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  1. Thank you I will check it out when I get the chance
  2. @UnniSarahchingu I need to read the novel it sounds interesting. I'll make a guess and say she has to face many conflicts when she returns to her birth place. Maybe power struggle, vengeance, love, power, etc haha. I watch too many telenovelas lol. Who is the author so I can look the book up and read.
  3. @raziela you're welcome. I think we are all less worried now. Yes they must listen to Mao Ni it is his story after all. No one can understand it better than him.
  4. @Snow Guardian awesome news. Mao Ni participating on the script yes! Now I don't have to worry about unnecessary scenes like in s1. Focus will be on NingSang as it should be . He wrote the novel obviously team SS . I keep reading comments about SYR being replaced but I no longer worry since you told me that in some of the bts SS is already Haotian. In those bts she shows indifference so I can be happy now.
  5. We got good NingSang bts/photos and I love Didi/SYR chemistry
  6. CHAPTER 828 "Bacon tastes better if smoked by pine woods for a month or longer."She looked at the Butcher and spoke her second sentence after entering the mortal world. The sentence silenced the meat shop even more. The Drunkard's and the Butcher's facial expressions were complicated. They were shocked and confused upon hearing her praising the wine and then the bacon. They didn't expect such casual praises coming out of her mouth.She frowned because those words were also out of her own expectation. She didn't know why she still kept those meaningless things in her mind, or even worse, saying them out loud...... Our SS is still there yes! She made her final decision, and looked at the Drunkard and the Butcher without any emotions, saying, "If your first question is about how you will call me, you can call me Sangsang."Her name was Sangsang. She was Sangsang. But as soon as she made the decision to use the name, she felt hatred, just as much as how she hated her comments about the wine and bacon. Haotian cannot escape being SS no matter how much she hates it. The Drunkard and the Butcher confirmed it when hearing the name. Their fear gradually settled, and wrinkles of thousands of years made up the bitter smiles on their faces.The Drunkard said respectfully, "I was told that you had gone back to the Kingdom of God, so I didn't expect you to still be in the mortal world."Sangsang said, "I had things to do."The Butcher signaled the Drunkard with a glance, but the Drunkard deliberately ignored him, and wouldn't reply to Sangsang as the Butcher hinted.Sangsang asked, "Are you two willing to do it for me?"The Drunkard's voice sounded dry. He said, "To complete the mission on Heaven's behalf is beyond honorable, but please forgive us for having been too tired hiding away from you in the last thousands of years."..... Sangsang went out of the meat shop with the Drunkard and the Butcher humbly following behind her. She waved her hand, then the rein, with one of its ends on the neck of the Big Black Horse, fell off the carriage like petals.She took the Big Black Umbrella out of the carriage and held it in her hand. Then she turned to the Drunkard and said indifferently, "Tell him, death is the reunion after a long separation." NQ always on her mind. After that, she left the small town with the Big Black Horse. The Drunkard and the Butcher looked at the fading figure of the girl and the horse, silent and shocked, because they still doubted if what they had seen today was real..... According to the description in Haotian Taoism, Haotian was the beginning of everything in the world. Haotian had countless shapes, big as the universe or small as sand. Haotian was omniscient and omnipotent, so it was understandable that he could turn into a chubby girl with fair skin and come to the mortal world. But the Drunkard and the Butcher felt it hard to accept that Haotian had the form of a human, and they couldn't believe they had just talked to Haotian...... The Butcher paused for a second and said, "Just go to the Academy and meet Ning Que. There must be a reason why Haotian values him, or kill him if it doesn't work out."The fair, tall and plump girl leading the horse walked amongst the forests and lakes. No one knew who she was, where she came from, or where she was going.She was in indigo clothes which seemed tight, or it was because she was plump. The tight clothes really accented her tender body shape.She traveled to places with the horse, small towns, big cities, and villages. Sometimes men would peer at her in a strange way, but she didn't care. Women saw her and turned around reluctantly, but still, she didn't care, because they were no better than ants and worms in her eyes.When passing by a county from the Kingdom of Song, she suddenly felt hungry and wanted some noddles. Her body was familiar with hunger, but her mind was not. This biological nature of humans made her feel low and resentful.Moreover, though she was plump, according to the Heaven's Calculation, she wouldn't have to replenish energy in at least half a year, not to mention that she had drunk ten more bags of kumiss on the Wilderness, and finished the Drunkard's thousands of wine barrels in the small town.Then why would she feel hungry? She was immersed in her thoughts, and never noticed that she had arrived at a noodle shop..... Sangsang halted before the noddle stall for a while, then she decided to have some.Nobody noticed her, not even the owner of the stall, just like how they ignored her bare feet in the snow and mud. She didn't care about that, just like how she ignored the coldness..... Sangsang looked at the stall owner and said. Her tone sounded strange, because eating noddles felt strange enough to herself. The stall owner ignored her because he felt uncomfortable at the moment.Sangsang was displeased and said with dignity, "I want noddles, please."People kept ignoring her. The ruffians turned the stall over, making the scene chaotic. Pots and pans were thrown everywhere, and the coriander bowl fell onto the ground.Sangsang looked down, feeling pity for the coriander that had fallen into the mud. Then she hated herself for feeling pity, because it made her feel low. Smashing sounds grew louder and louder. The stall owner sat on the ground helplessly, with his head wounded and covered in blood. The little girl squatted beside his father and wouldn't stop crying, yet the ruffians showed no intentions of stopping.Sangsang forgave the boss's disrespect. She felt the hotcakes at the other side of the street smelled nice, too. As she was going for the hotcakes, she heard the stall owner praying in pain."Dear God, if you are watching, why wouldn't you take those bastards away?"Sangsang slowed her pace, and lowered down her head.The Big Black Horse knew it was going to witness the most dramatic scene in the history of religion, so it stared at her with excitement, breathing out white fog.The stall owner continued cursing and praying, while Sangsang's face remained expressionless.She looked at those local ruffians.They were smashing things around while some were waving the knives in their hands in extreme excitement, cursing with dirty words."F**k you! Even Haotian won't be able to help you today!" Cannot wait to find out how SS handles the situation. Thoughts??
  7. Thought I'd share what I found interesting from this chapter. CHAPTER 827 The Big Black Horse thought that it made no sense.But since she was heaven, everything that she thought could produce unnatural results.The Big Black Horse had just run hundreds of meters in a short time. Therefore, she returned to the grassland with her hands behind her back.It had given up the idea of running away and listlessly followed behind her. Her blue dress looked tight on her because she was plump. The Big Black Horse looked at her back and shuddered.Then it remembered the Calligraphy Addict, who looked slender in the same color clothes, and sighed inwardly. "Ning Que, I told you that woman was better, but you never listenedto me!" Well since the black horse is team MSS I don't like it . The horse obviously doesn't get what NingSang means to each other . When they returned to the place that she had found it, she saw the black carriage. She entered it quietly and found the broken Big Black Umbrella and the iron box in the corner. She sat down next to the iron box, stroking it with her fingers and wiping the dust off. Her fingers were very steady and the box became clean instantly.... The black carriage stopped in front of the shop. She went out of the carriage. When she saw her breasts in the tight clothes, she frowned again. She hated her body.Although the business was not good, the butcher was in a good mood. He did not count on this shop to make a living. At this moment, he was cutting some marinated ribs for his next meal.Hearing the footsteps, he looked up and was stunned when he saw the girl in blue. He was wondering who she was and why he did not remember her..... She walked over to him and watched quietly, as if she was very interested in what he was doing.The butcher just kept cutting.Then he sped up his breathing like a sick old man. His chest was moving up and down like a bellows and his hand holding the hilt began trembling.He felt more and more scared, and his speed of cutting the ribs became faster and faster. ... A drunkard came in from outside. He was murmuring until he saw the crack and the butcher, who was crying like a child that was seeing a ghost.He opened his mouth and wanted to say something but he discovered that his throat was too dry to make a sound. Only the flagon hanging on his waist shook in the cold wind, making a whooshing sound.He looked at the girl in blue and his face turned pale in one second. He was in shock because he could not understand anything in front of him and did not know how this had happened..... However, she was Haotian and this was her world. She was the rule. No matter how deep they understood the rule, they were still in the rule. How could they get away from her?"Good wine," she looked at him and said.This was the first time she had spoken in the world. Her voice was so flat, expressing no emotion. It did not sound mechanical but it was blank, quiet, transparent, and void.She had only said two words, but they sounded like countless syllables. It was as complex as a beautiful song of nature.Everyone would be in awe when they heard this sound. The higher the level they were at, the more they could feel in her voice and the more eager they would like to worship such a great being.That included the drunkard and the butcher. The drunkard and butcher fear Haotian very much.
  8. @UnniSarah thanks for sharing your thoughts chingu. I enjoyed reading this last three chapters very much. NQ is suffering and he misses SS so much. He cries for her it's so heartbreaking yet sweet. Now she's back and I can understand why she hates humanity so much. They made her suffer so much and I can't blame her for that. Now like you said she is suppressing those feeling of love for NQ. She doesn't want to have them. Their reunion will be something to look forward to. Yes NQ/SS love for one another is special and one of a kind. Which is why they are one of my OTP's
  9. CHAPTER 826 Looking at the girl in blue walking toward them, these Golden cavalrymen had complicated feelings. They did not know why she was not afraid of the sharp blades in their hands, or how she could be so calm as if she saw nothing....... In addition to being tall and plump, she was very ordinary, with no weapons in her hand or strong aura at all. He just felt fear for no reason and wanted to throw his cutlass far, far away. He wanted to kneel down in front of her and beg for her forgiveness. Very interesting how they fear SS now even if she is ordinary looking. The leader of this group shouted a word. She supposed that it meant "evil girl" or something similar. He drew out his cutlass and hacked without thinking. He had to close his eyes because he was not sure if he would be able to do it after looking at her face one more time.The sharp cutlass fell onto her head, but it cut no hair off. There was no bleeding, nor did any other cruel thing happen. There was not even a sound of impact. He felt that he had cut into a vast sea. Then, his cutlass began shining and it melted instantly.The flowers embroidered on her clothes began to spread out, giving off a vast amount of beams of the purest light, which covered the meadow near the tents instantly.A moment later, she came out of the light and went on to the south.The light on the grassland gradually went away. The 10 soldiers had fallen down on the ground without breathing, as had their horses. However, there were no wounds or blood on them. The bad smell in the tents had gone as well, leaving only the white bones. That was a purification. Wow SS is powerful The next day, she met some other human beings. They consisted of several horse-drawn carriages and hundreds of riders, whose hoofbeats sounded like thunder. However, in her eyes, they were the same as the weeds under her feet. Thus, she ignored them and continued moving forward........ The cavalrymen did not understand why her face was so frightening because they were just normal people, but the Nation Master was not.Her face looked ordinary indeed. So extraordinarily normal that once she entered a crowd, you would never be able to find her again nor even be able to remember her face anymore.She had average eyes, eyebrows, nose, and lips that could be seen anywhere.However, this kind of banality was the most unusual thing.So ordinary, and so extraordinary.No one had seen such an ordinary person in the world, nor should they have. Upon seeing her, the Nation Master figured out who she was and where she came from in a second.He knelt down and put his forehead to the ground with his palm facing up. He reverently cried out, "Tengri..."...... Our SS making an impression alright. When the rain beat down, there was nobody around the Sishui River except for a black horse.It stared at the sky. Up until this moment, it had not figured out what had happened—how the little black girl suddenly had become so beautiful; how the old guy had turned into a fairy; and how Ning Que had been able to fly.... So when SS first turned into Haotian she was beautiful. Now she is ordinary and plump. The horse kicked disconsolately and snorted, raising dust and mud.It could not leave. It had to wait on the shore of the Sishui River until Ning Que returned. It was afraid that if it left, Ning Que would be worried when he could not find it..... What if Ning Que was alive and he found it in the future? The Big Black Horse was wondering while going toward the swamp in the west of the Wilderness. In fact, that was what it was thinking about right now.The journey of freedom ended on an ordinary autumn day.That day, a young girl came out from the depths of the grassland. She looked so ordinary in blue clothes with flowers on them.The Big Black Horse wanted to convince itself that it did not know her. She was fat and not that tall and she did not have very nice breasts. However, it knew who she was, so it neighed and turned around to run away.It had never run so fast before—even when it was chasing after the white horse in the Wilderness. It ran faster than Ning Que's arrow.The wind roared past and the Big Black Horse felt terrified.Then it fell to the ground heavily, raising up dust.She had sat on its back from out of nowhere.The Big Black Horse panicked. The little, thin black girl had become a big, fat white girl...What had happened to the world? That black horse is as confused as I am . So SS is not beautiful but now her description went from tall/plump to fat/not so tall and with not very nice breasts? So what does she look like? Are the translators not agreeing in their descriptions? Cause in one chapter it says one thing and on the next one it's different. @UnniSarah @Snow Guardian @angelangie @thartie @pad-hari @kiara_bleu @epinklyn What do you guys think?
  10. CHAPTER 825 SS is back! @pad-hari @UnniSarah @Snow Guardian @kiara_bleu @thartie @angelangie @epinklyn I would like to know your opinion on this chapter. It was a naked woman, who had very white skin. She looked so pure that neither the warm moonlight nor the cold starlight could leave any color on her body.She was sleeping with her eyes closed and even her eyelashes did not vibrate. She looked very ordinary or bland, but very young.Her body, on the other hand, was special—her skin looked like silk without any scars and her body was perfect and plump, which looked like a piece of jade or white steamed bread on a black plate under the moon and stars.Then, her eyelashes vibrated and she opened her eyes and looked around.She looked taller than average when she stood up and there was no discernable emotion in her eyes. There were just simply the purest black and white. So she is plump, ordinary and tall She noticed a bright light on the cliffs, so she looked up. She saw a bright moon in the Night Dome—this was the picture that she dreamed about many years ago that she hated the most. She frowned and that made her more alive.The Snow-capped Peak was the highest point of the world. Even though it was broken, its top was still close to the Night Dome, which meant that it was close to the moon. And since she did not like the moon, she decided to leave. She still doesn't like Fuzi hahaThe cliffs were rocky. Even the best cultivator in the world could not get down them easily. However, that did not bother her. She just walked on her bare feet. Every one of her steps created a white lotus that supported her plump body.Beautiful white lotuses flowered amid the cliffs in a line, like a straight path, leading to the foot of the mountain. She walked on the flowers, floating down from the cliff.Pretty cool power SS The crows flew nearby to welcome her return or her arrival, with unknown flowers and grass in their beaks, flying around her.They dropped the flowers and grass on her body then flew up into the sky, cawing. They had made her a blue robe embroidered with flowers. She has crows as stylists lol She was confused by the clothes. She loosened them but found them to still be a little tight, so she frowned........ She found that she was becoming slower and slower, and her aura was getting turbid. She tightly frowned, becoming a little angry.She was not used to this dirty world nor the slow speed. And what she was most not used to was how plump she had become, and she had not figured out why that was.Going from being very thin to plump is a big change She had been walking slowly, so she did not feel tired. When she finally arrived at the Wilderness, she saw weeds and some stinky tents...... She glanced at the tents and knew everything that had happened here. The killer's weapon had been a heavy iron cutlass and he was good at cutting throats.She frowned again because she remembered the iron cutlass. She also remembered the man who liked to cut throats like this because he said it was the best way to kill.She kept silent for a little while before she dropped it. As long as she killed that man, this memory in the human world would be erased and she would remember nothing....... She doesn't want to remember NQ . Good luck forgetting him SS. Not likely to happen. Moreover, she enjoyed drinking, and she really could drink...... Some things never change When the cavalrymen smelled the tents, they all drew the cutlasses from their waists and straightened their faces, pointed at her, and began shouting. However, she had no idea what they were saying.This was the first group of people that she had met in this world, so she decided to forgive them rather than punish them or kill them in anger.She went over to them with no expression on her face.
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