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  1. Just for laughs, here is KJK holding SJH's flamethrower
  2. Hi guys, Episode 446 is being filmed today at a roller skating rink. It will air on 7 April. (credit Weibo user: KJKSaaa)
  3. YES.....but the clip only shows a quick image of him glancing at his phone. If u watch it online u would get a clearer picture.
  4. I saw a SA moment ! Although they are both in diff teams Sjh is texting (while sitting in the back seat of the yellow team's car) and we can also see kjk looking at his phone at the same time. He looked at his phone kinda bit his lips (without showing his teeth) smiled then put down his phone
  5. I saw this on Weibo and I am curious. Does anyone knows when and where, which program this was taken? and who is the other guy in the picture? Thanks
  6. Next episode 443: There is an article about Lee Sang Yeob contributing his family heirloom and LKS trying to sell his cardboard cutout at antique market. There are photos of members and it looks like KJK, HH and JSM are in one team. SJH, JSJ and YSC are in another team with LKS partnering YJS. cr runningman_bigrespect_9012 https://www.instagram.com/p/BvBPvy4AjOa/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  7. KJK arrives in Chengdu, China for his BRTC fan signing (cr Weibo: 原地踏步JK)
  8. He called her Soo Yeon when they were in New Zealand Just saw an old moment from Weibo (posted by user ALONE56112) http://t.cn/EMHuh7U?m=4349541497134049&u=6910694826 At 00:20, at the end of a long sentence, KJK said "Soo Yeon ah" It is at 1:05:54 of episode 379 (just in case the above link doesn't work in future), KJK was saying "With your clothes on, you're much heavier than expected" (soo yeon ah is at the end of this sentence but not written in the subtitles) Seems he uses this name to address her when they are not filming RM that's why in the latest episode (442) he called her by this name when they were playing foot volleyball because he is so used to calling her that.
  9. Some people mentioned that SA are keeping their distance and are worried about KJK-HJY loveline. I think there is no need to worry because of some observations I made: 1) YJS and LKS were playing against each other with their sleeves tied together. At that time HJY stood behind KJK so he doesn't know how far or close she was behind him. Then she started speaking to KJK, he half-turned his head towards her it must be something funny because he sort of laughed. After that she said something again and KJK shook his head and that's the end of the conversation. All this time, he wasn't looking at her. When a man doesn't look at a woman in the face when talking to her that shows he is not interested in her. After that he went back to watch the game. (Please go take a look and you will know what I mean) 2) The reason SA kept their distance might be because if they behave like they usually do it would be unthinkable having two love lines with the same man in same episode of the same show. But still they do stand together side by side at times. 3) Notice at 1:20:35 when they were playing game of wits to decide who gets water bombed if you look closely you can see KJK is far away behind SJH. In my opinion, I think it could be just in case she lost and have to receive the punishment he wouldn't want to be asked to be her black knight, which would stir up KJK-HJY loveline again which he is trying to distance himself from for so long. 4) At 49:25, when they were playing the game, YJS was talking about KJK and HJY's reaction, and then HH mentioned it's like hollywood or something. then on screen text came out "even so I am still standing on sister-in-law(?)'s side" (translated from Chinese subs) So there is absolutely nothing to worry about.
  10. Photos and trailers for KJK's appearance in Radio Star http://t.cn/EM9gcU2?m=4349081617156219&u=5649310760 http://t.cn/EM9V0cw?m=4349066097876029&u=5649310760=4349066097876029&u=5649310760
  11. (credit weibo user: KJKSaaa) Viu Singapore (a tv station) posted on their Facebook that KJK will be attending their announcement conference. In the post, Viu Singapore not only tagged the KJK official international fan club, they also tagged SA fan club (Song Ji Hyo & Kim Jong Kook International)
  12. Some possible SA moments in this episode At the beginning when guest Han Da Gam did an acrostic poem with KJK's name, at the last line when she said "when are you going to get married". JSJ looked at SJH. JSJ moved away so that KJK can see her, then JSJ looked at SJH again. 30:03: KJK looking at SJH, is he worried for her because she knows she does not know much kpop? After SJH managed to get through two rounds, KJK suggested playing another game because he knows she might not be able to get through a third round. Shows he is looking out for her and doesn't want her to be punished. Somewhere around 32 minutes, HH went to the Mapogu siblings to ask them to drink the juice for him. As he approached Sae Rok and SJH, KJK stood up and looked displeased. After Sae Rok refused to drink, (32:22) HH returned to get another cup and came back to SJH to ask her to drink the juice for him. You can see in the background, KJK was standing to watch and he pursed his lips and looked unhappy.
  13. Yes! You are absolutely eagle eyed! After the Chinese subs came out, I went to watch it slow. When Jihyo came out to introduce herself, Jaesuk guided her to say Sukjin's intro was tiring. Sukjin asked Jihyo if she had a boyfriend, she said no. But when the camera switched back to Sukjin, it's obvious Jihyo is standing next to him! Even Jihyo's hair can be seen on her flourescent colored coat! Sukjin was saying (roughly translated from Chinese) "It's obvious why you don't have one" Since this answer is obviously not for Jihyo (since she is standing next to him when she said it) I am quite sure he said it to Somin (since he has also previously asked Somin whether she has a boyfriend) My guess is that after saying no to Sukjin's question, Jihyo said something which had to be edited out. Delusional forces make me think she said something like "I don't have a boyfriend but I have a Yeobo" or something like that. Because after Jihyo's shot after Sukjin's remark. The camera went back to Sukin and Haha was laughing so happily (it's the same expression he had when he heard Yeobo) Just my opinion
  14. Anyone knows what SJH replied when HH said "Yeobo" for KJK?
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