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  1. I agree. The focus of the show is on the mystery and corruption. However, if people want to ship, that’s fine too. Relationships are a key factor in almost all k-dramas, and it’s what keeps fans watching the show. Let’s not bring people down for which couple they’re shipping. For example, I’ve been posting that I prefer LH-Sunny on the boards but have been getting replies saying that the ship is impossible and LH is a monster and they don’t understand LH-Sunny shippers. Don’t you think I don’t know that? I’m not stupid; the couple will probably never work out (and like I’ve said before, NO ONE is condoning all of the horrible actions LH has done). But it doesn’t stop me from thinking that their scenes are absolutely cute together and having hopes XD
  2. I really don’t understand how the empress looks like she’s just sleeping unless she’s comatose and being kept alive by machines or something. Again, my pre-med brain cannot comprehend this craziness
  3. Yep. It’s honestly all on the writers. I even like LH, and I think have a mostly rational and sane mind lol
  4. This! I would never want to meet someone like Hyuk - I don’t wanna die you feel. But this is dramaland and I watch these makjang shows for all the twists and turns and craziness. When I say I like Hyuk, I’m not condoning adultery, murder, or any of that scary stuff - it ain’t that deep. He’s just a great and fascinating character and I find SSR really handsome and engaging XD I’m watching the show for fun; just let me root for the guy lol Edit: I’m adding on to this. I’m reading Korean tweets saying that the show is increasing the number of episodes to 52. Is this true?
  5. The writer has been going overboard ever since woobin survived a gunshot wound in the head and fell off a cliff into the water. My pre-med brain still cannot process that lmao
  6. Omg if he keeps this up, I won’t be able to resist the emperor any longer
  7. Is this for the new ep? I might be crazy or have some kind of future-telling powers (lol) because I feel like I’ve seen this before. Or maybe it’s because I’ve searched so many handsome pictures of CJH in suits so idk
  8. I don’t think anyone’s comparing. It’s just that all these characters have done bad deeds, and they will get punished for it. It’s going to be fun to see how it all goes down.
  9. Honestly, if you want the show to be realistic then basically almost all the characters will go to jail and no one will have a happy ending. Lee Yoon will go to jail as he knew about the murder but kept quiet about it so goodbye Hel Ro x Lee Yoon. Woo Bin has too many death flags, and if he doesn’t die, he will also go to jail because he’s killed a lot too. Just let Sunny be alone.
  10. Nope. On the article, it said that they were postponing the episode in order to give more time for the production staff and crew to improve the quality of filming/writing. Unfortunately, this is normal for dramas that are filming at the same time as it airs; everyone working on the show gets kind of burnt-out so a little rest is good! Although, there might be some ulterior motive (like needing time to change the script and re-filming certain scenes who knows)
  11. If Ari becomes the empress, then the Nanny will gain a lot of control over the palace. Not really at the level of the Empress Dowager since Sunny will have that position (if she's still alive... the Nanny prob has plans of getting rid of her to gain that title) but as the mother of the empress, she will have a lot of power.
  12. Ha. I’ll give my opinion on the love triangle. Personally, I’m not really interested in the relationship between Na Wang Shik and Sunny. I don’t know. I find it rather bland and (dare I say) forced. I would like if they could maintain a close bond and support each other in their quest to overcome the royal family but, love-wise, I do not see the chemistry (which is so unfortunate since I love Choi Jin Hyuk and Jang Na Ra). I actually find the emperor far more interesting and the best character in the drama by far. Shin Sung Rok and the writers definitely helped with this opinion due to all his cute and hilarious moments. And all the scenes between Lee Hyuk and Sunny are always my favorites in each episode. Unfortunately, the emperor has done too much to be simply forgiven, and all his horrible actions and crimes cannot be ignored (though the writers are prob kicking themselves since he has become the most popular character XD). So, I’m just going to forget the ships in this drama and focus on the mystery. Like what is happening on that dang island?! (I was also thinking that there was some kind of mass-production of drugs on the island but I honestly want something worse than that. I mean, so many people died for this secret!) Oh, and this is the video that I mentioned earlier -- the one that was edited like SBS did it themselves. Thank god for fans and their editing skills! I'm gonna try and find a cute one for CWB x Sunny. Stay tuned
  13. I’m actually glad that they are taking an episode break. Looks like filming is done only a week and a half before it airs. That’s crazy! It makes the story/script more flexible but that’s really hard on the production crew and staff
  14. Yea, I think there’s going to be a time-skip towards the end.