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  1. For that advice, I certainly do not know also...crying here...
  2. Jinhyuk's mom loves him so much but she does not even give her support to Jinhyuk knowing he already declared in front of her during chicken restaurant scene that they are the two women important to him and loved by him that's why it will be for sure the future scenes are heartbreaking for him.
  3. When a drama hits you hard and those characters become your friends and foes, it is just so heart breaking just watching the preview. I didn't know why I cry so hard just watching how Jinhyuk cries in the preview. I cried with SooHyun in ep.14 and now again for ep15. What is the damn email address of the writer? It is hard to get this over. Please a happy ending, please.
  4. Yes to that! It was not the right thing to do. No matter your intention is being a mother is not living for the sake of the world but for the sake of your children's happiness. She should have talked first to her dearest son. But I always believe that a mother is a mother in terms of loving their children and wanting for the happiness of their children. and so there will be a revamp of Jinhyuk's Omma attitude towards Soohyun because she will see how much Jinhyuk will suffer. This drama is draining my heart. I can't able to predict what is the writer's plan because when we thought it is the MIL that would give the OTP hard times - it happened now that it is Jinhyuk's Omma. Just hoping for the best.
  5. Agreed on you for that feelings. She is the most kind and understanding in the three mothers in my point of view before but the most coward now. That's it! Because a mother is always brave in terms of protecting children's happiness.
  6. Thank you all for everything about ep.13; for trying your hard to update us while we are waiting. Episode 13 is like all of you said - brought a roller coaster of emotions. The leads again perfectly slay their roles in order for us to giggle and flutter our hearts while watching their cute scenes and thumbs-up also to LDC and JMJ. It is so refreshing watching the dinner together scene. Oh, I love how it naturally flows. With all the teasing of JinMyung, the mood becomes light. Oh,how I love that scene. I love the two fathers in this ep. Hands - up and nth level of respect to the both of them. Fathers are usually timid in doing things like those but when they speak you will respect and obey them I love how JinMyung is so mature in his age saying this dialogues to Jinhyuk: " It is what you decided. Why do you care what other people think?". It is true that the more we get old, the more worries are embracing us. It is so sad that JinHyuk Omma is somewhat intimidated by the world because me being a mother myself what matters most to me is my children's happiness. Why does she even bother to think about other people? Can't she just tell the nosy neighbor that it is not the way she is thinking and be firmed? I am not saying that she is not a good mother but it is just so disappointing being her as kind mother and understanding in my point of view is choosing the - "what will be said by the outside world", even tough she said it is for her family's sake. I mean, I am my children's greatest fortress. If it their happiness are at stake I just don't give a damn. If a person gives them the love and support they want and they are happy, I'm gonna give my 101% of support but this is just me and this me is almost the 98% of mothers in the world. Good thing, Cuba issue has been settled for now. This will solidify Soohyun's claim for the hotel ownership in the future. I think Mrs. Lee and JinHyuk's father will help them to conquer everything in the next episodes. So, for me, It is always positive. Still a happy ending is a BET for me, for the life of our love birds.
  7. they will bet again and miss each other again then, you know what will happen next...our most anticipated moment
  8. But still keep my high hope for JinSoo a happy ending! Credit tvN I"m gonna think positively even myself is really stressed. I think that Jh and Sh will be together facing the difficulties as the shadow of Sh is Jhs. You cannot have a shadow of other not unless it is yourself; symbolically meant as one person and one soul. Those circumstances will all be perished as they continue their journey. Seeing the shadow make me smile.
  9. Well there is always father influence in the family setting and JHs family has that. Apa, please, give enlightenment to Oma.
  10. CRYING A RIVER HERE but I saw your emojis - it is all 20 SAD emojis then I burst into laugh....LOL ...We all are SAD and Disagreeing..LOL!!!
  11. let us send petitions to let us know what happened there...LMAO
  12. HAPPY ENCOUNTER DAY CHINGUS. Whatever the result will be, surely it will be again sweet, heart fluttering and heartwarming scene.
  13. I think for me it is only saying and showing how people are really different. SHK is really that way - always careful especially in the public. Seeing and watching her for a long time, she is still the same. But you see the difference of Bogum being so bright and funny but always ready to listen from older people around him. They are just so cute like their cute little drama as SHK described it during their press conference.