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  1. They’re teasing us in the worst way possible 7 hours to go I hope we get to see a preview of episode 16 tonight. Just reading the “last script” caption is making my heartache. I don’t want to be this invested in another drama anymore. I hate goodbyes!
  2. Okay, just noticed something about the still cut. Soo Hyun doesn’t have her handbag with her, she doesn’t have a scarf too. May be she did try to look for him after they parted ways in her office? Oh, the drama of it all. This is actually exciting and frightening at the same time
  3. I can tolerate this plot line if we had 18 episodes but since we only have two hours left...no, just no. I don’t want time jumps @dukesa1122 all of the above! @jl08 I feel you with the kiss drought since episode 11 they better top the Cuba one for the finale Ahhhh...I’m going crazy with the anticipation. PD, no unnecessary dragging please. Focus on our Jinsoo’s happiness! Their final scenes should be as smooooth as a 90s R&B love song ETA: if the high court scene is for tomorrow, then is it safe to say the whole mum and break up fiasco will be over tonight? That way we can quickly take care of the TG scandal tomorrow, jet off to Cuba then sit back and relax and relish our OTP’s love
  4. Same @leedonghaek no more K-dramas for me until these 2 reunite, I’m crazy and picky like that Oh and can they squeeze a smooch in episode 15 before the inevitable break-up? I mean, they just had the perfect date! Can episode 16 be all sunshine and butterfly...kisses? It’s drier than the Sahara in here
  5. @beebeep those are not stills from the drama, chingu. Those are from his old photoshoot, I believe
  6. *sigh* last two days. Moving on will be tough but life must go on, chingus Please not another angst filled episode. Keep it in the first half. We already had a “break-up” montage in episode 9 More importantly, will we ever see that hotel room she booked for white day?
  7. @bohmi hmmm that is odd. She’s not in her heels too but she’s holding what looks like the script on her hand. How peculiar
  8. Goodness! We could’ve gotten 6 more kisses LOL Okay, to ward off the impending sadness of bidding Jinsoo farewell, let’s count the official kisses shall we (for science) Masquerade kiss Vacuum cleaner kiss (saw this description somewhere, lol) Mora Cabana kiss Balcony kiss Balcony kiss redux Drunk peck Candy peck
  9. @dukesa1122 that is so true, chingu @shyguitar They probably do. But if you count the times JH has been to her place, SH was not in the “mood” majority of the time ie bed scene in episode 12 and boquet giving scene in 13. The best time to do it was probably after the dinner scene in her apartment in episode 13, or while preparing dinner or something. LOL @lolly84
  10. Tell me about it I blame Seoul and the complications, lol. At least we got some split second pecks *pfft*. Seriously tho, where are my other cute coupley scenes? They prepared dinner together but we didn’t even see it... She saw his room, but we didn’t see it too! The optimist in me thinks PD has another explosive scene in store. The pessimist in me thinks they played their cards too early. Now before some of you jump on me for being too obsessed with smooches, I’m just trying to lighten up the mood. Humor is a mature defense mechanism
  11. @ahdrianaa yes, it’s a core symptom lack of appetite, eating disturbances insomnia/hypersomnia anhedonia feelings of worthlessness indecisiveness recurrent thoughts of death Those are just some of the symptoms Ah, she should just move to a new country and farm with JH just like Driver Nam said
  12. Good point, @ahdrianaa. She might be depressed. Strictly speaking tho, to be diagnosed with a major depressive disorder you must fulfill at least 5 of the core symptoms of it. These symptoms should also last two weeks. Oh, and insomnia is very common among depressed patients. Generally speaking, the term depression has a very broad meaning in the field of psychiatry. There’s major depression, there’s persistent depression (lasting up to 2 years), then there’s double depression (major depression on top of persistent depression) Anyway, I didn’t mean to give a crash course on mood disorders lol BUT it will be hard to diagnose our dear CSH, who is a fictional character Given what she’s been through tho for the past years, I’d say she might be in a persistent depressive state until of course, JH came along.
  13. Agree with what you said @bebebisous33 tho I don’t think a suicide attempt is in the cards. I can’t wait for your Little Prince analysis! Anyway, what I would want is for JH’s mum to come to terms with his relationship with SH and accept it. Just one scene with her realizing her mistake then that’s it .No need to go through the histrionics of it all. I also want JH to move out of their house. He is 30, and I’d like to think he has saved enough money to at least rent a tiny apartment. He doesn’t have to move in with SH right away. This, I think, can be a logical conclusion to the whole mum fiasco.
  14. I’d like to think wedded in the eyes of God, for the sake of my sanity Caption translates to: “l’ll be there all the time” which is interesting and can be interpreted in so many ways Can it be Wednesday already? The wait is killing me! And can the final 2 episodes be an hour and a half long?