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  1. The bitter aftertaste is much more bitter today . I don't think I can rewatch this for now even though I loved it.
  2. After breathing in and out After a huge mug of coffee (I must admit, Kanu felt like a good idea, latte with extra shots, btw we don't have it on this side of the world ) After a few expletive comments to the husband and threats of not watching another kdrama I decided to watch the subbed version. Hehe I must say that it wasn't as bleak as it was the first time around (at least for me). FYI I have only started watching kdrama last September. I have never seen HB/PSH before (i am definitely a fan now). I didn't have any expectation prior to 'accidentally' boarding the MotA train, thus, my only painful experience was the last few minutes of the finale. Overall, I have to say that I enjoyed the journey, especially while silently reading this thread (you guys really cracked me up ESPECIALLY during some obvious pervmode). Thank you, everyone. I hope to hear and agree in silence of more positive insights from this thread.
  3. I'm cracking up because I feel this is turning into a support group. I remembered reading someone saying Emma has a crush on JW. Well, looking on the positive side, they are sort of together. Blardee hell. This ending is making me delusional. Sigh.
  4. You can refer to episode 2 (but they did the explanation in spanish and gave presentation/brochure-like visuals) when they were promoting(?) on tv
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