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  1. I have a soft spot for GTY, but in the book I didn't agree with what he did all the time and even with what ML did. I think they love each other , but they are vulnerable because of what they went through. GTY was never loved, ML had her granny but she lost her mom, her father didn't care. GTY schemed to marry her, but he knew QH was her first choice. He said he wasn't worried but who knows deep down. And ML said it already, she was scared that she could lose her good life/her happiness. I don't think at all it's going to be lack of love, but it could be fear or lack of trust, lack of communication. They need to learn how to love and how to trust,. I doubt they are going to make gTY or ML look bad, I hope they keep their consistency. I have doubts about QH.
  2. I feel for QH. But life is a matter of coincidences, moments, choices. So you have to play the cards you’re dealt. gty and ml are flawed characters but they keep fighting with what they have. Ml’s revenge or gty’s plan are examples
  3. I think she was. Even if she didn't say anything, I guess she thought he cared about her. But if he proposed to Rulan, it was like he didnt' find her enough for him. And he was one of the three people she would repay with her life. The sadness wasn't even rational or conscious. It was very subtle the way she showed it with her eyes depite keeping it in control.
  4. I got this too. She was afraid of everything going too well. I find it sad. ML has a hard life and now she fears being happy and everything going well. This is why I think she won't show him his feelings, she is scared of everything changing or him letting her down.
  5. Imo, she doesn't have romantic feelings at the moment. She likes him, respects him and she feels safe with him. She also puts him in the list with her mother and granny. So there is a strong foundation for love. I guess they might keep her feelings under wraps before their fight. We will just guess she loves him. Howere I can see her feeling a bit disappointed he wanted to marry rulan. Anyway she might have thought he wanted a di wife as he said. After the qh débâcle, I don't see her thinking about love or hoping for love, just trying to protect herself from disappointment. But I am sure she is happy to marry him. It's a good wedding with a person she likes, even if she doesnt love or doesn't realize she love. Since it's going to be a different kind of love from the one she felt for QH, she might be uncertain for a while.
  6. Poor guy was basically making a declaration; it was really foreshadowing even her including him with her mother and granny
  7. Same. But gty and ml had internal issues that in a drama are hard to write. So milking the triangle is an easy way and they established a strong triangle. Gty knows about them, he was there almost every step. QH loved her and gave her up to save her and her family, but I assume he would never believe gty was the right guy (also because he doesn’t imo get ml completely); ml loved qh, gave him up and it’s likely she won’t tell gty that she loves him (when she realizes it) anyway I hope they do this right because these situations are risky for the consistency of the characters
  8. Really? In the book he never had other women, even if one tried to push herself on him especially during the fall out . ( if I got this right) But he was faithful.
  9. It’s likely he heard. I assume it would be more dramatic if he heard her saying that they couldn’t come back, they were married. If he didn’t hear, it would be less effective.
  10. True, but this shows he fell for someone he doesn’t know. Minglan is also a smart woman capable of manipulation.
  11. Yeah, it might be. I think too it's going to be a plot against him, but I am sure he is going to be proved innocent and gain his status back thanks to her . Or I am speculating too much too
  12. I do this too. I usually watch every episode twice but because I' m curious and addicted. But tbh, my mandarin improved a lot since I started watching chinese tv-shows. The first one was shan shan and I find her easier than other actors to understand. Unfortunately, the pronunciation is very hard to get right when I speak.