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  1. Oh dear. Another google translate. My head is already a mess. Haha
  2. I am trying to between the lines. So far, it sounds like a good review. However, I am little mixed up whether they are taking about yoobaek and kangsoon or jiseok and somin.
  3. I was good at reading between the lines to make sense about the drama. Top star is really good. I have to figure it out and read backwards. However, I also studied their body language and acting. They are very good. They are really top notch acting with comedy, romance and drama in one. Jiseok and somin are very well invested in their role. They made it so real and so much fun to watch interacting each other.
  4. Jiseok even got teaching certificate to teach both English and German. It is no surprise that he can speak the language well with perfect accent. He was educated in England. Went to boarding school that competes with Eton other Elitest schools. He has so called sexy brain. Jiseok is also a chemistry station. He matched well as first and second lead. When he was second lead, you often thought he deserves so much better. He carried a lot of chemistry with han se yeul in 21st century boy and girl. She has sexy abs edgy vibe. It doesn’t seem a challenge for jiseok to act with her. He seems to like her a lot. Han se yeul is from California versus jiseok from UK. The two seem to have common off screen. Jiseok was praising her and adore her a lot. i am actually more of a big fan of jiseok with somin but there are other factors I don’t really know about them personally. Somin and jiseok carried very good on screen chemistry. Their off chemistry is very sweet but professional. When they are done with drama, jiseok and somin seem to be very distant. They don’t really acknowledge each other much. Jiseok is very lukewarm with his latest drama that his first. Probably the ratings weren’t good. However, the drama is really good. And hopefully jiseok and somin will continue to make new drama together one day. They are really funny together. I have always been jiseok and somin coupling fan but i wouldn’t go further. Their onscreen chemistry in top star yoobaek is amazing. It shows growth and development. The two are really good working together to make meaningful drama. I think somin is very shy towards jiseok, whom she sees as veteran senior actor. Hopefully they will maintain friendship over the time. I think they are good working together to build something special. If yoobaek have better time slot, exposure, better English subtitles- it will do well. It is well made and written. The popularity is quite a problem. Hopefully they will prevail and overcome the odds.
  5. Madol to me, is not really a pitiful character. He is very much like Kangsoon, very innocent, naive, and kind. He was raised in a peaceful village with old fashioned mindset. He is a very manly man with great sense of responsibility. His father gave him responsibility to look after Kangsoon after she lost her parents. They had a lot of memories cherished by each other over the time. Another reason I don't think he is that pitiful, he is still very young. That is like mid 20's to early 30's. He still has his youth and sea captain status under his belt. There are a lot of fishes in the sea. Modal has a wonderful parents. His mom can be very weird but at least his dad was able to know what is going on. He was there with Madol thick and thin. He tried to help and at the end, he comforted Madol in his shoulders. Madol has grown to know how special his parents especially his dad means to him. Before, his life was his friendship with Kangsoon. Now, because of that journey, he learned about his relationship with his parents. Another hint- Dong Chon said Madol and Yoobaek have weirdest taste in women by choosing someone like Kangsoon. He even wonder what is wrong with their brain and taste. It tells me that Kangsoon is not a woman of great beauty and charming. Dong Chon was raised to see her hitting everyone with her ironclad head and loud mannerism. Fate gave Kangsoon to Madol in early age to give him experience of pure love, friendship, responsibility, and hope to make him a man woman would love. He became handsome sea captain. He always takes love considerably with love and kindness. He is protective and very manly man. Fate does not always come with smooth sailing. It does come with a twist, a painful twist, Madol found a competition. Fate also send him another chance (matchmaking date and doctor) but Madol chose to give it up and ignore it. Fate increased more pain when he is running away from his path, his feelings, and his true happiness. Fate decided to send him dream that Kangsoon was the one who returned the ring. So it forces Madol to reverse it. But Fate is very kind to let Madol know that Kangsoon won't leave if he didn't ask her to go. She will stay with him, and let her love for him to grow over the time. She just need a iron will to cut Yoobaek from her life. It wasn't her first time giving up something without regrets. She gave up school for her grandmother. She didn't regret a bit. She made her living to get seafood from the sea and get the love from the village. She is still content with village life. Madol was able to strengthen his relationship with his father more than ever. His father taught him fatherly love he could use it for his future children. It was both sadness but happiness to have someone to comfort and walk with you. Fate has always been good to Madol. It has been teaching him life lessons to be a better man and better husband, father, and friend. His sensitivity has grew with wisdom, not hardening his heart. There are absolutely wonderful and beautiful fishes in the sea for him. The doctor is sweet, smart, affectionate, warm, and cute. She likes him very much! The girl Madol's mom set up with is a very elegant woman. She has taken interest in Madol if Kangsoon wasn't there. Now he could meet these women with open heart. He has eyes for beautiful things inside and out. The thing is that, Madol and Kangsoon didn't have experience with puppy love yet. They didn't have chemistry yet. Madol feels it first. It is almost unrequited love. It will be wonderful journey for Madol to find his true love and his soul mate. Kangsoon was the girl he loves but the way she loves him, not so much yet unless he confess her more. Kangsoon couldn't deliver it to him right away. She would but it will take a long time. Even though Yoobaek didn't get in the way, their love and marriage is rather simple and small joy just like his parents. However, Madol would want to have a life and relationship like DC's parents. =) Anyway, Fate has something better stored for him.
  6. I think there is a gap because it is seollal Lunar new year holiday. They may do reruns or show other shows for new year. Seollal holidays are very important to Koreans. They go home to their families to spend time together with them.
  7. Sangyeob told Jiseok about Somin's impersonation of Lee Jung Jae-- 2 bullets line. Sangyeob was in running man when somin was doing impersonation battle. Ahh, that is why Jiseok was so interested to hear directly from Somin. For Sangyeob, he finds her impersonation silly or not very accurate. But too funny.
  8. Aieya, when Jiseok said that he and Somin didn't remember well during the kiss. =) They were too busy trying to warm themselves up in their kisses. Hehe. Your mind goes blank with gooey feeling and warmth while kissing. Have you guys ever kiss in such cold weather Jiseok mention? Does the kiss warm it up? hehe. okay, TOO MUCH INFO. =) Jiseok worked REALLY hard for this project. Also because everyone had to suffer their physical and mental well being in a challenging environment, it made Jiseok work harder than he expected to do. It is hard for him because he is leading actor and he has to do well. It is a lot of burden for him to carry with chicken breast diet. He must be overwhelmed when the filming ended. It was his entire work and effort. No wonder he asked to take hiatus from Problematic Man to focus on his drama project. Somin didn't take hiatus. I think Running man can make the filming to last two episodes to free up everyone's schedule for other matters. Problematic Man is like you have to show up on certain day and time for filming. Jiseok and Somin have FULL schedule and both worked really hard. Jiseok worked mentally and physically hardest. He is so impressive. I just felt that Top Star Yoobaek is one of his most cherished project which showcased his acting skills- romance, comedy, and drama. He did it all. Maybe he will land a Hollywood role. =) Jiseok could be first Korean to get James Bond role. First, he is Korean Englishman, he has charms, he is funny, and very sexy. =) He looks so good at music award. All thanks to his chicken breast diet. =) Jiseok did wonderful job trying to portraying the change of Yoobaek's character in the drama to become beloved character. Jiseok really manifest it beautifully and heartwarming. I was in awe of how he made his character such full of fun, comedy, making us baffled with his weird antics, deep eye stare (Kangsoon's kryptonite) and having such a deep heart. I hope Jiseok will get an award he deserves. He did a good job. The ratings didn't reflect the beautifully made drama. It is high quality with highest quality and hard work from the casts especially Jiseok.
  9. Teacher- Doc: Teacher will make hilarious way to confess his love to doctor bringing the pig bladder ball from DM to express his love for her. Dongman uses the pig bladder to teach everyone about daily wisdoms. =) I am just thinking randomly. This couple has comedic side of it. Kangsoon's iron head and DC/DM's father's superspeed--- could be something symbolic about the village's charms. It is so isolated and unadulterated from the world and no one bother to see anything there. It reminds me of something, in Chinese folklore, the kung fu fighters are like magical creatures. The society started to build the norms and laws, the powers started to disappeared or suppressed over the time. Like we think of witch hunts (Salem' Witch Trials), religion over magic, then science over religion, or etc. So that village was untouched from the world and its civilisation, all the powers were passed down from generation to generation. Something to describe the village's oddity unknown to us. It is like describing Kangsoon's personality. She is very plain looking but she has her own charms. In contrary to Top Star who came from the city. He reached to the top by his own hard work, blood and sweat. He didn't have magical power to become rich. Namjoo-- I think Yoobaek owe him BIG for taking care of matters to bring Kangsoon to him. Probably Yoobaek will meet the actress who Namjoo had scandal with to forgive and see Namjoo in a new light. =)
  10. It is not Kangsoon. It looks like Somin's real feelings about the whole situation. Hehehe Somin actually loves this kind of sweet love especially from very handsome actor. So she is like living in the moment. Jiseok likes to make others happy. He is really generous guy. He bought shoes for every crew so they can endure the filming. He is affectionate and down to earth. Look at his bromance with Ha Seokjin. Jiseok always act sweet when pretending to be a girlfriend. Somin somehow is very similar to Jiseok. That is why they have very good partnership and chemistry.
  11. I think it is Kangsoon's father. I think the mother didn't make it. So the father couldn't bear to come to face Kangsoon without her mom. So, he just disappeared in the mountain to recover and hide. He would decide that he would watch over Kangsoon and her grandmother for the rest of her life. So Kangsoon won't be so angry towards her father. He knew his mother and the village will look after her well. He is probably too ashamed and mourning for his wife. So, here comes Yoobaek, maybe the mountain man witness and saw everything happening to Kangsoon and Yoobaek, their hugs, their cries, their loneliness, bicycle ride, Yoobaek's rooftop declaration for Kangsoon, many things. I think he knows the true love of the two. =)
  12. Now... here comes to a question, who is the mysterious mountain man?
  13. I think Kangsoon was crying because I believe Yoobaek needs to leave the island to deal with the matters. Kangsoon needs to stay with her grandmother but she didn't want Yoobaek to go. Yoobaek has a lot of urgent matters to do especially with his mom since he has already resolved with Kangsoon. I don't think the two can bear to be apart again after the lovely kiss and lots of kisses. They were over the moon together. Yoobaek has to figure out how to ease Kangsoon's worries about her grandmother, and make good impression on grandma. The answer is.... his mother. =) No matter how they had so many issues together, Yoobaek's true self and secret noble deeds will prevail and save him again. His mom will be happy to share it. The thing is that, Yoobaek may see to think he hates his mom. But he is just angry and hurt at her actions towards him. With Kangsoon and grandmother's love has healed Yoobaek, his mom should come to say her gratitude to them. Fate will give her second chance in life. This is last puzzle in part of yoobaek's healing journey.
  14. okay. the picture laying on bed-- too hilarious. Really. About Madol's date, his character and how he decided to give up loving kangsoon when she loves someone else, he deserves better. I am not saying that doctor is not good enough. Hope the doctor will be able to make him fall in love with her. it could be someone. Someone with a great beauty. Someone bigger than Top Star... I hope he finds his own happiness not really only about getting over with kangsoon.
  15. I don't think Yoobaek has hated his mom for so long. It is more of an anger towards her. If it is hate, he wouldn't support her, pay off her debts, or tell the public to give him pity that he got abandoned. It gives more sympathy. But Yoobaek did none of these. I would say more angry would be a better way to describe. oh no. Why are they driving us crazy. We just want peaceful and healing journey. Why so many setbacks unless they give us more episodes. They already punish us with one episode per week. And now this. I hope they won't drag another angst and disapproval too long. I just want to skip to the sweetest moments. I hope Madol didn't just accept the lady doctor admirer's heart just to get over with Kangsoon. I hope he won't go too fast. When time comes and when time is right, he will eventually fall in love. He really needs to let go. Otherwise, that is two episodes to go. We just want more of Yoobaek and Kangsoon's sweetest and healing moments. Madol can have his own sequel next time. =) I just don't think Madol really likes the doctor (the one who has unrequited love for Madol). I don't think she would be the one. He just keep moving forward and keep searching unless they send attractive top star (Yoobaek's twin) to island. She is very pretty. She may have a story to tell. Another girl who is really pretty comparing to Kangsoon who is actually plain looking. Madol would fall in love with her. He just need to keep looking. Before he just saw one and kept it for long time. Now he is looking through options and will find the best fish in the sea just for him. He will be fine. He hasn't suffered yet. He may suffered being far from Kangsoon. But there is more and better fate stored for him. Yoobaek had pain for too long. He went through a lot of troubles. He almost died from it. He lost his father. And his mother betrayed him. He had to work so hard. Had sleepless night. Being misunderstood all time time without anyone to help to ease his heart. I think Kangsoon also found a lot of primitive chemistry with Yoobaek. That is why she always felt greedy and guilty for loving Yoobaek. She has a lot of responsibility, burden, and love in the village. The truth about Yoobaek made her realise that Yoobaek loves her unconditionally like Madol. And is also very unselfish person. She realised that he needs love and also he has so much to give. And he also loves her. AND she loves him very much too. It is very difficult path for true loves. I think Grandma is pretty ignorant on Yoobaek for the whole time. She needs to get to know him little more. It is actually time for Yoobaek to open up about himself more. I think Dong Chon will be able to help the village to understand Yoobaek little more. Only Madol and Kangsoon knows the truth about Yoobaek.