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  1. Aww they knew all along that a DVD would never see the light of day, so sad and infuriating. Never realized how far apart his legs were until you pointed it out @ahdrianaa. I think the Sokcho hug scene was filmed during the terrible cold in Korea, wasn’t it like minus 16? I can just imagine how much colder it was since they were next to the ocean. And I cannot for the life of me make out the position of his hands. And where is the rolling camera? I miss the OTP, but to be quite honest, the cancellation or non production of the DVD really left a bitter taste in my mouth. Can’t help but hate the studio now.
  2. I feel y’all on the Lord of the Rings issue. Poor Kyo, her life has been turned into a circus All we can do is hope for the best
  3. I like the second one the best. That can easily be a scene out of their future drama together! I miss them so much! Chingus this is driving me crazy can y’all remember this particular shot in episode 10? I think this was right after he said “I love you” based on the position of his hands, but we never saw this wide angle shot in the original broadcast! Right? Righhhht? Lol
  4. I miss you all, chingus! I know we all miss our OTP too When, where and in what form will they meet again? Only time will tell. Let’s all keep the faith, shall we?
  5. Just dropping by to say I miss the heyday of this thread! I thought we’d be alive again once the DVD comes out but even that is still uncertain.
  6. Thanks for clarifying this. IDK what to feel but disappointment. Oh well as sketchy as this sounds, I don’t want to put too much hope on them releasing anything The survey was done months ago. I’m sure they’ve received thousands of emails, and yet the studio still didn’t listen I read that the actors/actresses and agencies agreed to release some DVD material ( if my interpretation is correct) then why on earth is SD just releasing the same TVN release we’ve seen a thousand times at this point? I can hear the haters calling this drama a “flop” because of the no DVD release stand. I have my theories as to why this happened, but this isn’t the place to discuss it
  7. I have a question is the decision not to release the DVD final ? I’m a bit confused because someone said that no additional BTS/scenes will be added? So we’ll still be getting a generic DVD? While I do understand why they’re hesitant to include the BTS seeing as it is a “sensitive” issue to some. As a fan of the drama, it kinda sucks that we’re getting short changed because of issues like these. But for the sake of world peace, I am willing to let that go.
  8. what’s even the point of the DVD then? We can just watch it in streaming sites. I can’t understand the logic behind the studio’s decision Someone hold me
  9. @dukesa1122 @ahdrianaa I find it absolutely hard to believe that a drama starring SHK and PBG won’t even have a DVD! This is utterly ridiculous!!
  10. This is so cute! I guess not everyone is ready to move on from the drama, myself included.
  11. She deleted her recent IG post too. Too many commenters asking for personal photos with her husband. Have people no shame? Seriously? Do they enjoy living vicariously through a person they don’t even know personally? Then bash that person for not doing what they want her to do? I swear
  12. I kind of agree with you @bebebisous33 that the story looks complete in the "Boyfriend" aspect. Maybe a season 2 dealing with the intricacies of marriage? They could also flesh out the side characters. Altho I'm not sure if it has enough steam to run through 16 episodes lol So as much as I crave more CSH/KJH I know the odds for a second season are improbable. Maybe they could've given us 20 episodes instead I would've wanted to see 1. A fun family dinner at KJH's house with SH 2. SH helping KJH's mum cook 3. SH and KJH eating with DC, JM, Sec Jang and HI at DC's restaurant 4. That ice skating and amusement park date 5. That WHITE DAY HOTEL ROOM SCENE THAT WE WERE ROBBED OF! 6. CSH and KJH actually kissing in a private place LOL (all of their kissing scenes were done in public) 7. A scene between CSH and Grandpa Samuel 8. KJH and SH cooking at her place 9. SH making KJH's camera case I often wonder if the tight filming schedule, and the excruciating cold meant they had to cut some outdoor scenes. I remember some episodes having way too many flashbacks to fill time
  13. Ah, I remember this so well. Excitement was in the air because we will be returning to Cuba. There was also collective anxiety as to whether they would kiss or not. Some of us speculated no, because they filmed it in their first month so the leads may not be that close yet. Some said yes, because we felt that the PD would put the Cuban scenery to good use And by George! We were all SHOOKT!!! Specially that balcony kiss at the end of episode 10. It was so hot, steam looked cool. LMAO
  14. Do they have a target release date for the DVD? I feel like I already need to know what’s gonna be included in it, because that’s the last material we’ll have ever of this drama. It’s the last piece I need before completely moving on! Like will there be a commentary from the leads? (TBH honest I don’t think so, for obvious reasons) Will there be deleted scenes?? Extended scenes?? Re-edited scenes? Interview with the PD? More BTS?? Re-edited scenes like these two Ah! The wait is making me antsy.
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