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  1. The bitter aftertaste is much more bitter today . I don't think I can rewatch this for now even though I loved it.
  2. After breathing in and out After a huge mug of coffee (I must admit, Kanu felt like a good idea, latte with extra shots, btw we don't have it on this side of the world ) After a few expletive comments to the husband and threats of not watching another kdrama I decided to watch the subbed version. Hehe I must say that it wasn't as bleak as it was the first time around (at least for me). FYI I have only started watching kdrama last September. I have never seen HB/PSH before (i am definitely a fan now). I didn't have any expectation prior to 'accidentally' boarding the MotA train, thus, my only painful experience was the last few minutes of the finale. Overall, I have to say that I enjoyed the journey, especially while silently reading this thread (you guys really cracked me up ESPECIALLY during some obvious pervmode). Thank you, everyone. I hope to hear and agree in silence of more positive insights from this thread.
  3. I'm cracking up because I feel this is turning into a support group. I remembered reading someone saying Emma has a crush on JW. Well, looking on the positive side, they are sort of together. Blardee hell. This ending is making me delusional. Sigh.
  4. Ok. Now this makes me less mad. I shall watch the subbed version. My goodness.
  5. You can refer to episode 2 (but they did the explanation in spanish and gave presentation/brochure-like visuals) when they were promoting(?) on tv