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  1. cmeofficial

    Filming dance cover in public

    Hello! I recently filmed a dance cover in an art exhibition and a famous Hong Kong landmark? What do you think? Comment on YouTube so I can check more frequently! Thank you
  2. Check out our latest dance cover of SOLO! Please give us many comments and advice on our Youtube channel~~
  3. i believe their companies pay the media to get them off the news
  4. cmeofficial

    what are your favourite Korean programs?

    journey to the west (laugh your head off)
  5. cmeofficial

    Food/meal and beverages that you saw in K-dramas

    jajjangmyeon and street food
  6. cmeofficial

    what is your problem now

    I need better body shape and a boyfriend and money and time
  7. cmeofficial

    What Did You Eat Today? →

    jajjangmyeon!!! my favourite noodles