's properties without her son. ML was not involved or married to GTY when he banished MN from his house for her to take grudge at ML. The headgear was for third grade noble woman title. Everyone was thinking has she gone crazy because she was crying, then laughing, throwing away the headgear and saying idioms which are similar to saying "emperor discarded GTY after being used" in the middle of the street which most noble women won't do.
  10. preview https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Hg3SsCCwJ?fid=1034:4338280880346702 @linhlinh111 I thought QH requested to emperor to dismiss him from being an imperial censor. His new position is just acquired and not yushi under imperial censor academy. His current position is jian yi Lang juan though I'm not sure what kind of work it entails. For GTY's case, he was being imprisoned and addressed as criminal/ felon. So, I'm assuming he is literally exiled. I've missed the beginning of epi 75 when imperial edit was announced though I'm viewing live. So, I need to rewatch that part. @leeza77 @dito
  11. No. GTY and GB weren't best friends and not even close at all since GTY never met ML and Sheng family at Yanzhou when he was a teenager. GTY is also a few years older than CB. It was QH and CB who were close though not sure they were considered best friend. QH and CB were closer in age, only a year apart and in the epilogue, QH visits CB's house often and arranged one of his grandsons to marry one of CB's granddaughters who is also 6th Sheng girl, looks like and acts like ML.
  12. I just wanna point out some facts as some posters are confused and kept saying them wrong. (1) HL has been raised by grandma when she was young (it was mentioned in ep1 when Grandma gave HL her dowry) and that's why her thought process and behavior has been different from RL though they are both Daniang's daughter. Daniang also spoiled RL more being youngest, did not bare to see her suffer and did not send her to grandma. (2) Molan is NOT married to a Count. She is married to the sixth son of Count of Yongcheng who won't be inheriting the title (though it was not clear how many sons Madam Wu has, it wasn't mentioned Liang Han was the only di son. I'm pretty sure she has older di sons though the oldest is a shu son.) So, Molan's son if she got any in the future won't also inherit the Count title. Molan's husband currently do not have an official position and hasn't passed the imperial palace exam yet. On the other hand, GTY was lucky enough to inherit the title even though he was the second son and he is also the General of capital army. ML is already the wife of Marquess, received noble woman title and her eldest son will inherit the title. These facts already indicate huge differences in status between Molan and ML. Molan, who always wanted to be above or at least equal status with all her sisters, will be burning with fury inside. (3) The noble concubine Liu is NOT the niece of ED. ED took her son as a hostage so that NCL will listen to her orders faithfully and she also might have plan to use him as a puppet emperor. NCL also gave her son to ED though she knew he was being held hostage (she made herself drunk before sending him to ED) so that she could request her help in promoting her family members (her sister asked her to request to ED for GTY's army position) and to increase the chance of her son inheriting the throne with ED's support. It was mentioned that NCL doesn't have strong maternal family being from You Zhou when she was throwing her tantrum for reducing her son's wet nurses. @m0us3y @zenya22 I also agree with you that GTY needing to see ML being out of her clam self should not be included in this scene. I think he seeing her getting jealous and being unhappy, for him arranging Feng Sheng's living place (concubine given by his paternal aunt) after just a few days of giving birth and facing life and death situation, should have been enough. Women can get headache quite often for the rest of their life if they cry or emotionally upset during the first month after delivery. He should already understand how much ML has begged, cried and caused ruckus when Huan Wang used the word (sapo, meaning cry, cause ruckus and being unreasonable) and said that he would have asked to carry her out forcefully if he were his mom (Empress). However, he was so gleeful to the point of even wanting to hear personal account in details from someone present at the scene. This is one of those scenes which I believe the writers added unnecessarily, losing momentum for the characters and making the drama so long. @matrim According to my understanding of criminal punishment law in ancient China, an official who is just being demoted won't be imprisoned and exiled unless he is convicted of a crime. @linhlinh111 am I correct? General Shen addressed him as felon Gu and it was mentioned by ML, Empress and General Shen of GTY going to be exiled (in autumn). Hopefully, we will find out in details in today's 2 episodes what happened. I stop taking literally on writers' dialogues as I have caught many discrepancies as they don't seem to remember what is being said in previous episodes. (Recently, during fire rescue scene when being prevented from helping put out fire at Chen garden by his parents, QH mentioned his mom giving ML a bangle in token of being his younger sister but actually it was southern pearl necklaces that was being given to Sheng girls.) In preview below, Molan mentioned Wang Old Madam and stepmom winning and about GTY losing Marquess title (which she said the title which he attained by lying, stealing and forcing). https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Hg8DmtKst?fid=1034:4338464385083531 @hello210 The emperor's decree regards to GTY's punishment hasn't been shown yet. We just saw the previews of his losing title mentioned by Molan (above preview) and he being about to be exiled. I do understand Marquess house won't be taken away if third brother going to inherit the title. Then, GTY won't be getting the title back and stepmom would have kicked ML out. Marquess house and Chen garden have sort of combined but not really as they just have a gate in the wall (it is different from the book) and garden around the wall. I guess I will stop speculating/ commenting until I saw the actual episodes. I'm rather doubtful of writers taking careful considerations for these details of taking away the houses seeing how things have been presented in recent episodes 73-74. @dito I was so amazed at the writers for bringing in Bai uncle just to accuse GTY wrongfully taking his grandfather inheritance by fake will, the case which happened over at least 12 years ago and already solved in favor of GTY by Yan Zhou prefect and SH who were government officials. I understand that they want to show that stepmom want to make GTY's integrity questionable and want to portray him being above the law in front of emperor and officials by bringing in MN and Bai uncle but it is so unnecessary to bring in a case that was already settled. I thought they will make something unlawful regards in salt trading and blame it on GTY like you predicted. MN accusing GTY of killing the son in front of her, really? They could have figured out how and when the son died by looking at his bones and compared with the time MN come to GTY's house and spreading rumors in the city.
  13. Although I agree that there are a lot of weakness in the writing for the whole drama especially in recent episodes including ruckus caused by Wang family, stepmom & Gu family, Bai family and MN in imperial throne room and reason GTY being imprisoned and exiled, I think Molan's motive to destroy ML is understandable and not weak. Molan is not only jealous but hates ML to guts by this point. She might also think that she won't be caught for releasing Aunty Kang as it was stepmom who took Kang in and Kang would never admit getting help from Molan, a shu daughter whom she despised of. I have summarized Molan's attitudes towards ML from the beginning to this point in my previous post two pages back. Molan is like Aunty Kang who thinks that her needs should be given priority over anyone and her position including in their father's heart should be higher than any of her sister. She didn't think that she would be treated as outsider by SH until recently. She would be really furious when she was scolded by SH for trying to involve in Sheng's family affair no matter how much she beg him to tell her when she knew ML and her guards were involved in solving this situation. She was already pissed at ML for not allowing her mother spiritual tablet to be erected in the temple as well as when empress said the girl GTY is going to marry is very lucky and blessed (it was shown Molan squashing Longan fruit with her fingers at the Polo match where GTY proposed to ML and requested empress's hairpin as bestowment for his new bride). @leeza77 I'm pretty sure GTY was convicted, imprisoned and going to be exiled after imprisoned for certain period. He wasn't just being demoted. If he is just demoted, he won't be imprisoned, exiled and his hereditary Marquess title won't be taken away, just his general title will be taken away. I'm not talking about grandplan if it exists but in the eyes of public, they took away his Marquess title (Molan mentioned about it and belittled ML and ML didn't deny it). In the preview, empress actually told ML why GTY can't be imprisoned and exiled when he committed crime right after ML struck the drum (she was wearing noble lady attire). ML also told her family that they still have time to figure things out before he is actually exiled after autumn. General Shen also requested emperor to let him take convicted felon Gu along with his army as he is good with military strategies being excellent in both fields. He would make sure to bring him back, let him go back to prison after coming back and then exiled him in the autum. Emperor first denied general shen's request but later approved since Wang family requested to let GTY go to war (stepmom told her maid Xiang mama that ED asked Wang family to do that request since it is easier to kill GTY away from palace than being imprisoned in palace near emperor and his other powerful friends).
  14. I'm saying the properties should be taken away but apparently not as ML held one month birthday celebration of her son at Chen garden and she was there when rebels (ED's soldiers) came. The Gu family ancestral hall also looks the same. @sava2sava I'm not talking about personal property owned by GTY being inherited from his maternal grandfather. I'm just saying it doesn't make sense that both stepmom and ML can stay in Marquess manor and Chen garden if GTY is no longer General and Marquess and no one else from Gu family holds the title. Both houses are given by previous emperor for being Marquess and current one to GTY for being General. Especially Chen garden is given to GTY for being fu tou zhi wei shi (person in charge of capital army that protects the imperial family) and it should be taken away after being convicted criminal. An official being demoted vs convicted felon are totally different situations.
  15. @m0us3y @zenya22 GTY was happy and gleeful and wanted to know the details account of the event when he heard from Huan Wang that ML went to meet empress (in disguise as Mrs. Shen's maid) and caused ruckus at empress' chamber to let GTY go home that his mom agreed to let ML see GTY and give him necessity items. Since Huan Wang wasn't present at the time ML begged the empress, GTY asked him to go bring the person who was present at the scene and could tell him in details. He said ML never lost her composure in front of him before. However, I think he was sincere in asking her to have mutual separation (not a test) as he said that he can marry her again after his suituation and punishment have been sorted out. He was also very emotional and choked with tears during that conversation. Although we haven't seen exactly what will happen, from what ML, Molan and stepmom said in preview, GTY lost his title and drafted as a solider to fight before he was exiled (He was supposed to get exile in Autum), then how ML could continue live in Chen garden, house bestowed to GTY for his achievement? Whether it is part of emperor's grand plan or not, GTY is not just only demoted, he is a convicted official. In this kind of case, his former bestowed property as well as Gu manor will be taken back even if his family wasn't punished along with him.