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  1. I WAS going to rename this drama so it will suit its ending. "Everybody loses to, katows to, and forgives Na Kyung." BUT This was a decent ending and I am glad the children are happy. Overall, I really love this drama because of its focus on family systems which incudes family dynamics, emotional processes, blended families, grief, anxiety, and cultural norms.
  2. I don't trust any lose ends . THey would not have an extension if they would stop the foolishness of adding last minute crap. It needs to end this week. Since they extended it again, I am still on a recap on Drama Milk policy. I am of the opinion that you do not extend for a writer that should had this mapped out long ago; an extension will only serve for her to add more twists that will ultimately become loose ends that will still be rushed. In top of all this, they want us to see Nanny reign supreme for at least 4 more hours...Nope! I'm out until the finale, that is, if they do not decide to add another 4 episodes because this writer cannot get it together in the time frame originally allotted .
  3. Did anybody notice that Ari has the empress regnant or crown princess royal garbs on with nanny beside her. Sunny is dressed in official garbs as well. They are still trying to filler-buster Ari through it. Hopefully Yoon will awake in enough time. Gangsta Granny in the preview maybe ED's mother.
  4. Na Kyung... that fashionable witch needs life in prison!!!
  5. Is his birthday today? Then we are birthday buddies! Today is my Happy 36th birthday! Aquarius' stand up!
  6. Trust is a core issue for Hyuk so I am not surprised he went & will go crazy. He has complex developmental trauma/ptsd and is borderline so this is par the course. He is extremely paranoid which is also par the course. I believe Hyuk will probably die in the end and even though he is on his emotional roller coaster and choked her out during an intrusive memory/flashback, it is likely that he will try to protect her until the end in his own emotionally unstable way. I am GLAD that I was wrong about Sunni taking the fall for the attempted murder. It would be funny if GED faked her death to wash out the enemies this whole time while living on the island or the woman on the island refusing to sell is her twin! Am I surprised that: No. And this is why I think that she killed her husband or had Hyuk to do it; she craves power and manipulates everyone around her to commit the crime so that she can feign innocence and ignorance. It would be funny if the imperial kingdom's demise came from all of the emperor's and empress' dowager victims that Wang Shik visited. I would die to see them with their pitchforks storming the palace! Somebody, anybody, please go to Walgreen's Pharmacy, purchase a DNA test, and give it to Sunny to conduct on Ari. #FreeAri
  7. I will be watching as soon as Viki finishes their translation. I will watch for 3 weeks to decide if I will continue live watch or wait until the series is completed.
  8. It could be the "both" LH was talking about is Wang Shik & the late Empress' father; they showed him (Empress' father) in the preview. The writer would be crazy to reveal Sunny so soon, but then again, she has wasted (only in my opinion) her episode extension to add more pointless twists for the rise of the nanny. I think that Wang's identity should have been saved for the last week.This is just my opinion, they should focus on why & How ED's husband died (the late emperor), the secret of the island, who killed grand empress, etc. They may try to have a romance with Sunny & Wang, but it has been wasted. There are only 8 episodes left.
  9. Here is the preview for episode 43 & 44: I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she didn't ask for another four episodes because she seems hell-bent on extending the role of the nanny instead of getting rid of her tail this week.
  10. foreverempress

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    Here are my final thoughts and reflections about the series, predictions, etc because I do not plan to post any further. The writer: He had a master piece in his hand and did not and still does not know what to do with it. This weekend, in my opinion, has been filler material and could have been better spent. Somewhere around midway he lost focus and I posted as much. I think the biggest mistake started when they busted He Ra & acted like they were n a relationship. Everything was a wasted opportunity. I would be hard-pressed to watch any other dramas from this writer. The time jump made the show unrecoverable on every level. In-Joon & He Ra: I think people in general tend read what they want to out of actions because of the desire of what they want to happen vs. what is actually happening. With that being said, here are the facts, not conjecture about In-Joon & He Ra that has taken place: He verbalizes to He Ra that his biggest sin is that he ever fell in love with her & think that she was his destiny. "I've fully paid for my sins & now it's your turn." He verbalized that he ruminated in prison about the situation. When his friend tried to feed him that line about how he believes it is all his brother & step mom fault because they were aiming for them anyway, he SHUT him down several times & explicitly stated that it was her fault too. It was even acknowledged that He Ra could go to prison & he explicitly stated that is fine. He listened to He Ra on tape verbalizing that she was going to kill him, not turn him in, but KILL him. He listened to the stepmother explicitly tell He Ra not to kill him, but drug him instead. He listened to He Ra on tape saying that she wanted to marry him, several times. He asked her straight up what was going on & she refused. He told her straight out that he what she did by getting those shares does not absolve her of her guilt & that he would not forgive her. He stated verbatim:"What difference does this make? I will never be able to forgive you." Before all this happened, he explicitly forgave her and told her he did not care about why she initially approached him, he loves her anyway. He was drugged, willfully deceived, and imprisoned by the woman he loved for a crime he did not commit. My interpretation of the In-Joon & He Ra (something that is added to the facts, opinion, inferences): I have nearly two adult daughters & the question I ask myself is this, rather it is in real life or a kdrama, if they were in In-Joon's shoes, what should they do? This is what I think, it is unfathomable that there should be a reconciliation because there is not trust & this is a woman that was willing to murder him for revenge. I do not care how much I love the main character, love extends not only grace and mercy which is something that she did not give In Joon, but it also extends justice, correction, and discipline. She has shown In Joon that she is not a good judge of character & would possible do the same thing again. In Joon has been too impulsive since this show started; I have always posted this & said that this would be his down fall & it was. Just because there are residual feelings does not mean that two people should be together. Emotion minded people are very dangerous overly sensitive people-they want everything around them to change because of their "emotions". People that live mostly according to how they feel are not suitable to be in relationships in the long-term. They lack balance and act accordingly. A well-balanced person that is emotionally and mentally stable knows how to balance rationality & emotions by integrating them together to make wise decisions. There is a difference between being emotional and emotion-minded. Emotion-minded people think that feelings are the main core of a relationship which is why they are emotionally vulnerable. This is why emotion-minded people can stay in destructive, maladaptive, and unhealthy relationships because how that other person makes them feel takes precedence over everything else, even good common sense. I believe in forgiveness & repentance which is why I admire the character He Ra because she is truly repentant for what she did & she needs just punishment for her actions, not revenge. If she truly learns the error of her ways and grows spiritually, emotionally, and mentally it will be beneficial for her. Because of what In-joon went through, no matter how he feels for her, he cannot get past what she did & he shouldn't. He should forgive her and move on. Why would I want him back with her simply because they have chemistry? NO! It is like the Last Empress, I can empathize with the emperor because I know the spirituality, neuroscience, developmental science, and family systems development behind trauma especially during childhood. As much as empathize & sympathize with him because he has borderline personality disorder and trauma related symptoms, I do not want him reconciled with the main lead for the same reasons I do not want a reconciliation here: Accountability, introspection, and self-agency. In Joon is done! I do not put it past this writer to try a happy ending, but since he came this far, he should keep In Joon's self respect intact. Love wants what IS best & not what feels best. Feelings are not facts or thinking, there is a difference, feelings are emotional and physiological responses to thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions. Love is not vengeful or abusive & people who truly love would not want reconciliation of unhealthy individuals that are not capable or not ready to give love. That's a wrap from me: Peace out everyone!
  11. NK has worn me thin. The issue is that they have 8 too many episodes left for her continual evil. Is the writer in love with the evil character NK? She absolutely has no shades of grey. I also blame the husband. I like him, but he is too passive aggressive. Yes, your infidelity set in motion this entire mess but, NK stalked you. Stop the forever punishing myself attitude and man up! I don't like children being torn from left to right especially during their developmental years. They need to transition JY's baby boy to her home!
  12. foreverempress

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    Am I the only one who thinks that the design team have been completely a-holes this entire time He Ra? If I was her, I would not be upset about them leaving at all!!!
  13. foreverempress

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    The evidence does not support that assumption. I watch all 4 episodes, he is still focused on revenge on He Ra. It is as I said in the beginning. Everything down to the nines that I predicted has been true. Forgive her? Yes, but no reconciliation. In Joon: "The biggest sin that I have committed was loving you." "You got me half the shares, you think that I shall forgive you?" He has been repeating almost everything that I have said verbatim point by point. Two years of prison & all I thought abit was this!
  14. foreverempress

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    @mslilith, I will rewatch & let you know. Kocowa has a 30 day free trial which usually has subs up before everyone.
  15. foreverempress

    [Drama 2018-2019] Fates and Furies 운명과 분노

    He may be physically handsome, but his insides are rotten!