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  1. Then opening it in photoshop by importing it into video frames to layers.
  2. because I just seeing the old posting and can't found the data that posted in the temp forum?
  3. thanks for posting this. i was also wondering why i cant create a topic! thanks again!
  4. Otherwise it's a feature that seems to be broken by the new update.
  5. When I tried to click on forgot password it also brought me to a 404 page.
  6. The Targets of gang stalking are the best clue. No, it is not upper class males of the ruling power elite. Yes it is the same people in society who are constantly dumped on by their superiors,.
  7. If this happens again, try refreshing the page using CTRL+F5.
  8. It takes 2 years of inactivity for a thread to be locked and archived.
  9. Also do we have to know how to speak korean? Because I want to apply as an event organizer.
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