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  1. Just finished episode 13 of Stranger and need a small rant Sort of saw it coming but still annoyed they killed of the Eun-soo character. Have been reading through discussion after each episode and she seemed to get so much hate from some watchers just because she might have been a potential road block to the main two getting together in a show that doesn't need romance at all, especially between the main two where I don't see any romantic chemistry. Her life was ruined when her dad got framed with her marriage getting called off, dad disgraced, then getting ill etc. She was a bit rash at times but she was fully entitled to try and get justice for her dad and seeing her put so much into it to the extent that she never really led a proper life after that, only for it to end without her getting the justice she was working for is disheartening. The first time you see her have any fun is the previous episode when they're all having dinner. And the main guy - fair enough I get that he has no feelings but he was harsher to her than any of the other females around him - constantly belittling her and being rude, humiliated her in front of his team, even something as small as dropping her off home he just leaves her at a train station, especially their last interaction when all she was trying to do was help him figure out who broke into his place but he's just telling her to go away and not let her know what happened. What's sad is that she's so used to it. It's a shame they gave the character a really one-sided attraction to the main guy because the way he has treated her just makes me dislike him, especially as he's not that much of a richard simmons to everyone else otherwise I wouldn't care. He used her and put her in danger everytime he needed it and then would just kick her to the curb when he had no use for her - which is exactly why I don't buy some reasoning I've read about him "protecting" her by keeping her out the investigation. He's seen the extent she will go for her family yet thinks ignoring her will make her stop? Same with her dad. Can see the show using this as a catalyst for the main lead to get better and hint/lead to some romance between the main two in typical kdrama fashion as he opens up but I hate that - just makes the death seem so cheap as her her death isn't about her, but more about the leads. In every scene in the last few episodes he's been trying to get rid of her asap and is happy to spend time with the main female lead and has shown no interest in Eun-soo fair enough - so now looking at the preview for the next ep he seems very affected by the death but I just don't buy that with the way he has been with her all series. Her death being a catalyst for his recovery would make no sense to me. I can't feel sorry for him feeling sorry for her. Can see him finding her notebook where I'm assuming she wrote about seeing the 07 tattoo on that team members back which will help him solve it - now that she's dead I wonder if he'll finally her some props. Because the way he constantly ignores her clearly makes her think she can't go to him without solid proof or he will never listen to her, which is probably how she ended up at the house she died in as she was left investigating alone. She had to fight to get any time with him despite him supposedly being her mentor. If it was a main lead with the backstory she had no-one would have issues with her going above and beyond to try and solve this case for her family. The main two people she looked up to in her dad and SM both just kept her in the dark until the end despite knowing what she was like
  2. Hopefully the little girl isn't in the coma too long - her relationship and interactions with the lead have been the best thing about the show so far. The scene after he's attacked and she hits him was painful and so well acted - don't know how Kdramas consistently have such solid kid actors. Not sure what the range is of the main actor but was expecting something more when he found out his niece had been attacked and is now in a vegetative state - may get it in a later episode I guess. Still not sold on this story to be honest. Guess I can't fully judge until it has been revealed a bit more so will give the show at least a chance until that happens. How did the female leads dad get to the roof before anyone else to help the lead? Did I miss something there
  3. Not sure about the will but the old man is someone that has evidence to take down the chairman which he collects from that lady who's being abused in episode 1 or 2. He then gets "kidnapped" by that assistant who crashed into the main guys car after he gets picked up from the airport. Don't think it has even been insinuated what that evidence is though. I remember the old guy going to a memorial thing after collecting the USB but it's just another plot thread that hasn't been explained yet.
  4. I'm sorry but this show is a mess - and unfortunately in a way similar to a car crash where you can't look away so I'll probably still tune in but need to rant Firstly, for this show I've always been going of the synopsis on the first page in this thread but is it wrong? I thought the lead was meant to be marrying into the family? I assumed he was marrying the second lead after watching the first episode. Secondly, I was expecting some epic revenge show but we're nearly half way through and I have no idea about the revenge other than the fact that his parents are dead and I'm assuming the family had something to do with it. How am I meant to sympathise with the lead if we're still in the dark about this? The motivation is usually revealed in the first episode or two in revenge shows and there's a reason for that. Even then i still didn't mind not knowing 100% about it until he destroyed the USB. They've barely given us any background on how the two leads have ended up so close, but we already have him destroying evidence that would help him take down the family for his revenge for her? I really don't get what this show is trying to be because at the minute it doesn't feel like a revenge show or some epic/tragic love story. Neither their relationship or the motivation for revenge has been properly presented and it is just odd trying to decipher the behaviour of the characters as a result. I like the MC before he destroyed that piece of evidence but the lack of clarity in the writing and his motivations (so they're telling us his love is probably more important than his revenge in this but we don't know how to judge this action) are just making me not enjoy him now. That also means I'm not really enjoying the romance and was sorting thinking I'd prefer him with the 2nd lead as ep6/7 was going on due to her commitment to him but not a fan of him currently so meh. And he seems infatuated anyhow. She might have killed the guy but he doesn't seem that fussed about it and is destroying evidence/lying to protect her despite not knowing the truth of the matter. Favourite character so far is the second female lead, she's definitely grown on me (the actress as well, finding her hotter than the main female lead currently but it might be because I'm enjoying her character more, though both are obviously beautiful). She has every right to go after the two leads not because she feels rejected/betrayed because the person she loves is with someone else, but also from her perspective one of her brothers has ended up dead and another attempts suicide as a result of questioning for it - only for her to subsequently find out the self-righteous lawyer is seeing her dead brothers wife already and it probably started before he died (I know she doesn't know about the abuse/cheating but this is me seeing it from her perspective). So from her perspective he could easily be playing the family to hide the fact that one of those two killed him as they both have motivation to do it and she's finding gaps in the female leads story. Has every right to be suspicious and go after them. I want to say I hope they keep her moral in her pursuit of the truth but I fear in classic second lead syndrome style they'll make her evil/jealous and the character will do a u-turn so we all hate her to prop up the leads. Currently find her the most sympathetic character. One brother dead, another tries to commit suicide, father nearly dies, mother cold af, the person she loves is banging her brothers wife which she only finds out after pleading for his life and taking on the job in the company which she never wanted to do to try and keep him safe from her mom. She has clearly been keeping her distance from the fam as they're all crazy but she's still getting shafted here. Rooting for her and from what's currently happened is too good for the lead guy anyhow. However, if it turns out the main female lead actually killed the guy and has been manipulating the main lead to cover up the tracks I could be back on board. The the second half is him teaming up with the second lead to bring her down but then I have no idea what would happen with the supposed revenge arc as she wouldn't want to bring down her own family. Have no idea with this show. Also the few flashbacks we do get are all over the place. Have no idea when they're occurring in terms of the story timeline. After he starts beating her or before, after this person was cheating on this person or before. Like who knows. Feel like I'm guessing. Turned into a long rant. Edit: Isn't the women in the cage the helicopter pilots wife? She was paid for a reason i can't remember so can prove the helicopter accident wasn't an accident. Also I thought she might need to tell the assistant she's pregnant as it might impact the ability for her to be a donor. Subs missed out most of that chat so not sure what body part the donor was for though Also it felt like writers realised it's a very gloomy show so suddenly decided to add in all these scenes with the leads friends for some humour because it came out of nowhere and felt out of place
  5. I feel like I can watch the most richard simmons up stuff in TV and film but crazies going after kids especially ones as innocent/vulnerable as the one in this really grates me. Hopefully they don't have the kid perpetually in danger throughout the show or I'm gonna constantly be annoyed. Like the dynamic between the MC and the niece - reminds me that the fatherly relationship is probably my favourite kind in shows, need to find a show where it's prominent without crazies roaming. First two episodes weren't that great. Don't think it did the best job in laying the story out as it was jumping all over the place and knowing what we know so far in terms of the characters/story, I don't even feel it was necessary to have the sci-fi element. The interior design for the baddies house is wack as well - why is he doing everything water? Do we reckon they'll be a specific reason for that or just weird for the sake of it to show that he's unhinged/odd? He was even using the row machine in one. And the MC has powers already (seems to see the future) so does that mean he has an item we don;t know about? Will stick around purely because the MC/niece relationship interests me and the main actress is cute af but not sure how long I'll last as when the plot starts taking centre stage I think I'll struggle to care enough. Fantasy shows not really my thing.
  6. Feels like everyone in this show is mad The main guy and actress aren't very tactful for a couple not wanting to be seen with the actress apparently very famous I have to say. Don't know why they keep meeting up at the restaurant she's staying at when we know the other love interest goes there. Going by the preview looks like they get caught by the assassin/guy that broke in last episode anyhow. I rarely ask for this in shows but we really need more flashbacks. Information is being drip fed way too slowly for my liking and it almost feels like cheating from the writers to keep us constantly surprised which I admit I am. But it'd be nice to get more info on the main guys motivation for revenge and how his relationship with the actress has got to this point (can't recall seeing a Korean show with so many deep kiss scenes this early) as that's pretty important to the plot yet I feel like we barely know anything about it. I don't think Soo Ho is the murderer, it's just way too easy. Also why was the wife beater so genuine/sincere to the actress when they first met only for it to be revealed he already had a thing going with Soo Ho's wife before the marriage. I get that he needed marriage but it just seemed sincere when they showed their first meeting the other week - guess he was just playing her. Will carry on watching but hopefully the writer knows what he's doing. Having various interesting characters/plot threads opened in the first few episodes only to get disappointing explanations/conclusions is all too common in korean shows.
  7. anony12345

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    That's fair enough but that's not the point I was trying to make - why does the SIL need to tell him that and how can she possible use that as a bargaining chip You're telling me he has been desperately looking for a kidney but didn't consider SH once until some random lady he had never seen before told him? If anything your point backs up my point that it's dumb. If say the law is only family members can donate why in the world would he need some random lady to tell him to consider the mother? I'm not Korea but I'd like to think it's obvious parents/siblings are a good place to start when looking for a donor.
  8. anony12345

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    Not 100% sure what point you're trying to make. Why would he need the SIL to tell him anything about SH and how does she even know SH was Jennie's mom. It was never explained how she knew what she did when it seems like SH's mother covered it up or how she convinces TO with information he already knew. You're telling me someone as desperate as he is made out needed the SIL to point out the mom might be a good donor? That makes no sense to me. It's like the guy flies all the way to Korea desperate for a kidney only for some random lady to tell him the mom is a good donor. This show set up interesting characters and plot threads but none materialised into a clever/shocking/interesting conclusion. It's like when some people watched Lost expecting cool explanations/answers and all you got were half thought on conclusions. This show just ended up being very unimaginative/vanilla despite the interesting start. And with regards to the romance, saw this comment on mydramalist and it very much sums up how I feel about it and never cared/wanted them together in the end. The "relationship" rarely had moments of mutual genuineness. Really hope the background music gets released even though it seems pretty rare for kdramas. Really enjoyed some of those pieces.
  9. anony12345

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    Welp - hated the ending as expected. The writing has been poor from around the middle so not sure what I was expecting. IJ up there as one of my least favourite main characters. If the first few episodes didn't drag me in so much and Lee Min Jung wasn't in it there was no way I'd have made it to the end. Issues with this show stem from just not connecting or feeling for any characters in this show. IJ originally but he became incompetent at nearly all facets of life pretty early on. Usually shows can make difficult characters have heart but this show failed in that. No-one was really innocent in this show (even HR's sister getting pregnant with a married guy) which isn't rare in kdramas but they failed to make anyone sympathetic when thinking about the main core of characters. I'm very indifferent to romance in shows but this one barely felt like one. The more I think about the show the dumber it gets so I'm just going to stop thinking and discussing it. Will have to avoid this writer in the future.
  10. Currently watching this drama (on ep 8) and it was a good start but I can't think of anything that puts me off shows more with this similar storyline (small guy v big corp who own everyone) then when they tell everyone and their dog all the evidence they have, what they plan to do with it, and then attempt to reveal it in the dumbest way possible only to obviously get caught. And the storyline is such that this guy is a genius who's the youngest lawyer in Korea. Like come on. Really wish shows could come up with smarter ways to keep their story going sometimes.
  11. anony12345

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    You've completely misunderstood my point (though I also think he's an idiot for not questioning HR's motives at all with what he knew, but I've explained that line of thinking numerous times in the thread already). Whether he was happy about the revenge is not my point - it's the fact that he was shown to be competent and calculating at the start of the show as we saw through his revenge against his dad/brother. But he hasn't managed to do one smart thing since and if anything is being shown as stupid with how he was starting his revenge since leaving prison.
  12. anony12345

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    I know what point the people above are trying to make but at the start of the show we saw a calculating IJ going for his revenge against his father/brother and winning (even got the company from him). He's been thinking about and plotting revenge from a young age and if anything should be decent at it - as they showed at the start of the show that he was. The fact that he has become incompetent all of a sudden is what annoys me when they showed him to be smart and ahead of the game at the start of the show. The character just became an idiot in all facets since meeting HR
  13. This drama doesn't hold much back - is it because the network it's on? Quite a twisted set of events so far. Intrigued.
  14. anony12345

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    i actually thought the complete opposite. IJ in prison for 2 years and the guy seems to have planned diddly squat yet he was telling SH that's all he was thinking about in prison. He has been spoon fed everything useful thing these last two episodes by other people. The tapes he got from the daughter in law allowed him to get to the doctor. And after spectacularly failing at getting the director to give his shares up (what was his strategy even? Sneak in, risk trespassing and then his idea of convincing the director was what exactly? He didn't make one argument, ) he then needed HR to make sure he wasn't caught trespassing and then was handed the little sis shares on a plate by HR. Not sure how any of that is him playing them like a fiddle. There's no way he knew the DIL had tapes or HR was working to get shares back. The guy is genuinely useless. Really enjoyed the first few episodes of this show but it has not turned out how I'd hoped quality wise. I thought the two year jump would help but it hasn't. Picked it up mainly because Lee Min Jung was in it and I like a good revenge flick but this just hasn't worked for me. Haven't been invested in HR's revenge arc since at least half way through the show and IJ is too dumb and incompetent for me to support. At this point I just want to see Jennie have a happy ending because she's adorable.
  15. anony12345

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    I just don' know how happy he'd be knowing he had his kid with what he knows and hasn't even told him - not sure how any father would be happy with that. Getting Cunning Single Lady vibes again where she never ended up telling him she was pregnant either and then gets guilt tripped for not knowing years later.